Friday, May 15, 2009

Only the Good Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm starting to write this on Thursday. Look at me, getting a jump on the Only the Good Friday Theme, a day in advance. I want some “Good” so Bad! I want to be funny. If I make you laugh and smile, that is good. I want to be inspired and motivated and have a story to tell that sees good, that speaks good. All good all the time. There, that’s the spirit.

But alas, there is trouble in the world. There are people suffering. It’s a Jungle Out There like Randy Newman says.

The war rages on. The economy has affected millions of people in negative ways. People are still hungry and homeless and have no health care. Education opportunities are lacking. The rift between the rich and poor is widening. It’s harder and harder to make ends meet. Who actually does anymore anyway?

These are not positives, and surely not the “good” notes we want to drive home today.

The past two weeks, I turned to nature. I saw the sunrises and listened to the birds. I recalled how the wildlife has no troubles like we have. The finches aren’t having a war against the robins. They share the bird bath and the seeds at the same feeder. I still look to this phenomenon of nature for relief. There seems to be no other way to turn.

I have guilt too, when I write about happiness and joy amidst the horrors of war and starvation from poverty. When I’m happy and other people I am acquainted with are struggling with depression and sadness, sickness in the family. I don’t want people to think I don’t care and that all this strife in the world is okay with me because I’m not affected right now. My tired heart is still beating and everyone of my Grandkids is healthy.

Okay, I got the word now. I’ll be okay with this. I put the sadness out there. I paid some homage and recognition to the fact that the world still turns and I control none of it. I’m going to have some happy thoughts right along with the suffering that exists in the world. The good part is, I am told, directed, to believe this is okay and has to happen.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Ever hear that before? Did you know that saying is a proverb? Its meaning is that without time off from work, a person becomes bored and boring. The sentiment expressed by this proverb was first recorded thousands of years ago by some Egyptian sage named Ptahhotep. Whoever that was. It was written in 2400 B.C. How the double hockey sticks do they know that? What, were they alive and reporting this news way back then?

Anyhoo:-), like my friend Batmo says, I’m going riding today, (Thursday). And I did, and the YouTube video I posted here is about that ride. That makes me happy and that is Good and it’s Friday.

I had a very good friend stop over Thursday and we shared some thoughts and had a cup of coffee. That is a Good thing. Them a couple of the Grandkids were over for a while and we played in the yard. That was a very Good thing. Then my motorcycle buddies came over and we went for a great ride down the Mississippi River. That was great fun and made me feel really Good, and that carried over to today, Friday, and I’m having a Good Friday and hope and wish that you are too.

This video is my first attempt with this new iMac computer and the motorcycle set-up with the camera mounted on the handlebars. I noticed the bugs on the screen. I’ll need to clean the windshield off more often if I’m using the camera. But it seemed to work okay and I am happy with it. That is a Good thing and it’s Friday.

I know everyone won’t click on this YouTube I made and watch the whole 5 minutes plus, and that makes me a little sad, and that’s not Good for Only the Good Friday theme, but that’s okay too. I used some good music by the Doors. What else, “Riders on the Storm”, as we are riding, but YouTube might not let me publish a video without paying rights to the song. We'll see what they do with it. Oh well, hum some song you like while you watch us carve up the curves along the beautiful River Bluffs on the upper Mississippi unless YouTube's powers that be didn't mess with it. That woiuld be bad, but that's okay, because it's Good. It’s Friday

Peace to All.


Whimsy said...

I think that focusing on the good isn't about ignoring the bad... it's about appreciating the bright spots in the darkness, it's about noticing the good things we have amidst tragedy, it's about knowing there is a balance in all things. And it's really lovely. Thank you.

Will now go watch your video, promise!

fjb said...

Wow, beautiful countryside and a great vid. What kind of camera are you using? The vibration reduction and clarity is awesome. Good job, but I'm thinking you're not as much of an amatuer film maker as you make out.:)

My son's adopting an elderly cat called Love-bug from the SPCA today as a belated mother's day present, that's my Good Friday. She's black with a silver undercoat and hasn't been out of the shelter for over three years. No one wants the black ones; a superstition thing evidently, and very few will even look at the older ones. I'll post a pic for my Good Friday later today, once she settles in a bit.

The world has major problems and there's still people suffering and dying due to apathy, greed and hate. For a little while today I'm going to put all that to one side and an old cat and I are going to get to know each other. Hopefully she will realise she's finally come home.:)

nik said...

thanks Joe, for all the reminders of how we can bring gratitude into our lives by the virtue of how we dwell on things.

And I would've loved to watch your video, but my computer is in funkville right now and videos just kill it.

But, here's a good thing - i bought a new one! And in another couple of weeks I hope to be posting videos of my own!

Lotsa love Spado - hope to visit with you soon.


Utah Savage said...

Nicely done. I keep forgetting to focus on the good on Friday. It could be like a day of resting the angry mind. I'm so furious about the torture "debate" I can barely keep from grinding my teeth.

My version of riding the bike might be as simple as stopping the incessant watching of "news." and reading blogs that focus on the political. I wrote a "poem" today but I think it sucks and wonder why I posted a poem I think sucks. And it isn't a bit good, happy, cheerful, nice. But sometime today I might try to write something about a moment of Good in my day. But don't hold your breath.

Thorne said...

I loved taking that ride through the green with you. And it was wonderful to see the Mississippi River. I think I saw it when I was very small, but that was a long time ago. When I was 12 or 13 we lived in New Mexico and I used to catch craw-dads in the Oro Grande River. I lived awhile on the Isleta Rez and went swimming in the irrigation ditches. I've lived in the desert a long time now and learned to appreciate the long stretches of tan and brown scattered with the bright green exclamation points of creosote, but it was nice to see such unabashed green.
It does my heart good to think on good as Friday comes. It is difficult not to see the ugliness in the world, but as you say "I paid some homage and recognition to the fact that the world still turns and I control none of it. I’m going to have some happy thoughts right along with the suffering that exists in the world." I like that I always find something of beauty here to take away with me, and I'm glad I made you smile. A big hug and a little kiss... Enjoy your sweet grandbabies!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh......what familiar countryside and what a wonderful thing to get to go along for the Thursday ride. Leave a bit earlier next time--hit Breitbachs and have an awesome meal. Buena Vista's overlook is brilliant! Gosh, it's lovely to see the trees all 'fluffed out'. Thanks for taking us along!

<-- just had another very good Saturday moment! (and a very good thing!)

susan said...

That was a nice smooth ride and I was glad to see you obeying the traffic laws. Unfortunately, I couldn't pick up a sound feed but I do remember the words and music to 'Riders on the Storm' so I hummed it to myself. The time I saw the Doors they were so popular the Toronto show was held in an airport hangar and Jim Morrison was driven to the stage in a limousine down one of the main aisles. That was fun and a good memory you inspired.

I've heard it said that only understanding pain and sorrow enables our ability to experience love and happiness.