Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday February 13, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday is a feature brought to you by Tracy who started this Meme. Her blog is out of Australia, so many Shadow Shot Sunday submissions are posted on Saturdays here in the USA, like this one today. Have a visit to Hey Harriet to see many more fascinating photos and see if you’d like to participate, as all the guidelines are there as well.
Okay, so I have the fever. The Shadow Shot Fever. I’m out driving around or even going someplace in particular, and I take my camera. A blogger friend and regular SSS contributor, Molokai Girl,  gave me some tips about how to use the style of camera I have. I believe she has one similar. In heeding her advice, I am more than satisfied with the results and enjoy using the camera and seeing the improvement overall.

So now, I’m not only looking for Shadow Shots, but I’m thinking about looking for Shadow Shots before I leave the house as I check out the position of the sun and which direction I might be heading. I may even plan a trip at a certain time to attempt to arrange the shadows I might see.

It’s a fever all right. Something I never would do while traveling, that is, turn around, is an everyday occurrence these days. That’s exactly what I did to capture these strong lined shadows on this dilapidated old structure along New Mexico State Highway 1, which runs North and South in the center of the state near to Interstate Highway 25. This was just South of Socorro. It was morning and I was headed back to Truth Or Consequences from Albuquerque.

I love the second photo, the one of the inside of the ceiling.  I wasn’t sure what was the wooden timbers and what were shadows. If your computer has the capacity to do so, click on the photo a couple of times to bring the image close up and personal and have a look at the intricate cross section of wooden sticks used in this old stone and mud building.
Have a great day and happy shadow hunting.


Sylvia K said...

These are terrific! And enlarging them really shows the detail in this old building! It is amazing how much more closely you look at so many things once you get into photography, and even more amazing once you start looking for shadows! I love it!! Paula is good at what she does!! Hope you have fun photo grabbing weekend!!


Mel said...

HOLY cow!

Excellent, sir.
JUST excellent!!!

WOW. :-)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I do like the dilapidated buildings that photographers can find in the Southwest--and you have found a beauty!


A seeker of shadows one day
Asked shadows to come out and play:
“O shadows, my dears,
Despite all my fears,
I hope you will not run away.”

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadowy Humility

Gemma Wiseman said...

Intriguing shadow patterns! Like a dramatic tension of light and shadow!

Sue said...

I love the drooping roof and the shadows created. I understand what you mean by having the camera, and turning around! I never used to do it either.

Hey Harriet said...

These are awesome! Molokai Girl is such a sweetie for giving you tips! And it seems they've paid off as these photos are magic! And I love that you have the fever! I wish I could have medals made for such dedicated shadow shooters. Or at least hats to shade us from the sun while chasing our shadows :)

Christopher said...

Mmm. I think there's work for our friend Dave the builder in these photos. Or maybe these are samples of his past work?


A Wild Thing said...

Makes you wonder what history this old building could tell...I watched a movie last night on Georgia O'Keefe, now I long to see the skies of her beloved Taos. I love the Southwest and the deserts, been years since I've been there, cabin fever has me longing for many places far away. Hopefully the economy will recover more this summer and I can afford to venture out. But today, I'm going to revel in the heatwave and dream of the green shoots poking skyward in salute to the sun...have a wonderful time in that beautiful land and take lots of great shots, they warm the heart when days are cold!

Be well n drive safe...s

Anonymous said...

Looking for shadows is addictive ..... my husband frequently points out photo opportunities when we are out, and my son emails photos to me!! I love your collection today!

Unknown said...

You are right, it was fascinating. I will have to share this!!

EG CameraGirl said...

I think you are in a perfect place right now to take tons of shadow photos! Keep 'em coming!

susan said...

I wonder if it's the stark contrasts of light and dark in the southwest day that make these images pop so much. They're all really excellent photographs and, besides the wonderful shadows, you've also captured the stillness of the place.

Nice job.

Johnny Nutcase said...

that second shot is pretty cool! I like all the textures that the shadows add.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Damn!! You make me proud! Now you are turning around to go get the shots!!!
Remember-the cell phone is handy for when you are caught off guard! Next thing you know we'll have you downloading a camera ap to your phone too. LOL! will NEVER be the same for you again, Grasshopper! : )

He, he...

(Molokai Girl) Feeling much like a proud Mama right now.

mig said...

Wonderful shadows. Since taking up photography I've learnt so much about the sun and the light at different times of day. And the value of retracing your route to see things another way around : )