Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crow Creek Longriders Fundraiser Event

If you can make it, it will be fun. Great Music, a silent auction with all kinds of great things, good food and great people.

The Crow Creek Commemorative Ride is the one big event I am involved with as far as planning and fundraising. I know you, my blog friends, are far away from here, but I just wanted to invite you all anyway, if not in the flesh, then in spirit.

Read about the ride HERE

I'm including the poster for the ride in the event any of you out there are motorcycle travelers.

Thanks for stopping at the Round Circle.


Utah Savage said...

Sounds like great fun. If you ever make a trip through Salt Lake, please call me. Email me for the phone number. I have a lovely camping ground in my gated back yard. I even have a fire pit.

Ride safely.

The Crow said...

Hope the ride is a huge success!


Mel said...

Oh..... *happy sigh*

I do hope the weather is as gorgeous as the outting sounds to be.

Anonymous said...

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edit: wrong thread,