Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey Harriet is the blog that is all abuzz on Sundays with the Shadow Shots. Folks from all over the world are participating. Have a look, some fine photographs in this mix. For the guidelines to participate, check THIS out.

In the meantime, here is a collage of sorts from around my place. We call it Spadoville. Pretty obvious who lives here, DUH! Spadoman, that's who! One Summer morning the sun had risen and was casting shadows everywhere. I saw the sharp images and grabbed the camera. Pretty mundane things, really, but everything casts a shadow. The deck faces East, so the morning sun hits there first.

The deck itself has the boards, but I saw a geometric formation from the guardrail slats.

Then, the birdhouse. It's really the outside light, but the sparrows had built a nest in a small crevice behind the fixture. Even the straw used for the nest is casting a small shadow.

Next is the chair that sits in the shade in the afternoon. Pretty hot place to be sitting in the morning this Summer.

Inside the house, the back door casts its shadow on the wall.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

The sun is setting, we'll wait until tomorrow to see where it casts the next Shadows.

Peace to all.


Sylvia K said...

Great shadow shots for the day! I've found those same kinds of shadows on our deck as well, fun captures! You have a really cool set for the day! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Love your shadow shots..

Hey Harriet said...

These are fab! I love the birdhouse/outside light best of all. Sparrows are such clever little critters. Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far :)

Gemma Wiseman said...

Wonderful variety of shadows in your world!

I, Like The View said...

love love love that first photo

(I have a thing for floorboards)


Mel said...

I like the birdie house. Mostly cuz we had one (past tense!) where Mr. and Mrs. Robin were nesting. Geeze....had to scold people for turning on the light and disrupting the family's peace and quiet! ;-)

Rinkly Rimes said...

I like the shadow of the chair and the angle of the horizon in your sunset shot.

A Wild Thing said...

Love the little piece of straw's the little things that trip my trigger...

Your haiku below brought back memories of a time so carved into our psyche, our generation lost in war...we had the military service for my daughter's Father last week, he passed a few months back. He was in Vietnam when she was born...this ceremony was far more moving than the traditional, it focused on a dream of many, the struggle for freedoms and liberty...thank you for that!!!

Have a wonderful week ahead Mr. Travelin' man...fellow dreamer!


me ann my camera said...

I love the great setting sun photo. Thanks for sayting "Hi" to me on my shadow.

carletta said...

Hi Spadoman,
I think this is my first time here. Love the post.
I like the opposing lines in the first and the sharp shadows in the others are quite good.
Love the lines of the back door shadow and the color in that shot.
That beautiful sunset and your words was a unique way to end the post.
Thanks for your visit.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

As it may come as no surprise, I love all those textures and patterns!! What a lovely series of patterns and capped off by a gorgeous sunset.
We just got back from Denver today (4 day trip) and it was our first time there. What a FUN city to go play in! First time I saw the southern part of the state too. Beautiful.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Nice shots. I like the simplicity of the deck and the door.