Friday, January 8, 2010

This Is What Is Happening

Who you gonna call? GhostBusters!

I'm sitting here this morning, as I usually do. It is very early morning. So early, in fact, that some folks are still up late tonight. I have sort of a routine. I check a couple of e-mail boxes I have and go to the blogs. Some days I scroll down the side bar and check out what's been going on with folks. I don't regularly stop at every blog. I may comment here and there. I must admit, I don't think hard and long about what I have just read, in some cases, and I think this has caused me to say something that might offend at times. Mea culpa.

Today, I was on my own blog page and to the right of the title is a menu bar. Along the menu bar it says, "next blog". Sometimes I click on this link and a new blog shows up. A strangers blog. One I've never seen or heard of before. Many times, it is in another language. I've seen so many. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. Today was unique. I clicked the link and a blog about a family came up. Then, with each click, another blog of the same theme appeared. Blog after blog of family blogs complete with pictures of small children. Some of the titles were simple, like "Our Family" or "The Johnson's". Some had the byline telling of years of infertility and now triumph on the child bearing front.

I felt this strange as I went from blog to blog, all the same theme, all in English. I went back to my own blog and scrolled down to another post I had made and started my search for "next blog" again. This time, the theme was Jesus and Christianity. Some by individuals and some by ministers and some by reverends. I didn't see if there were some by Catholic priests, but there might have been. Funny how some folks throw Jesus out there like a marketplace. "Come buy this."

So, I'm wondering if Blogger has done this for a reason. If they have stereotyped or, for lack of a better word, profiled my blog, or the blogs I visit, and then guide me to these blogs if I do a random search? It seemed strange to say the least.

This post is just a phony rendition of writing as I just told you how I spent the past fifteen minutes of my life. Since it is Friday, and I haven't posted the Only the Good Friday theme in a couple of weeks, I thought of doing one, but don't have a subject today. Sometimes, I think of a subject before hand. Sometimes I go by the seat of my pants and wing it. Today I got nuthin'.

I'll tell you that I am traveling on Interstate Highway 90 and 94, through snow and ice, to Chicago today for a visit with my ailing mother. I'll be joined by my youngest daughter and Mrs. Spadoman. Mom is stable right now and seems to be feeling good. She suffers from physical ailments that won't get better.

Oh, the GhostBusters picture. Taken in downtown Chicago in the 1980's sometime. This was along Michigan Avenue in the neighborhood of Soldier's Field. We were staying in a hotel and it was parked out front. I posed for a photo op. This was long before i got entrenched in the motion picture industry. Yesterday morning, the kids and I were singing the GhostBusters song. I told them I was a GhostBuster. I then dug out the picture to show them and Man-Oh-Man were they impressed. Wish I could impress the casual blog reader like that! I love those kids so much.

Other than that, it's Winter in the North. Cold temps, snow accumulation, tax and high costs to heat the house time. I'll return and be online again on Monday. See you then. In the meantime, have a great weekend and be kind to yourselves.



Mel said...

Well now--I'll have to give that 'next blog' a whirl and see what I come up with.

Boy I hope it's a safe journey for you and the family. And that you all are afforded a good visit with the mom. Hug her tightly, yaknow?

No plans this weekend (been flying by the seat of my pants for the past few weeks, truth be told. Odds and ends, bits and pieces of 'stuff' that needs done--I wasn't smart and didn't round up or plan a 'winter project' for this season. (how's that for silly....LOL...'specially given we're on week three of 'staying home'.)

BUT--when there's a house, there's always a project, right?
Closets, cupboards, ohhhhh.....train layout! :-)

Well. LOL You can see what's going to get accomplished in this joint this weekend! *laughing*

Safe journey--I'm glad the mom's feeling up to visitors.

susan said...

I may have to try the next blog thing too but I have to admit I'm usually to well occupied by keeping up my own site and visiting the ones I already know to be doing much in the way of random searches. I usually don't even label my posts and haven't provided blogger with linking information under the profile either. It's okay as it is and I'm glad to continue making friends slowly.

I hope your trip to Chicago is a safe one and that you've found your mother feeling well. The time comes to us all when it's too late to heal but it's never too late to love and be loved.

I, Like The View said...

I found my first blogging contact thru next blogging. . . and then became part of something much bigger, parts of which I'm still part of today

all wonderful

I'm not sure how and/or why these things happen, but I'm glad they do


hope your week is progressing well

(when I phone my daughter on her mobile, she has - instead of a ring tone - the "Who You Gonna Call" tune!)