Friday, May 8, 2009

Only Good Fridays

A long and winding road, looks great for a motorcycle ride.

Just woke up and looked out the window. Another beautiful day here in the Northland. There is always good in a day somewhere, but some are definitely better than others. This current spell of warm sunshine after a long winter is really exceptionally beautiful. But I digress, I just woke up and looked out the window.

I went to the blogs and clicked away and came across This Eclectic Life and her Only Good Friday post. My internal dialogue said to me, “Oh shit, it’s Friday. You didn’t write anything.”

So, I went through my routine with a few variations and then decided I’d write an Only Good Fridays post, even though I’m not in the mood to write right now and my back hurts even though it is such a fine beautiful day outside.

Then I remembered. Yoody is here. Yoody is the nickname of soon to be five year old Grand daughter Lilly. The family was here for dinner last night and Yoody stayed over night. Yoody has been staying here on Thursday nights. For no particular reason, except that it coincidently happens just about every Thursday night.

Lilly Janine.

It’s early now, Yoody still sleeps. But she’ll be up soon and I’ll have a friend here. I woke up hungry. I was actually thinking of driving a few miles to the truck stop, Ray’s Southside Restaurant, and having an old fashioned bacon and eggs breakfast. I’ll even have the bad coffee and use jelly on my toast. Maybe Yoody will want to come along.

Ray's Truckstop for Breakfast.

Ray used to have the truck stop on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River back when it was US Highway 12 running through here. When they updated the Interstate, Ray moved to Exit 19 at Baldwin, WI. He still called it the Northstar for a while, but now it’s the Southside Restaurant and a small truck stop/convenience store off I-94.

If she doesn’t want to go out for breakfast, that’s okay. She’ll be hanging around and we’ll do something when I get back if I decide to go myself. Maybe I won’t even go and we’ll just eat oatmeal.

I’ve shied away from the news all week. I haven’t even listened to Amy at Democracy Now. I have skimmed over political and newsy blogs. Many are reporting opinions about the Bush administration. They keep hammering away at the old, ever paying more attention to what freaked them out last year. Some are blowing new bugles, but as they always did, just write about how horrible the situation is and how we should be angry about it. It’s not that these horrors don’t exist, but I found that my tired heart feels better when I stand off to the side and live right here right now once in a while.

The sun has popped up and is splashing my yard with bright golden light. This miracle happened again today. I was awake to witness.

Almost up.

Starting to peek out at us.

Ahhhhhh, There it is.

I’m looking back at the week and thinking of something to tell you about that was super positive and good. I can’t site an instance or something that happened right off. But the idea that I made a couple of new friends this week and that a couple of people paid me compliments is certainly a good thing from my perspective. The fact that the weather is changing and the daily temperatures are up into the 70’s is a good change from the gloomy cloudy 50 degree days prior.

I made a chair like this one.

Both cars are running good. The bills are paid. I finished the Adirondack chair I made. I built a composting bin with scrap lumber and a one dollar role of chicken wire from a garage sale and two boxes of cigars I ordered came in the mail yesterday. Can you see me sitting in that chair, leaned back and cozy, smoking a stogey? (Spadoman does not inhale, but will never be elected President of the United States of America because he does sometimes).

The last vice I have.

Look at me, cracking jokes early in the morning. Happy to be alive. This Good Friday stuff is cool. Sets my frame of mind in a good mood right off. I like it. And if nothing else, that in itself is good.

I sent flowers to my Mom for Mother’s Day. I sent them to my sisters place. Mom might struggle with the delivery man trying to ring her apartment. I put an extra bouquet for my sister too. She watches over Mom down around Chicago. Hope they like them. I sent tulips. I like tulips. They’re colorful.

Tulips for Mom.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. And not just for this Sunday’s made up holiday, but every day. And happiness and health to everyone else. Hard to select one group and disregard the other when wishing health and happiness. That blessing is for all people, today and everyday. Have a good Friday, and a Good every day, not just Friday. That’s the thing. By writing Only Good Fridays, I find a little bit of peace in every day.

Peace to you and all you hold dear, today, and everyday.


katherine. said...

Tulips are wonderful!
(your grandadaughter is adorable)

You have a lot of Good things fr Friday!

Whimsy said...

I love your Only Good Fridays. They let me peek in at your life, and I think I like that. I think that having a Yoody around would make every Friday a good Friday.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

Pursey said...

