Saturday, May 2, 2009

Witness a Miracle

My daughter lives near a bison ranch. In fact, her landlord is the owner of this ranch and her husband works there. Yesterday, she had reason to be at the ranch and witnessed a miracle. No, it wasn't the mottled fur of a buffalo making the shape of The Virgin Mother. It was better than that. It was a bison giving birth. New Spring life. And a couple of the Grandkids were with her to share the experience.

The buffalo is my chosen totem animal. I relate to Tatanka. Tatanka is the Lakota word for buffalo, or North American bison. There are other animals that I admire and learn from, but this one is special to me.

She took some pictures. I'll shut up and share them. Witness the miracle:


Mel said...

Ohsure.....the Bison are even having their babies --and does the girl go into labor?!


Yup. I'm telling her to try that longggggggg walk followed by a hot bath.

(Oh, but what a miracle to witness....)

eaprez said...


fjb said...

If every child where to witness the miracle of birth, then perhaps they would grow up with greater respect for life. I always believed bison where quite secretive and solitary when it came to calving. Your daughter and the grandkids where honored.:)