Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday April 25 Is The Last Day To Bid!

Not all the art is the Dia de los Muertos theme, but many of them are. This one is of my favorites done by Susanna Gordon of New Jersey

This is it folks. The last days of the auction. If you haven't done so already, please consider taking a look at and bidding on some great creative art pieces and support a good cause. Bidding will close at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday, April 25th, 2010. Read about it below.

Here is the link directly to the Auction Site: Recuerda Mi Corazon

Folks, I have been waiting for this day for a couple of weeks now. Some time ago, I posted one of those Meme theme photos and heard some comments from people who participate and look at others offerings. I likewise went to sites and looked at their offerings. What happened was a chance cyber meeting of a wonderful artist and introduction to this marvelous auction project to raise money for a good cause.

First of all, this Art Auction is special because the art pieces created here are truly one of a kind and so very unique.

Most are made from cigar boxes.

Now you know my affinity for a good cigar, so there was no problem drawing me in. Then, the first piece I saw displayed had a Los Dios de los Muertos, or Days of the Dead, theme, and once again, those that know me know how much this November 1st celebration means to me and my family.

Cigar box art, remembering their Grandmother. This work by Adriana Esqueda

The charity is The Oaxaca Street Children's Grassroots. Here is the website: Oaxaca Street Children's Grassroots

I found a great article about one person's visit to Oaxaca and their heartwarming story. HERE is their story.

Please visit the art Auction site often, comment on the fabulous works of art and bid on something you might like. The money is for something that will truly make a difference in someone's life and you get an exquisite work in the process.

Yes, there are other charities that may be closer to home. Yes, we have our own children in our own country to worry about. Yes, there are so many people and children in particular that have needs. And yes, You may not even know where Oaxaca is and how to pronounce this name of the Mexican State that is famous and well known for Mole.

Well, Oaxaca is pronounced Wah-Ha'-Ka, generally, and is the Capitol City of the Mexican State with the same name in Southern Mexico. One of the things that found me learning about Oaxaca was the Seven Moles, (Mole-Lay'). I have never been there, but a visit there is on my short bucket list. I believe that what we do for our children, or the children in general, will come back as a blessing to this earth ten thousand times over, if not in our lifetime, then in the next.

Cigar box art by Paula Scott

Not every piece is the Day of the Dead theme. The materials used are so wide and varied. Polymer clay, tin, paint, cloth, paper mache' to name a few. Each artist describes their piece on the site.

Each is a creation of their own heart, so giving, so rich in spirit.

Bidding on fabulous pieces of art from some of the most generous and creative people I have ever heard of is a great way to raise money to help children who are everyone's future, no matter what country they are from. Go to the site and have a look at the items up for auction. Meet the artists and visit their websites. See more of their works. Who knows, you might find something in their collections that you just gotta have! You can also just make a donation to The Oaxcan Street Children's Grassroots. Any gift will help.

I'll be busy this weekend, going back and checking the auction site and hopefully going back and forth with some new friends, especially Rebecca who maintains the recuerdo mi corazon blog. By the way, recuerdo mi corazon means I remember my heart or Memories of my heart. Rebecca Brooks is one of the artists in this auction as well as the one responsible for putting it all together. I think she did a fabuloius job.

I truly believe in this project. I have already placed a bid on one piece and will try to bid on more as the week goes by. The auction runs from today, April 17th and will end on Sunday, April 25th, at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Specifics as to how to view, comment and bid are on the Recuerdo mi Corazon auction site. Click and go there now!

Happy bidding, and as always:

I wish you peace on your own heart and all you hold dear.


Mel said...

Oh, now I'm gonna haffta go visiting! Isn't it awesome to land somewhere and discover such treasures....connected to such powerful stories.....

Ty ty.

rebecca said...

good morning!
you have in fact made my day! this is a glorious post and i thank you for every word.
i have been so behind the scenes with all the details now that the auction is is delightful to visit and take the time to acknowledge you.
truly i am blessed to have met you from your hopping around cyber space. so glad we landed on the same "page".

thank you for your enthusiasm!
i look forward to our growing friendship.


susan said...

What a nice surprise and what a beautiful way to share art in a positive way. I already looked at the site and will go back a bit later to register and place a bid (or two).

Sorrow said...

Thanks for the intro!
I love Art for the heart of it, and kids, well there my most favorite!

A Wild Thing said...

Cool stuff...I know what you mean about the busies...what a week...thought about you yesterday as I road by one of the local pubs that was packed with bikers, must've been a charity run for something...I'm out of touch with the world around my home town.

I suppose a good cigar is an acquired taste/smell...but it reminds me of my mother's beer drinkin', womanizing father, sitting in his rocker with his wife-beater shirt on, watching the Friday night fights...ewwwwwww...!

Is that strange...but I do love the smell of a pipe(from afar)...hey, have a smokin' Sunday!!!


I, Like The View said...

how wonderful

I'll go off and investigate the link in a little while. . .

thanking you in anticipation!

rebecca said...

i am completely touched by the comment you left on susanna's shrine.
i emailed her right away and can assure you,it melted her heart immediately. so much so that she wanted just to wrap the shrine up and mail it straight to you!

thanks for sharing the word....

This Eclectic Life said...

I love this, Joe. Celebrating art and helping children at the same time works for me.
"I believe that what we do for our children, or the children in general, will come back as a blessing to this earth ten thousand times over, if not in our lifetime, then in the next."


mig said...

What a brilliant idea and what splendid works of art.
I hope the auction is a HUGE success (surely it will be) and that you collect something wonderful : )