Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our New Pottery

Good Mornin'

In catching up on all the blog posts I want to write about at some point, I am remembering a trip, fairly recent, when I drove back to Ashland and picked up some pottery I bought from a friend. I wanted to write about the trip and then show pictures of the fantastic pottery I purchased.

Well, I did give money for the pottery, but my friend threw in extra pieces and then sent me another piece a few weeks later and didn’t charge me! She is very gracious and generous and a damn fine potter!

I’m going to list her ETSY Shop link at the end of this article. I hope you go over and have a look. Maybe you’ll see something you’d like. We were at the dinner table last night and our napkin holder, the orange plastic one that came right out of 1962, was being the centerpiece of jokes and laughter. I mentioned that we might need to find one in pottery, especially since we have this beautiful pottery around now, thanks to Eli.

I asked for and bought a tea set. I saw her work and wanted a teapot. She said she had cups to match. It is a beautiful set. She had a sugar bowl that I fell in love with. Then, I asked for a cream pitcher. She sent me one. That’s the piece she never charged for. I’ve used the teapot a few times.

I love the ceremony of boiling the water and brewing the tea. Then I like pouring cup after cup into the little bowl like vessels. Her creations had a design that doubled as a thumb placement for holding the cup. Sometimes I use cream and sugar, but if it is a good hearty leaf tea like Darjeeling or Oolong, I don’t need any condiments at all.

My youngest Grand daughter, Gracie Jayne, likes to have tea. She has a party when she serves. She usually uses her own service, the plastic stuff out by the sand box, but she occasionally will set up the kitchen table with my new tea service, invite her friends and have a ball.

(Author's Disclaimer: I do want Eli to know that we use this beautiful pottery ourselves and that I didn't buy it for use solely as a toy)

In the photos below, Gracie serves a few of her closest friends. I thought these pictures a good way to show off Eli’s pottery. I’ll be traveling up towards Ashland again soon and see if she has a napkin holder. If not, I’ll commission her to make me one and insist on paying the full and fair price. Not sure what will happen to the orange plastic one. Pity the poor kitchenware, banished to a place where ridicule rules.

Enjoy the show:

Gracie using the new tea service with her "friends"

One of the party visitors enjoying a cup of tea

She is very careful and never spills a drop

These bloaks showed up and behaved themselves nicely. (L to R: Fat Bastard, ((From Austin Powers)), Wolfie and Cat)

Yoody was there and seems to be enjoying herself

Gracie wants to invite YOU to the next party

If you like this pottery, or pottery in general, check out Eli’s ETSY Shop. Her name is Elisa Wilson, but she goes by Eli. She has some fabulous designs and all her stuff is wood fired. The name of her business is Soulfire Pottery and she is located in Washburn, Wisconsin, on beautiful Chequamegon Bay on the Great Lake Superior.

I met Eli when I lived in Ashland, WI. I had an old Ford pickup truck at the time. Eli worked next to the Black Cat Coffeeshop on Chapple Avenue. One morning, I was at the shop ready to order my usual, the small double Americano, Eli turns to me and asks me. “May I tell you something?”

One of my former, (and sometimes current) hangouts. The Black Cat Coffee House, on Chapple Avenue, Ashland, WI, USA

I didn’t know her, but I had seen her around. Eli is a beautiful woman and I was flattered that she’d ever have anything to ask of me. Then I wondered if she was going to tell me I had bad breath or that I smelled bad or something. I risked the inevitable and answered, “Sure”

She told me that she really liked, no, loved, my red and white pickup truck and that if I ever was going to sell it, she would buy it. Now I had some hot cars in my day. My convertibles and muscle cars when I was still a teen, and a few classics. You’d think these wagons would attract the girls, but no, it was this lowly, old, rusty but trusty, plain jane, (sorry Jayne, youngest daughter doesn't like it when I reference an automobile this way, but it is part of the vernacular), Explorer and Eli loved it.

My old pickup, the one I sold to Eli, in front of The Cabinette

I eventually did sell it to her, and gave her a great deal. I think it still runs, but the body and everything else rusted around the motor. The gas tanks leak and as far as I know, it sits and will become a flower planter in another life.

