Friday, February 4, 2011


Haiku My Heart Friday
February 4, 2011

Haiku My Heart Friday is the creation of my friend, Rebecca. You can see more fabulous photos and read more Haiku at her blog, recuerda mi corazon

As many might know, I am spending time away from home, in the Southern reaches of New Mexico, in a town named Truth Or Consequences. Unusual name for a town, but there is a good story behind it HERE. You can catch up and read the posts below for a snapshot of the journey down here and my surroundings if you care to.

I've been coming down here for many years. I like this part of the desert. I wander about, looking at this or that, learning about things I find of interest, meeting people, talking, just being. This visit, I have endured a powerful cold spell that had temperatures plummeting down below zero in a place where the average daytime high is in the 50's Fahrenheit.

The thermometer on the wall of the office of The Artesian Trailer Court where I'm living these days.
Thursday's temperature, a cool zero degrees (F)

That didn't hamper my quest to be out in the desert wandering about. I took a ride yesterday along the road that follows El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, The Royal Road of the Interior, and the famed portion that runs East of where I am staying called Jornada Del Muerto, The Journey of Death.

I am intrigued by this trail. It has been around since before 1600 AD, and portions still can be seen and walked upon. Yesterday, amidst a cold stinging hard blowing North wind, I stood at a place that was figuratively and literally frozen in time. I was frozen, figuratively and literally, as well. Yet I stood there, in the cold wind, looking out, seeking wisdom, praying for answers to dreams, trying to empty my brain of my past and my future, alone, on the doorstep of a portal that the Sacred Earth Mother has allowed me to witness.

It had snowed, and although most of the snow in town was gone, the remnants lingered out here, still being carved into sculpture by the wind, felt to me as I became a Phoenix, riding on a Zephyr, facing it, asking it to carve some sense into my mind. I could have worn my goose down insulated parka and wool hat, but instead I opted for a bright red hooded sweatshirt from the University of South Dakota at Vermillion with the Coyote logo, and a light jacket. I stayed unzipped, and looked into the wind instead of putting my back to it. My eyes watered. I wanted to catch whatever message The Creator or any of the Spirit Guides had for me.

I came across this image that I posted below. I wondered so much about this particular tree stump. What do you see and think about knowing where this stump is in this place and time?

There were none others like this anywhere around
Click once or twice to enlarge

Desolate alone
Still reaching for the Sun light
Alive beating heart

Mesmerized by the numbing from the cold and my thoughts, I wandered home. I had driven some 60 miles into the desert. The hard top road ended miles ago, but a strip remained. Railroad tracks run parallel, so this road may serve for maintenance. But these lonely roads took the path of least resistance, like the animals in the beginning to the searchers and pilgrims, to today's ranchers and explorers of history and wonderment, like myself. The surface dips for arroyos and rises for hills created by nature.

This road runs North and South about 15 miles east of Truth Or Consequences, NM
It follows closely The Jornado Del Muerto section of El Camino Real

I reached home, which is a small RV set up in a small tourist park in town, and came in out of the cold. I sat a while, thinking. I'm still thinking, and the jury is out. I'm not sure I was even out there. I'm afraid to go back because I know that stump might not be seen again, just like many of what seems like Brigadoon places that I remember in my mind from my travels, but can never find again when I return.



rebecca said...

stumped indeed.
this was my morning.
stumped, silent. looking into the heart of a avalanche of feelings.
we both discovered something that will remain within us,
whether we can find our way back again or not.
we have arrived.

Kim Mailhot said...

What a fine trip you are on, Man. I love the openness of spirit you have made such a priority. I think it will bring you continued gifts along the trail.
Thanks so much for sharing your thinking with us.

Summer Gypsy said...

This post really speaks to me this morning. How aptly you have titled it:) How symbolic that the stump is near a small town called Truth or Consequences. When our soul seeks answers, we should search diligently to appease its questions with the truth, or there will be consequences later. You are so right about not taking the journey back to find that stump. Perhaps, it was a mirage that served its purpose well. How many times does one revisit memories only to find that the details have faded? Only a kernel of truth remains from the experience. Enjoy your journey! Sounds totally awesome! :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Peace to you, buddy. I am enjoying your tales and photos from the road.



Uma said...

Beautiful, you inhabit a world so different from mine but your words blew biting cold wind on my face. Thanks for sharing.

Meri said...

Apparitions. Silence. Never knowing for certain, certainly.

jo said...

Can't imagine such vastness.
It probably seems even more unreal to you, being white and cold. And you were craving warmth. Will you go even further South in ssearch of it?

Ramesh Sood said...

Very beautifully written.. Spadoman.. loved it..