My goodness, that is a wonderful photo of you. Peace to you, my friend.

susan said...

What a wonderful idea for a regular post. Your grandaughter is lovely and the flowers to your dear ladies a fine regard. Tulips have magic.

I hope you enjoy more good weather for the coming season of rides.

Mel said...

Awwwww..what a sweetheart to include your sister in the gifting. And for the breakfast with the granddaughter--be that oatmeal or over-easy eggs. *happy sigh*

Life is good, eh?
Right here.
Righ now.
THIS moment. good.

Thank you for topping off my already full heart, sir!

Thorne said...

Ah ho, Mashkoday Biizhiikiins! "It’s not that these horrors don’t exist, but I found that my tired heart feels better when I stand off to the side and live right here right now once in a while." You speak the truth of my heart in these words, friend.

Utah Savage said...

You've got a great face, man. And that Yoody is a peach.

Tulips are my favorite cut flower. Nice touch to include you nurturing sister.

And old and famous black singer once tole me when I was young and he was old that the young are the warriors and the old are the philosophers. You are waxing very philosophical today. I love the idea of Good Things Friday. If my mood holds I try my best next Friday.

Insightful Nana said...

My grand daughter is now 15. For most of her pre-school years she came to stay with me on Thursdays... and usually ended up staying the week-end. I loved it and so did she.

Grandkids have a way of showing us the good in live. Such fun!

Nice to meet your smiling face.

eaprez said...

Lovely photo's all of them. Love the grand dtr pic. She's a cutie. Love the little story of how she just happens to spend the night.....good times

Anne said...

I don't buy in to Mother's Day thing too much. I suspect it's mostly a Hallmark money-making scheme... but I'll gladly take those good wishes just the same. Thank you, and same to you.

You're lucky to have your little buddy Yoody to share breakfasts with. She looks like a lot of fun.

And oh my gosh, it looks like you lost a bunch of weight. If you did, great job!

billie said...

it's sunday my friend and i am only now getting online. happy mom's day to the lovely mrs. spado and spado daughter :) i am glad you like doing the good fridays meme :)

fjb said...

"They keep hammering away at the old, ever paying more attention to what freaked them out last year. Some are blowing new bugles, but as they always did, just write about how horrible the situation is and how we should be angry about it."

Too true. Living in the moment while connecting with the positive and beautiful things around you refreshes the soul. As a wise man once told me: You're no good to anyone unless you take care of yourself, spiritually and emotionally. Cheers to you friend, and may you enjoy every sunrise as much as you did this one.:)

Spadoman said...

I thank you all for stopping by here to read and comment.

katherine.... Hope your Fridays, and everydays, are good for you and yours as well. Thanks.

Whimsy.... Having a Yoody is great. I also have others that come around on a regular basis. Six Grandkids!! Your Alice is a sweetheart too. thanks for coming by.

Clutch... Thanks, you ain't bad lookin' yerself! I gotta come over and read about the poet, parts 1 and 2. Give me some time. Take care of that back!

susan... Thanks for the greeting. The idea for a Good Friday isn't mine, but I latched on as it seemed to be something positive.

Mel... My sister does a lot for my Mom, and by doing that, she does a lot for me as well.thanks for stopping by. Your new bundle is beautiful!

Thorne.... Glad we have a connection. Peace and Thanks!

Ms. Savage.... Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like tulips. I think they are my favorite as well. Yoody is gonna be 5 next week. She's one of the six Grandkid buddies I have. And you are way too kind with that face comment! (blush)

Insightful Nana... Grandkids call Grandma a plain and simple "Na" I don't know who came up with it, but it stuck. My Mom, (The Great Grandmother, is Nana, my spousal unit is Na) Thank you so much for stopping by here.

Beth... Yes, seems to always be one or two or three spending the night. Great fun to wake up to. Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog!

Queen Anne... We don't make a big deal out of the Hallmark or corporate holidays either. We'd rather celebrate everyday like it means the world to each other, because it does. Thanks. Good to see you here.

Batmo... Your my best blog pal. You are the one that turned me on to Good Fridays. Thanks for that and for being a friend.

fjb... Thanks for stopping by. sometimes hard to stay positive for very long, but i feel we must try. Thanks so much for coming by.

Peace to all and all you hold dear.