Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday 04/13/2010

Tuesday already. And here I am scrambling for a Ruby Tuesday post. I'm already late as the folks down under and across the pond have Tuesday in their rear view mirrors. Oh well, I'll post one anyway. In fact, as I was sorting through photos, I came across these shots of a pair of snowshoe frames that I decorated. I finished the shoes, and donated them to an auction for a fundraiser. I never did get a snapshot of the finished product.I dipped the webbing in piant of the same colors as the frames before weaving. They were truly one of a kind.

I love Ruby Tuesdays. The idea is the creation of Mary T/The Teach who writes the Work of the Poet blog. For guidelines to participate in Ruby Tuesday fun, CLICK HERE

But here are the frames. They are made of Canadian white ash. I wood burned the separation lines and hand painted the turquoise. The red and black were spray painted randomly as the first step. I have been making snowshoes for over twenty five years, and decorating them for the last ten or so. I decorate with beads woven into the webbing, or I inlay gemstones into the wood. I woodburn tracks up the sides, tracks like the wolf and the bear. These, I just painted.

These snowshoes are called Ojibway. The indigenous people of the woodlands used this style

This past winter season, I sold all I had made. I am thinking I am done making them unless I get a specific order. In the past, I made them and sold what I had made. I'm concentrating on other projects these days and have orders for a hot tub step and some Adirondack chairs. There has also been some requests for a Mexican Bench or two. I better get busy.

The pointed toe and heel will push through the underbrush like a boats prow in water, pushing twigs and branches to the side and keeping the snowshoe webbing from getting damaged

Have a great Tuesday. Have a great everyday. Peace to all


Auntie E said...

I like them, Kind of like our snow shoes. Happy RT
My Ruby Link for you

rebecca said...

great post!!! place me on the mexican bench list.

i am out of town and managed to get m fingers on the key board for a few minutes.

when i am finally home i will spend more time here!

susan said...

Your snowshoes conjure up a much quieter land. They really are very beautiful and make me long for winter woods.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhhh noooooooo. I'm just hitting spring and have no 'longing' for winter woodlands! LOL Bring on the hot summer nights, I say!

But they are amazing--and definitely done well by an artisan who lets the work speak for itself.

And if Tuesday's in the rearview mirror on Tuesday and it's now Thursday-- *sigh* It's an indicator of Mel letting things get away from her......again.....

mig said...

Those snow shoes look stunning.
And so does the Mexican bench - I love the sound of the Gila National Forest cliff dwellings - what a beautiful photo.