Saturday, July 24, 2010

Early on a Rainy Saturday Morning

Raindrops drown out the late afternoon shadow of my van in South Dakota, June 2010

Just a few thoughts. Up early again today. Nothing in particular, just had "enough" sleep I guess. The kids are with their dad, the dog is away with my daughter who is at her sister's place with other dogs. (Doggy sleepover?) Mrs. Spadoman sleeps as thoughts race through my mind. In the post below, the Haiku My Heart Friday, I exposed myself some. It felt good to do so. I always feel vulnerable, fearing rejection, fearing ridicule, imagining that's what's happening out of earshot.

But this is different. I feel good about what people had to say. They told me I touched their hearts. I didn't want pity or people to be saddened. I really meant it when I said I accept it all fully as it is a part of who I am. I am just super humbled and appreciative about those that visited my blog post from yesterday and the wonderful heartfelt things they said to me.

Today, Mrs. Spadoman and I are suppose to jump on the motorcycle, the Triumph, and take off down river. We'll ride South down the Minnesota and Iowa side of the stream, then cross over at Prairie du Chien, WI. We'll spend the night at a mom-and-pop-park-by-the-door motel. The one we chose has an outdoor pool and the temps are to be in the 80's! We'll grab coffee at small town coffeeshops and a few meals at diners, dives and taverns that serve good vittles. Sunday, more of the same as we head back North on the Wisconsin side of Old Man River.

I haven't heard of any flooding anywhere near where we will be, but the rivers are full. It has been raining regularly, and although that is great for the new grass seed I planted after I had those dirt hills from the old above ground pool leveled and tilled, it may not be good if farm crops get flooded. I was near the Minnesota River yesterday and it looked pretty full, muddy too, carrying a lot of silt.

I'll be away for the weekend. So, no Shadow Shot Sunday for me this week. Maybe a post on Monday, but then again, I'll be on the road Monday heading up to Ashland for one of those water runs I do. We're down to the last bottle and time to refill. I'll try to remember to bring the camera, I'll be going to a different artesian well than I did when I made the Solon Springs Water Run Youtube.

We're closing in on August and there are some plans for motorcycle excursions that might keep me away from home for a few overnights. We also have some short trips planned with the Grandkids. Something about riding an elephant in that mix. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, hope your weekend and whatever you're up to is good.



rebecca said...

it is softly raining here too...this early morning.
you are on a journey...and we are blessed to be invited along.
travel safe and keep us close.
as we keep you firmly in our hearts.

EG CameraGirl said...

Hope your journey is a safe one! Your August plans sound GREAT, something to look forward to, for sure!

susan said...

I love that photograph of the grass through a rainy windshield - it looks very like something that, if it were painted, might be hanging in a museum somewhere.

I hope the two of you have a wonderful and just safe enough (:-)) adventure.

Christopher said...

Chance constellations of
Windscreen raindrops
Foretell what future for us?

(Could it be Peace?)

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well for you. Thanks for this interesting post.

All the best, Boonsong

Mel said...

Oh, what a lovely way to spend the weekend.....and what a pretty drive along the river. 'Cept we were at the river on Sunday, watchin' the debris floating along--huge piles of trees floating downstream. *sigh*

But gosh, the view is still impressive. Corn's tassled and despite the rainfall amounts--lookin' good!
Sure hope you picked up some of that sweetcorn to go they're selling along the roadsides. YUM! (and I do mean YUM!!)