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Quite a picture!!!! Wonderful haiku too!!! Have agrand weekend! Cathy

Nanka said...

And your tales from the roads fascinate me, love the images you bring of such expanse and bitter cold and places that I may never get to see!! Keep on the good posts Spadoman we enjoy every bit and sets us thinking.

Mel said...

Oh wow.......

I cannot tell you the number of times I've been graced with the same experience.

I chalk it up to what the Master wishes to reveal to me at that given moment in time.
Usually it's a doozey--like your stump obviouly was.


Mel said...


And I need to note the change in background template--which is just too cool. :-)

Grammy said...

Gone but not forgotten is the message it speaks to me. Your photo allows it to still be seen like the image in your mind. Once you receive the message and know what it means to you, the stump has done its job and is no longer needed. As it is the lesson I have been working on for a while. To live in the moment. Let go of past and future. As all we have is now.

Noelle Clearwater said...

New Mexico is filled with Sacred land and the spirits walk with us there wherever we roam. I am certain of it. I lived there for a couple of years and a day did not pass that I didn't feel that someone was standing near me or watching over me in some way. I think that your journey is also a sacred one. As you know Indian time is never "frozen" because it is not linear but circular, much like the Roman Church Calendar, so it is as though all the past events of your life are still happening within the present ones and the present ones are continuing to occur into the future. It is like a wheel that keeps turning or a gyre, ever widening then narrowing and then widening again. Your vision of the stump may have been one that you had years before. It is quite possible for someone like you who follows Native ways. For some reason, you are seeing it again. That is my take on it dear friend; only this time, you truly saw it for what it was and got what you needed from it.
Peace and Light,

E said...

Thank you for the well wishes, And visiting both of my blogs. I started this one only this years as a way of letting go. Also to help others on there path to a new life. I am thankful you understand abit of what I say. I some times write where you have to read between the lines. And I see we are a bit on the same wave length. I have been enjoying your trip. I do not know if where you are now is any thing like Arizona. I was there 2 weeks. Hot warm freezing in one day. This was in March. I was also in Houston In Feb march a few years ago. I loved it I was in shorts till Fort Paine Al. My sister in law and I took a 2 week road trip. And was amazing. We even went to Dauphin island. I am one who loves to explore. But theses days I go all over the world by way of the internet. I found a site where others share there travel photos. But will let you go for now.
Peace to you too. : )

tami said...

oh, the sacred space of New Mexico - it speaks to me. So happy you are there and experiencing life and loving it.

foxysue said...

Hi there my on-line friend,

Your spiritual journey fascinates and sends goose bumps, I can 'feel' every word.

The wind has been whipping around my cottage these past two days, although there is potential to do much damage I love the wind it makes me feel so alive!

The wind to me is very spiritual and to think you are there and I am here and we, ie all the tribe have this connection, this is pretty special I think?

I'm not sure what message you received from your vision of the tree stump? I see beauty, courage, hope, strength and life amid desolation.

I don't think you need to capture this again, it is now firmly fixed, a part of you forever!

Your on-line friend Ms foxy x

turquoise cro said...

That tree stump looks like it is worshipping GOD! saying Thank YOU,I am still here! I HOPE to get back to NM sometime! It really amazed me back in 83' how soOOOOOOo much of NM is unpopulated! We traveled miles and miles, only coming to a gas station going to Sante Fe! I really envy YOU being there in NM! We were only there a day and a half but it has a very BIG place in my heart! I LOVE this verse about the wind in the Bible, Psalm 135;7 He causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth;he maketh lightnings for the rain; he bringeth the wind out of his treasuries. How can we not LOVE the wind?!!! EnJOY the rest of your trip!!

coldH2O said...

Sorry to break the spell of spirituality you're experiencing New Guy, but tomorrow is the day where we leave the Bears in the dust. It will be 4 Super Bowls won for the PACKERS & 1 for the Bears. Of course, I also predicted Daniel Ortega would win the election in Nicaragua way back in the day, also that McGovern would win. The point being, you have a chance, slim, to make a little hayfun with my moaning & groaning about the crooked refs. Later, stay warm, & remember that everything is as it should be.

mig said...

Fascinating, that tree. To me it speaks of time and endurance and tries to give a message about how we treat our world. But that's only through your powerful image. What it must have been like to stand there I can only guess.

Stephanie said...

what a pleasure catching you with your travels here. I enjoy seeing the morph, it looks like a great way to travel and a nice home as well. I used to drive by this stump every day that looked just like a nun, it must have been struck my lightening...I kick myself for never photographing it.

I can feel the sun on my face at your local coffee shop spot and enjoy looking at the shadow dance of the wheel on the table.

Loving too the stories of your guide weave spelling binding tales.

peace to you and carry on