Friday, February 25, 2011

Kind Friendly Spirits in the Sunshine

Haiku My Heart Friday
February 25, 2011

Haiku My Heart Friday is the creation of my Rebecca who pens the recuerda mi corazon blog. Check it out for more Haiku and photos. You can also get guidelines if you'd like to participate yourself.

This has been a fabulous week. I've been on the road in the American Southwest. Fantastic scenery everywhere. Mountain vistas, desert landscpes, old mining towns, modern trendy tourist haunts along with yard sales and flea markets galore.

But the best fun we've had was spending the afternoon with friends we have never met until this trip. Tuesday, while spending some time in Prescott, Arizona, my spousal unit Barb and I had a rendezvous with two wonderful artists and bloggers. One of them, besides me, brought their spousal unit, so there were five of us.

It was great fun and a fantastic wonderful honor to meet these people in person. We talked and laughed together like old friends, making the encounter a comfortable experience, all vowing that we would do this again at some point. It will be hard to describe this time spent with old/new friends, but I'll try my hand with this haiku.

This is a  photo of our silouettes in the afternoon sunshine

Old souls we just met

 Hugs, laughter, friendship and peace

Best friends forever

Can you guess who we are and in which order we are in the shadowy photo? I'm thinking it might be fun to have you guess, so I won't divulge the answer until next week. I will give you one hint and tell you we all join the fun on Friday with Haiku. By the way, contrary to public opinion, we are NOT Curly, Moe and Larry.

It really was a marvelous time spent meeting new friends and wonderful people. I've had this experience twice before while on this trip with two other bloggers as well. One in Rio Rancho, New Mexico near Albuquerque and another in El Paso, Texas. If you've never met the people you write to, tell your stories to, offer solace to and pray for, do it. It is totally worth the effort.



Unknown said...

Well I know you were going to meet up with Rebecca...but which would be her shadow?

at any rate, how wonderful to spend time with 'new' friends in the warm AZ sunshine!!

Deann LMFT said...

I love the photograph- but have no idea who each person is in the shadows:-) Sounds like such fun to meet new people that you get to incorporate into your life! Love that! Wonderful haiku- and thanks so much for the well wishes on my blog:-)

Nanka said...

Well we had all read that you were going to meet Rebecca!!

Five meet at Prescott
Spado, Barb and Rebecca
Two more, wonder who?

Glad you had a great time with friends in sunny Arizona!!
Warm wishes to all 5!!

Meri said...

Oh what fun -- I've never met a blog friend in person that I didn't totally adore.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I vote for Larry, Moe and Curly myself! :-) Seriously, Spadoman, who can these wonderful people be? Surely no one I know...

Mel said...

Awwwww......what a tribute to the connectedness. Ain't it wonderful?!

Very cool photo, sir.
VERY cool circumstances!

tami said...

oh, i love this! such fun to meet up with those who share this friday loveliness@

mig said...

It is a wonderful photo. I sort of imagine you being the one on the left but I can't guess at the other two.
It is indeed a great joy to meet blog friends in real life. I've never been disappointed yet :)

Noelle Clearwater said...

Well, I think it is fantastic. I think I know who is who, but I am not telling. I am just so glad that it happened! I hope that we are all able to meet one of these days! Lovely post. I like the idea of silhouettes in the sunshine, a reflection of the spirit of the meeting.

Grammy said...

That is awesome Joe, I love the shadow of all the friends. Wish you much love in all your travel adventures. If you get time my daughter entered my bathroom in the ugliest bathroom contest for a free make over. If you get time could you vote for me. It is located on my side bar. I am # 56. Give Mrs. S a hug for me.

foxysue said...

Another piece of life's beautiful patchwork took form, how delightful for you all.

More beautiful memories and tangible evidence, not that it is vitally needed, this physical interface with life. We are of a spiritual nature!

Love Ms foxy x

Christopher said...

(Writing from the mens' room, where I might get some P and Q)

You were in Prescott! We have friends in Hornet Drive, Yavapai Hills. It's probably their shadows...

Peace and happy travels!

Margaret Pangert said...

Rebecca, Stephanie, and Spadoman! (all being in that southwest area right about now).I just think that from your haiku history together, this would be comfortable and fun, a community of like spirits. Sounds like a wonderful time for all. Enjoy!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Who is who in your shadow photo? Well... I would say you on the left then your wife and then Rebecca. I wonder if I am right.
Sounds as though you are having a wonderful journey. I love your words 'Old souls we just met', so very beautiful.
Stay safe and enjoy all.

susanna said...

Fun! I want to hear all about it! You have such a terrific, uplifting zest for life, Spadoman.

rebecca said...

oh spadoman...i could have commented i read your haiku as it first arrived. but i hung back not wanting to give a hint.

this is so amusing!!!
these shadows apparently do not give much of a clue. do take note the first head comes with a slight halo....
and i will reveal barb too the photo!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I NEVER would've thought of Moe, Larry and Curly! LOL! From bottom to top: you, MMT, and RB.

Spadoman said...

No one has it right yet, at least not completely. I think I'll wait a couple more days before posting the answer to this mystery.
Your hint is that Paula Scott, Molokai Girl is mighty close to nailing it, but not quite.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I have lots of old friends i never met. Loved the photo and the haiku.

Glad you are having such a great time.



Spadoman said...

From Left to Right:

Rebecca, Spadoman and Magical Mystery Teacher.

Rebecca is standing. I am down on one knee, as it MMT, so we could get our heads into the shadows for the photo. Yhe photo takenn at the Taj Mahal Restaurant in Prescott, AZ
More about this meeting and my trip in due time. Thanks for stopping.