Monday, July 5, 2010

Ruby Tuesday 07/6/2010

Ruby Tuesday is a Meme created by Mary T./The Teach who pens the "Work of a Poet" blog. Check it out and see some fabulous Ruby themed photographs. If you'd like to participate, look HERE for the guidelines.

On a recent trip out West, I did some night driving. It was the time of a new moon and with the roads virtually empty of traffic, I spent a lot of time traveling in total darkness. Of course my headlights lighted my way, but there was not much other traffic to gauge distance or refer to. I relied on the white lines and delineators.

At one point, I picked up the camera as it was at the ready on the empty seat next to me, and I snapped off a shot of the long vacant road ahead. Low and behold, I see a red spot off in the distance. As I traveled further, the red spot became a set of truckers tail lights. I lowered the camera and snapped a shot of my instrument panel. Without taking my eyes off the road to focus and aim, I felt that the results were pretty astonishing.

So, today's Ruby Tuesday shots are from a long stretch of Interstate 25 just North of Cheyenne Wyoming on a hot sultry night in June. It was near midnight and the road seemed abandoned. I'm posting this on Monday evening as many of the viewers are in parts of the world where it is already Tuesday. So, without further adieu:

Click on any image to enlarge. You may have to to see the ruby in this long shot of highway

Upon closer examination, the ruby spot ahead became this set of DOT (Department Of Transportation) approved markers

I'm actually traveling below the posted speed limit and the effort showed in excellent gas mileage. Oh WOW, the tank is full!



DrillerAA09 said...

Very creative Ruby Tuesday post.

rebecca said...

i feel like a road warrior right beside you!

very cool....

Mel said...


Dunno if I feel like a road warrior--but I DO feel like saying "BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL!!"

Cool photos, btw.
Even if done while one handed driving. LOL

k.....shoot...truth is I'm mostly a one handed driver myself. LOL But it's NOT cuz I'm taking photos, dangit!
(cuz I'm drinking coffee....*hanging head*)

A 2 Z said...

Just became your newest follower! I've driven in Cheyenne during an electrical storm. It was a sight to behold! Its a beautiful part of the USA. Thanks for sharing.


eden said...

Great Ruby Tuesday post.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

EG CameraGirl said...

A unique Ruby Tuesday post indeed!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Under the limit—
that’s what speedometer says—
gas-saving driver?

reg said...

really cool pics, I rather like them

A 2 Z said...

Just stopped by to thank you for the really thoughtful comment you left on my blog. You are a very gracious, kind man. Made my day!

Anne-Marie :D

Spadoman said...

Thank you all for stopping bvy here. I appreciate it greatly.

Driller... Nice boat! How's the fishin'?

rebecca... You'd have to be a road warrior if you drove with me, and have a big bladder as well!

Mel.. Both hands! How do you think I held the camera AND pressed the little button? I had to set down my coffee cup. Glad I had a cup holder.

A2Z.. I have somne fantastic shots of a storm just drove through at the Wyoming/South Dakota border, not too far from Cheyenne at all. Thanks for following.

eden.. Thanks for stopping by!

EG Wow.. Anmd your name is unique as well! Thanks.

Magical Mystery Teacher.. A Haiku for my speedometer. How cool is that? You,re the best!

reg.. Thanks for coming by.

A2Z.. Back for morew so soon? I'm flattered! Thanks.

Peace to all.

mig said...

That's brilliant!
Shooting blind can be a lot of fun :)
I can't do it on the move because we have right-hand drive and my camera assumes right hand shutter release - the logistics of getting the finger on the shutter release while driving would be a bit too complicated to be safe!
So I'll just enjoy your shots.

Spadoman said...

Thanks Mig... See, that is exactly why the Brits are accused of driving on the wrong side of the road! You'd think they'd make camersa with a left hand shutter button just for driving!

Thanks again for stopping.