Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Mystery Tour February 21, 2011

I usually write about a trip I've taken in the past or some place I've been and had some kind of wild adventure or happening occur. Today's post is just about the idea that I'll be getting back on the road for a spell. I hate to leave here though. This mornings sunrise is beautiful and has placed me right between Grandmother Moon, going down in the West, and Grandfather Sun coming up over Turtleback Mountain.

We’ll get on the road today. That’s always cool, to take a road trip. This will sort of be taking a road trip while we’re on a road trip. Does that make any sense? It does to me. Anytime there is a reason for a road trip makes sense, and we’re going to visit many friends, so it is a worthy cause.
As you know I brought an RV down here to New Mexico from the Northern reaches of Wisconsin. Yesterday, Wisconsin just got hammered with a foot of new snow after a mid February warm spell that melted most of what we already had on the ground. That made for some interesting weather to say the least.
Today, we’re headed West from T or C. We’ll visit Silver City, a place we like very much, and have some lunch, look around the galleries and sit in the sun and drink coffee. (and tea).
The old A.I.R., (Artist In Residence), Coffee Shop in Silver City, NM
I've spend many a morning basking in the Winter sunshine here over the past 20 years.
It's called something else now, Yankie Street Coffee I believe.

We’ll travel to Prescott, Arizona and meet a couple of blogger friends on Tuesday, and Wednesday brings us to Sedona to visit my brother and his wife. Thursday it’s another visit with someone I worked with way back in 1981.
Los Angeles awaits for a Friday arrival where we’ll spend the weekend with one of Mrs. Spadoman’s closest friends. A girl she has known since childhood. I think they met when she was 7 years old. I will have to listen to every Beatles song being sung off key and re live the stories about the boys that they might have dated had they not found Mr. Right, (That’d be me), and gotten married.
Of course there will be much talk about Grandchildren, children, husbands and life in general. We’ll get back on the road and head for our RV home in T or C on Monday morning and spend a few more days relaxing in the hot mineral springs.
The weather forecast says this is what we'll be looking at in the sky for the next while in the Southwestern USA

Our plan is to pack up and head for our real home in Wisconsin and return to normal living, whatever that is, in March. The RV stays in T or C at the Artesian Bath House and Trailer Court and be ready for the next visit down South, which could happen as early as May, and might be a motorcycle run. 
So, that’s what’s on my agenda. Not sure if I’ll have much time to write and post until I return to Wisconsin. I’ll certainly try to get around and see the blogs of my friends though and post a few Shadow Shots over the weekend, or maybe a Haiku on Friday.
I hope all of you have Peace in your lives.


Johnny Nutcase said...

have fun! Sounds like a good time. I'm a fan of roadtrips too. Somehow my old civic has made it across the country countless times. Prescott and Sedona are lots of fun - i used to live in Flagstaff, been missing that area a lot lately! Safe travels! (that coffee shop is really cute, looks like a cool spot!)

Unknown said...

Fantastic! I *love* that photo of you outside the cafe. I would want to stop there!

Oh, I'm so happy for you and Mrs. Spadoman! Truly. Have the funnest, safest trip!

I have only ever been to SF and Santa Barbara. I so want to visit more of CA and the southwest.

Looking much forward to hearing more about your travels and your thoughts and I hope many photos!

Love and peace,

Mel said...

Ohmygosh--that time went fast!!!!

Can I just say how much I love the photos you've posted--all of 'em. I sooooooooooooo need to get in the Jeep and go and visit that neck of the woods again. It's just too peaceful and simple and healing. Dunno why that is, I just know it is.

So--you two have a grand time. I'll pop in a Beatles tune or two in loving tribute. *laughing* And I'll sing loud and offkey cuz....(nice to know I'm not alone in that artform....LOL)

Safe journey, sir. Enjoy the uninterrupted time with the Mrs. and work on that tan! ;-)

Take care--and have a grand time of it!!!!!!

mig said...

Another wonderful road trip!
Think I'll go over to Google Earth and try and imagine where you're going - It's all a foreign land to me, but all the more exciting to hear about it.
And lovely to think of all those friends and family on your journey.
Have a wonderful time.

paper-n-soul said...

Sounds fabulous. Refreshing, relaxing and fun. And.... WARM. ;)

Enjoy your time spent with friends and family.


gfid said...

happy trails, Mr. & Mrs. Right .... i'm envious.... travel is on my bucket list. i'll just travel vicariously through your blog for now.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm one of the blogger friends you mentioned. Our time together in Prescott Tuesday was precious, Mr. and Mrs. Spadoman, absolutely precious! Thank you for being such wondrous gifts to each and every person you meet!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

I have been away from my computer for a month so I am just catching up on everyones's posts.

I just want to wish you happy and safe travels. I shall look forward to seeing your photos as some later stage.

Enjoy all.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I wish you peace, too. Sounds like y'all are having a great time. I love the coffeehouse. Enjoy the warm sunshine for me. I am suffering here in Ohio. SUFFERING. No sun in 4 damn days.

Love you,