Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trailblazer Award

What is the Trailblazer Award? Well, I’d never heard of it until a recent visit to my friend’s blog, Phantsy That. The writer’s name is susan and we have been visiting each other’s blogs, as well as the occasional e-mail, for quite some time.
susan received the award from one of her blog friends, someone who is called Liberality. Liberality nomonated susan. I have seen the Liberality name on many comments at susan's. It seems susan nominated me to receive the award. That’s how it works. It comes with a stipulation. When you receive it, you are suppose to send it on to someone else.
This is the first and only blog award I have ever received and feel so honored, especially knowing the person who nominated me for it. I thank susan so very much.
I also think very highly of susan’s Phantsy That, as well as her other blog, Adventures, Ink. There, she writes stories and uses her own fantastic pen and ink drawings to illustrate. Her sketches, paintings and overall artwork is always beautifully designed, be it a scarf, a bag or a water color painting. susan's commentaries and posted articles on the environment and cutting edge technologies of the future come from a desire to make our world a better one.
Since susan gave me the award, I can’t pick her to receive it, otherwise I would. By the way, I didn’t capitalize ‘susan’ because she doesn’t. I don’t know why she doesn’t, but I honor it, for it might have some meaning I don’t know about. If it is for humility, I know about that. susan is the epitome of humble.
There are others that are equally deserving and making a choice is hard work for me. But I have chosen someone to give it to.
I want to send this Trailblazer award to Rebecca who posts the recuerdo mi corazon blog. Rebecca is unselfish in her words on her blog as well as what she writes in every comment she makes to others. 
She helps raise money for those in need by holding unique fund raisers.They should be called “Fun” raisers as most are auctions of donated art work by her fabulous artistic and creative friends.
The words and thoughts she conveys are poetry of the utmost calm and soothing. Her art, much of which honors the Mexican Folk Art style, is as good as it gets. She ‘sees’ in words that others may write and is compassionate beyond compare. I know there isn’t one that knows her that will read this and disagree. She is a Trailblazer.

This is the Trailblazer Award that I pass on to Rebecca

So you have been chosen Rebecca. You now know the rules, pass it on when you take it from me. I felt so honored to be thought of in such high regard by my peer. I hope you feel the same way as I really feel you are one special blogger and human being, with amazing talent in artistry, the written word and pulling people together for the greater good of all.
Peace to All


Billie Greenwood said...

Congratulations to all the recipients. The greatest benefit of blogging is the opportunity it provides to meet such wonderful people. Even if we don't often get to meet in person, simply the benefit from learning the stories and reading the thoughts shared is well worth it.

Mel said...

Okay....how very cool.

And yup--I'm with ya. Rebecca's work (or lackthereof because it's a gift, so perhaps those things aren't 'work' at all) are very very cool--she is a trailblazer. As are you in the gift of giving and passing things on, through word, through works...through just being who you are.

Trailblazer indeed.

susan (with a 'small' s) chose well.

(((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))

rochambeau said...

Hi Joe! Congrats on your award!!! It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

And I couldn't think of a finer person to pass the award onto than Rebecca. She is a true gem and so are you. I feel mighty blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you both!
Keep blazing the cyber trails with your kindness!!!!!!

susan said...

It's a delight to know you, Mr Spadoman. I knew I'd chosen rightly and I knew you'd know in what direction to send the Trailblazer next.

Congratulations to Rebecca and all the best to you.

susan :-)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to you Joe, so well deserved...


so well deserved for Rebecca who continues to amaze with her huge heart and beautiful soul.


susanna said...

First, Congratulations to YOU!!! How wonderful it is to be recognized and honored by a fellow blogger - fellow bloggerS. That's awesome news.

And YES, Rebecca is one of the most beautiful souls I have met through blogging. Aren't we lucky to have someone in this world like her during our lifetimes?

PS: Will you be making something for Rebecca's art shine auction this year, Joe? I think your drums and dream catchers are so meaningful and amazing.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Great choice for the award! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving. And, truer words were never spoken. She is like Mother Theresa in my eyes.

deb did it said...

Congrats Joe....what an honor.Your writings here are so honest, deep and thought provoking. I appreciate you. And to pass it on to Rebecca...another true Trail Blazer. There is so much talent here, so much heart overflowing and generosity and appreciation and respect for each other. PEACE

Meri said...

Yup -- Rebecca is the BEST! She is warm, compassionate, creative, loving, a woman on the spiritual path.

rebecca said...

dear ones....
i am so completely touched in your recognition! yesterday was my all day in the infusion center and it kept me away from all of you. what a surprise to come here, this new morning and find you all ....offering such thoughtful regard. be still my heart!
and the word trailblazer.
you cannot image how i love this word and appreciate being tied to it. like a line cast out to a shooting star lifting me up through your love.

spadoman certainly your posts are visionary. you, my friend, take us places and we are always the better for it!

interesting to share i too use all lower case, since i was 16...and there is a reason for it. and it is a reminder of humility. of never seeing myself as greater than the moon, stars, nature, every particle of life. because i choose to see soul, wonder and magnificence even in the smallest particles of life.

thank you spadoman...for looking i my direction and seeing love. now...to pass it around.

mig said...

An excellent award and a truly appropriate one for you 'Man :) From your stories it seems you've always been a trailblazer, both in the physical world and in your approach to the spiritual and emotional.

gfid said...

congrats on the blogger award, o trailblazer! well deserved!