Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Sunday. Time for Shadow Shot Sunday at Hey Harriet. Check it out.

For a shadow shot this week I went into my photo albums and looked around. Some early mornings I’ll spend time looking at the events page on my computer’s photo gallery. Each event holding pictures from an outing, a trip or an occasion. On one such trip last Fall, I took some pictures while in New Mexico.

I love New Mexico, especially down around Silver City, Deming and Truth or Consequences. I have no trouble spending time and driving around what I call, “My magic triangle”. Each town is unique. Each has their quirks. And the roads that I use to connect the dots are hewn with scenery that I adore. I sometimes actually daydream of being there, in a specific place, and can see it in my minds eye.

The sun was casting long shadows on the cactus this day. Even the shadowy silhouette of the fine needles could be seen on the pads. And the butterfly flew into my shot at the last minute as I was trying to take a shot of the tiny yellow flowers. Can someone name them for me?

Not sure when I’ll be heading down that way again. There is talk of a September motorcycle trip, but I have many options for the upcoming Fall. I want to try to get down there this Winter for a spell for sure, thinking of spending a month or longer in an RV I have access to. We’ll see. The question has never been “If” I get back, it is “When”.

Peace to all


Ron said...

A very good friend of mine use to live in New Mexico and she always said it was her favorite place to live. In fact, after living in Florida for a few years, she DID move back.

She said the ground had a very special energy that nurtured her.

Great photos! Love cactus! It's actually the only plant I can grow because it's so easy - HA!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sylvia K said...

Having grown up in Texas I've been to New Mexico many times and it is a beautiful place. I love your photos and such great shadow shots! Thanks for sharing! Hope the rest of your weekend goes well!


A Wild Thing said...

LOVE the desert, there does seem to be a special power really feel the ancients walking the paths and looking over your shoulder.

Your butterfly looks like a Painted bro and I were sitting out in the yard late yesterday afternoon and saw many of them fluttering about...he loves them, as do I, but then, who wouldn't...nice catch(s).


frauyedattheedge said...

lovely shadow shots!

Kim, USA said...

Hubby's choice if we live in another state is NM. He thinks it's gorgeous and something in that place that he loves. The question is "when". ^_^

Yellow Dahlia

Elizabeth said...

Look pretty damn prickly to me!
Enjoy your bike trip
sounds super fun!

Anca Pandrea said...

Lovely shots! The desert looks great. Have a nice week!

Linda said...

Lovely cactus photos.

wanderlust said...

I love that area as well, so beautiful and peaceful. A motorcycle trip through there would be amazing!

Mel said...

I can't tell ya what the cactus or the butterfly are--'cept for PRETTY.


Oh for such lucky shots!
And for such lovely places. *sigh*

Great trains in that area. :-)

Beth Niquette said...

How very lovely! My goodness--what an arid landscape. Gorgeous shadows.

susanna said...

There are two towns called Truth and Consequences in New Mexico? Cool! I'm going to have to look them up.

My husband and I took side roadtrips to Virginville and Intercourse, PA, a couple years ago. What's so ironic about it is that both those towns are in Amish country!

These are great photos. I've never actually been to a visit before. What a new visual experience would be there. Hope you get back there again soon. Oh! And I really do enjoy reading and seeing pics from your travels. You give me insight into other parts of this country. Thank you.

susanna said...

Oh wait! I just looked up Truth or Consequences online and it's one town - named after a radio game show from the 1950's. Still cool!

rochambeau said...

Hi Spadoman!
What gorgeous photographs you took in NM. Like how you have the spotlight on the subject matter and the shadows surrounding. Very cool.

Hope you will have a great week.

Hey Harriet said...

The second photo is especially lovely. After reading your post I'm really keen to visit New Mexico! Hopefully one day...

Have a great week!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Don't forget to stop by Carrizozo! I wish I knew the name of the butterfly, but I'm sure you'll see it in a bfly book.
Road trip, huh?

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

land of bones
scoured by wind and sun
aching land

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Spadoman
I was so caught up with your beautiful bench picture and story, .. well I forgot to check out your SSS ! LOL
These are very telling pictures of a special moment in time .. I see those fine shadows of the cactus needles .. amazing ! .. they seem to create art for themselves ?
The little yellow flowers .. very pretty indeed : ) but being a Great White Northerner .. I can't help identify, but I suspect some one out there will do that for you!
You may find it hard to believe but Ontario has a native cactus that survives our winters .. I haven't grown it in my garden .. perhaps some day I will find a tiny but perfect spot for one .. then I will see those perfect tiny shadows too ?
Joy : )

Spadoman said...

Thank you for taking a look here. I appreciate seeing each and every one of you.

Great to see others have affinity for New Mexico and connections, like Ron and his friend and Sylvia who used to ive in nearby Texas.

Others have mentioned they would like to, or have, visited and/or lived there as well, like Manang Kim, Wanderlust and Mel.

I hope Tracy can get across the big ocean for a visit from OZ, and susanna MUST get to Truth, or is it Consequences? Maybe you accept the consequences after you get there!

And Joy, I live in the North too, not far from Ontario. Cactus mystify me no end, but never knew there was a Canadian variety.

Peace to all and thanks again for stopping by.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» noted your comment at Another Slice of EG Life about looking for bridges to post. «Louis» would welcome your participation in Sunday Bridges. His bridge series publishes at 0001 hrs central Europe time each Sunday morning.

Christine said...

Hi there Joe. These photos are lovely and, to me, capture the essence of southwest flora. And, as always, I like your stories.
I'm not going to say so just yet (about my SS this week), but you're right. I'll reveal more later in the week. :))

mig said...

Wonderful colours and shadows. I love the blue shade of the shadows around the golden cactus.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Nice shots! I especially like the cacti one:)