Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday is the Meme of Tracy who puts together Hey Harriet from Queensland, Australia. Check out the photographic submissions. There are so many talented people out there showing us some fabulous shots. If you want to participate, read how to do it HERE.
Right now, I want to talk a bit before I post my Shadow Shot for today.

It’s early Sunday morning here in Spadoville. In a few weeks, the shadows will be plentiful outside my window as Mr. Sun creeps North in anticipation of the Summer Solstice. I like the long hours of daylight in our North American Summer. Besides warmer more comfortable weather for outdoor activities, the sense that the day is longer than 24 hours passes through my mind.

Up here in the Northland, Winter sees darkness creeping over the land as early as 4:00 p.m. It’s totally dark easily by five. You have morning, you have afternoon. After dinner, the day is done. But in Summer and the longer periods of daylight, it seems to me that we get a whole extra day after dinner. I’m sure it’s just perspective. As I get older, the colder weather is harder for me to deal with, therefore I spend less time outside in it. Hence the end of daylight brings about the end of the day so to speak.

When I’m traveling, I like to watch the scenery. Both the naturally occurring geographical and the man-made stuff for sale on the side of the road, just inside the ditches in front of the houses. In Summer, I can keep truckin’ down the road well into the evening. After all, for me, it is the journey. I don’t enjoy a motel room for more hours than I need to shower and sleep.

The trips have been short. Day trips, or one nighters, lately. But I look back at the past year and can rattle off a dozen of what most folks would call a “long trip” that I’ve made. In fact, it’s time for another Solon Springs Water Run next week. All the carboys are empty!

Really long excursions take a little planning. Last Summer, I did two major motorcycle journeys, almost 8000 miles in all, and the big family vacation that pretty much took the whole month of July. This season, I’m starting early with a journey back to New Mexico later this month. I’ll take the Triumph and ride from here. Should be warm enough to ride out right from Wisconsin. Any earlier and I might hesitate as the threat of ice and snow might still be evident. I'll still have to be careful on bridge decks and overpasses, especially if I'm out early in the morning.

Another cycle trip for June then. I really want to ride those Canadian Rockies and see Yellowknife, Prince Rupert and Vancouver Island. So far, I’ll be traveling solo. Should be quite an adventure. I’ll do some camping and some nights in motels. When I re-enter the USA at Vancouver, the plan is to meet a friend from California and ride the mountains back towards home with him.

I’ve made many visits to Northern California. I had a place on the coast at one time. The shadow shot I have here is one I took while playing around the black sand beaches near Ferndale, CA. Where the mouth of the Eel River empties into the Pacific. There is a lot of driftwood there from small pieces to huge giant redwood carcasses. The wind and waves changes the complexion of these beached pieces daily. I thought this one looked rich.

Driftwood basking in the sun on the Lost Coast of California



Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Gnarled and twisted wood,
carved by water, wind and sun—
who can hear your voice?

Take your pick of shadows:
Shadowy Toilet!

Margaret Gosden said...

Brilliant! I will look at my pieces of driftwood with new eyes! Thank you for your comment about NYC water towers!

Mel said...

Being a midwest gal, I know that of which you speak--yippee for spring and the approaching summer!

I love roadtrips--the scenery is enough of an adventure which is why destinations aren't required. :-)

Gorgeous shadows on the driftwood, btw....wonderful shot.

A Wild Thing said...

You sound like my Dad, still riding his BMW at age 82, a lone rider taking trips to Maine, Alaska and California in his 70's...he's a cool dude!

I'm gettin' antsy for a road trip to Florida, love loadin' my furry heathen into the truck and headin' South, these beautiful sunny Sundays really get me in the mood to be that free spirit again and just take off...must be that adventuresome old hippie still lingering somewhere in our souls...ha!

Have a great Sunday...ride on!!


Christopher said...

Have you got your visas and route map for Europe yet?


wanderlust said...

What a beautiful piece of driftwood. Always love a good road trip!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Do you see it?? It looks like a woman clinging onto the wood-her back is to us and she is shirtless. Her hair is down to the base of her neck.
I love drift wood and wish I could haul much of it home.
Have fun visiting our state (New Mexico). There is a car show (you just show up with your old car and it's free) here in Rio Rancho on Sat. April 24th. It's called, "Park in the Park".
Safe travels!

Fire Byrd said...

Beautiful photos. I love driftwood.I live as far inland as possible in the UK, but I still have loads of it in the garden, along with beach stones. And of course there is the sea glass in the house.

Saw a programme about a train the other day that went through the Cascade mountains, amazing how they tried to get the line through so long ago, and even now it is still a perilous journey through that part of the Rockies. So take care when you head out on your jaunts.

A Wild Thing said...

Yup on the sidebar, I'll do the same..

Back to planting my cedar tree rows...I'm shutting out the meanies! the driftwood, good eye!

Peace on!

Sylvia K said...

What a terrific capture! Love your composition! I love driftwood! Hope you have a great day and a great week ahead!


Christine said...

You were so close to where I live when you took this photo. Maybe next time you'll let me know when you're passing through.
I love driftwood. Have tons of it. And beach rocks. Can't NOT pick them up while beachwalking.
Paula has a good eye! There is a woman clinging to that piece of wood!

allhorsestuff said...

That basking driftwood looks warmer than we have here yet...nice~

Unknown said...

That is a really superb photograph, Spadoman. Worthy of a frame, imho.

Spadoman said...

Thank you all for your kind words.

Magical... You had 2 Shadow Shots today, what a bargain!

Margaret.. I looked again at your photo and the smaller shadows in the background in the window openings of a faraway buolding are quite stunning as well as the focus of the picture. Very Cool!

Mel.. Yes, ropadtrip[s. Some day, you need to tell me about your trips.

Sweet One.. I'm not as old as your dad, but if I live that long and I am able, I'll be in the wind.

Christopher.. Is that an invitation?

wanderlust... There are no "bad" roadtrips.

Paula.. Yes, I see it, but never noticed it before. I have more photos of htis piece from different angles, they still look like her. (I'll have to give her a name). I might make thaty car show. I'll be down in T or C and Silver City for a week or so starting the 20th.

Fire Byrd... Another who likes the naturally worn wood. I could have guessed. Thanks for the tip, I'll be careful, I promise!

Sylvia K.. Thanks so much for the compliment!

Christine.. You have some great blogs. I have to see what's cooking at your place. I used to live in Eureka. I love Trinidad.

Allhorse... I just got a call from a friend in Oregon and he says it's cold. We are finally warming up after a long midwestern Winter. Glad you like the driftwood.

Ms. Sphinx.. You, my dear, are way too kind to me.

Thanks again. Yopur visits here made my day a great one.

Peace to all.

I, Like The View said...



susan said...

I lived for six years on the west coast of Canada so I know for sure your trip will be extravagant and wonderful.

That's a great picture of the driftwood.

Spadoman said...

I, Like The View... Thank you for the fine compliment. Good to see you here.

susan.. Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to my trip and hope time, money, weather and health allow me to pull it off!

Peace to all.

mig said...

That driftwood is just perfect.
I guess you'd think my trips are really quite short, just to the North of England - I expect the whole journey would fit inside Wisconsin!