Friday, May 22, 2009

Only the Good Friday, May 22, 2009

Mr. Sun

Gosh, Friday already. And here I am, scrambling again to come up with a post. But it’s early. I slept better than Thursday night. I made it all the way to after six a.m. That’s a great Only the Good Friday thing right there! Much needed sleep is a good thing! Let’s see, something good. You know, the best thing about the Friday thing is that I believe in it. When I was first turned on to Shelly and her This Eclectic Life Blog, I didn't know it was going to have such an effect. I want to have something good in my life. I want a positive thought today. And I also have had this attitude that I want to feel this way all I can, all week, everyday, or a part of every day. I’ve had a good week in the positive/negative ratio department.

Yesterday, I posted a couple of recipes. I had a great day and my mood was jovial. I just felt like talking to people. At 3:00 a.m. There was no one around, so my audience was the blog readers. It was wonderful to hear from folks. As I said, I was talking to them.

In that post I mentioned the blog of a friend, Beth. She writes Beth’s Blog. I went there and read about her day yesterday. She had an amazing positive experience both at work and in something incredible that happened to her personally. You must read about what happened to Beth Right Here.

For me, time is moving quickly. This is Memorial Day weekend. In River Falls, WI, the town where I live now, the Community just sponsored a new Veterans Memorial at the local cemetery. In fact, I access my new home off of Cemetery Road. Yesterday, I was talking to a new acquaintance and was reminded that there would be some sort of program at the Memorial on Monday. I don’t have any travel plans or activity plans, so I think I’ll be down there and witness the dedication of the new Veterans Memorial.

I believe that we most definitely must Honor the Warrior, Not the War. NO matter what people think about war, I personally am totally against it, I find it hard to not honor those that put their life down for Our Families, Our Communities and Our Country. It's not for me to judge motive, whether the dead soldier was pro or con the war, whether he or she fought for peace or wanted to slay the fellow man. As long as war exists in this world, I want to honor the death of the Veterans. I will honor All Veterans from All Countries the world over. The Mothers and Fathers of all Warriors grieves at the loss. People all over the world want peace. Peace is a good thought.

With no travel plans this weekend, we will spend some quality time here at home. Still many little things here and there to do. Some good friends will gather here Saturday evening and we’ll go out to dinner. These are people I go back with over 40 years. We’ve never stopped talking, but getting together has been a chore over the past 5-6 years. We all put forth the effort to make it happen. So Saturday, old friends, husbands and wives, will break bread. The after dinner coffee will be at my place on the deck around sunset.

A nice waterfall. Niobrara River near Valentine Nebraska

On Sunday, another group of good friends will gather and we’ll ride the motorcycles down the Mississippi River once again. Our trek will lead us into Red Wing, Minnesota and we’ll have dinner at a place called Norton’s. The band that donated its time and talent for our Crow Creek Motorcycle Ride fundraiser last weekend will be playing at Norton’s. We’ll take in another session of a really good band. They used to be called Ipso Facto. But that group disbanded, now original band member Wain McFarlane has assembled the sound again. They play great Roots, Rock and Reggae and keep you moving and swaying the whole time.

I saw another good friend yesterday. He traveled down from Ashland. He had a chore to do in the area and he stopped here to talk with me. That made me feel good. Friends are an important part of my Good Friday. New friends and old friends. I have been fortunate of late to have made some wonderful new friends and hold onto the old ones as well.

I feel good. I have exciting things to do. I'll be with people I love and I believe I am loved by friends and family. So, it’s a good Friday for me. I hope it’s a good Friday and everyday for you.

Now, here are some pictures of more reasons I am still alive and feeling good. My Grandchildren.

Gracie Jayne

Yoody and Papa on the motorcycle


Anna in her "new" twenty five cent garage sale dress.

There is good in everyday. I hope the world can find some of it. While you're looking;

May Peace be in your hearts, all of you.


This Eclectic Life said...

This writing about "the good" does have an amazing effect. I've seen it happen to me. We all want to feel good and have positive thoughts, but in these hard times it takes practice. Your post is a beautiful reminder of how easy it is to find that good. And, your pictures of your grandchildren definitely are good! I hope your day ... your weekend ... is filled with only the good!

susan said...

I like this Only Good Friday idea for posts and yours are wonderful. I'm sure it will be a good rest of the weekend for you too.

Mel said...

It's a GOOD thing. Really, it's too easy and we've conditioned ourselves in the opposite directions. New habits are hard to form--but they do spill into other places.

Already spilling on to me! :-)

Mel said... twenty five cent dress and isn't she just too cute....

Thorne said...

Great beauty and good, my friend. What gorgeous grandbabies you have! And good friends coming and good food and music and honoring the warriors. If Creator wills it,(and the Lodge is made) I'll pray for them and you and all my family this weekend. It is a good day and I may even get some quiet time later to write and catch up on correspondence, which is also good.

Spadoman said...

It's early Saturday morning and I feel good. A soft rain has come to nourish the Sacred Earth Mother. The life blood of Her, the water, brings a freshness and clean scent into my nostrils. It is so good.

Thank you for your comments and your visits to Round Circle.

Eclectic One... You started it! What a grand idea. I want this so much that I think about the good all I can, (when I remember). Thanks!

susan... Thank you for stopping by. Right now, this minute, I started typing a response to you and the crow birds out in the field have started their morning conference. Are these relations of yours? Of course they are, as we are all related. Hope all your days are "good".

Mel... You rascal. I just went back and read your comment about the dead roses. Power from above, have pity on the one that crosses sweet Mel. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by. Oh, and that Anna is soon to be 11 years old. She is a cutie!

Thornie... Thank you so much for stopping by. We must speak more of this lodge. I need to know about it. Good sent your way as well.

Peace to all the world over, no exceptions.

eaprez said...

GREAT post! ;-) I firmly believe in 'cause and effect' that what you put out there comes right back at you - I made a commitment to positivity about two years ago and it so dramatically changed my life. Words can't even begin. Great pics - lovely family and once again - thanks for the shout out!

Spadoman said...

Beth..... Thanks for stopping by. Your story about the purse is a sure example that positivity might have the desired effect.


Anne said...

I'm glad you know you are loved. Too many people don't believe that they are.

I think if you try hard enough you can find at least some bit of good, a silver lining, in almost anything... even if it's only that you learned a lesson or whatever. Do it enough and it becomes an unconscious habit. :)

Spadoman said...

Queen Anne.... Nice to see you stop in. Yes, finding some good in every situation is working for me these days. So sad I haven't live my whole life that way, but it's working now. Peace to you and all you hopld dear. Thanks.