Have a great day, all of you. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you Peace.


Mel said...

Awwwwww.... What a great tea party with a very cute hostess. And wow, what a pretty tea set made by a very talented gal.

The kindness of others always my heart sing.
Too much time gets given to the opposite so it's always great to hear first hand of loving souls who give without restraint and love without conditions.

(((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))

Thanks for sharing your tea set and your tea party with us.

A Wild Thing said...

There is just something about us artist gals and old Ford pick-ups...I left my beloved truck in Florida after hurricane Charlie did a number on 'er, but she was a beauty...don't know what it is about a gal and 'er pick-up truck, but I think it has sumthin' to do with freedom and free will...

Love the tea party shots, what a crew...and how did she come by the Fat Bastard...hmmmm?? that is just wrong...but I likey!!!

The tea set is wonderful, I truly envy potters!

Still dreamin' o the Florida trip!


Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

That tea party is too much! I love the blokes that showed up too!

Unknown said...

Well, your grand daughter made the perfect tea party here...and all her guests seem to be enjoying themselves!

too too cute

and yes, the pottery is beautiful...great story as always!

Spadoman said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I had fun writing this article. I understand why so many bloggers post pictures and write about their children, Grand children and pets. This is the reality that is in front of us most of the time.

Mel.. You are the best! You say such nice things to people all the time and it is appreciated. I enjoy sharing these kinds of real life family things with you because I know you "get it" and realize the importance. Thanks for coming by and thanks for your kind comment.


Sharon... I love it when you stop by and comment. You always have a story to tell or a reference to someone or something. I like that, probably because I do that too! You have lived, and are living, a full life.
And I think gals driving old pickup trucks (and jeeps) are downright sexy creatures!

Thanks for stopping.


Paula... Glad you like the guests at the party. Kids have such innocence when it comes to playtime. I love watching the little ones and try to be like them.
Thanks for stopping here. I appreciate it.


Stephanie... You always have a kind word when you come here and I appreciate it. Your latest art work, the clay bead totems, are grand! Just a big THANKS for stopping.


EG CameraGirl said...

Gracie Jayne sure knows how to throw a neat tea party. She has cute friends. (When your friends behave you know you've done something right!)

It's wonderful when you find a potter who makes items you like a lot. I too have a potter friend whose products are a joy to use.

Spadoman said...

Thanks for stopping by WOW. I appreciate the visit. I put you on my side bar, hope you don't mind. I have others to put there as well, as I have met many new blog friends by doing the wonderful memes.
I love your photographs by the way.

Thanks again.


rebecca said...

you always have a lovely story...and your words have a way of taking us along with every step of the glorious way.

thank you for this...
and so much more.

Spadoman said...

Rebecca... Thank you for gracing these pages and the wonderfully kind words you write. I am so pleased to know you and the beautiful people and their art that I have found through you and your blog.


susanna said...

Aw, what a great post about tea parties, Eli and the old truck (I'd take one of those before a porche, too). It warms the heart, reading how friendships begin and how they are maintained through kindness and generosity. I bet Eli also likes the idea of your granddaughter hosting a tea party with her pottery.

Spadoman said...

susanna... Thanks foir stopping by. I appreciate the visit. Never knew so many folks liked the old trucks better than anything. Wish I knew that as a teen, I'd have had one then instead of the convertable!
Love your art work and your blog.


mig said...

So lovely. The pottery and the teaparty : )
And the generous friend who gave you the extra pieces. Something wonderful about giving a little bit more in a world where it sometimes seems as if people don't have more to give.
It gives me hope :)

Spadoman said...

Mig... Thanks so much for coming to Round Circle. Always a pleasure to see you here. Having friends and doing things back and forth gives me hope too. Maybe that's how we can achieve peace.

Peace to you.

Christopher said...

Great post, Spadoman. You come over as everyone's favourite (excuse Brit. spelling) grandad. Mind you, I'll challenge you for it when mine are up and running.

Peace (with cream and sugar)

Spadoman said...

Christopher.. You're too old for me to be your Grand dad, how about an older brother? Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is good with you and all you hold dear. By the way, over here, you are the cultured relative.

Peace, (can I get some peaches with that cream and sugar?)