Friday, January 29, 2010

Only the Good Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold here this week. Really cold, but beautiful clear starry nights with the moon growing rounder and rounder as it becomes a full moon on Saturday the 30th. Grandmother Moon is reflecting its reflected light off the snow, which is still plentiful here in the Northland, and makes night seem like daytime. It is quite a sight.

Last evening was spent going to the River Falls Public Montessori Elementary School's 8th Annual Winter Program. Children, my Grand daughter Lilly amongst them, ages Kindergarten to 6th grade, put on a play. The play was entitled "The Strange Moss Covered Rock". It is an African folk tale and very entertaining. Read the whole play dialogue HERE.

The story was a "Good" one with a lesson. A spider finds a moss covered rock that puts people to sleep if you mention the fact that it is a "Strange Moss Covered Rock". The spider tries to steal all the food of all the animals by luring them to the rock. When the elephants, rhinoceroses, monkeys and lions fall asleep after muttering the secret words, spider steals the food. The animals have the last laugh though, when the bush deer turn the tables on the spider. This teaches us all to share and not steal or be selfish. Might that not be a "Good" way to live?

Lilly on stage singing a song about a spider.

The children did a fantastic job with the music and the play. The older kids helped out the younger ones. The community and teamwork are hallmarks of Montessori education. We are very fortunate to have a public Montessori option in this school district and Lilly is receiving a great education in the process.

The curtain call.

This was a "Good" way to spend a cold Winter's evening. It was "Good" to see the Meyer Middle School Auditorium filled with parents, Grand parents, brothers and sisters of students. It sure was funny when three year old little sister Gracie saw Lilly and yelled, "Hi Lilly, here we are!". The whole auditorium heard her and smiled and laughed. Lilly rolled her eyes, but hugged Gracie after the show.

How "Good" is it to have a family that loves each other? How "Good" can it be to see this spirit throughout a community?

I have always thought Lilly to be a special person. All of my Grandkids are very special, don't get me wrong, but I call her magic. Sometimes when I am feeling low, I ask her to lay her hands on my head and let the energy flow. I suggest to her that she has magic in her hands and can give it to people to make them feel better if she just thinks about it. Since she has entered this life on earth, she has helped me, just by being alive, feel better. She is my close friend and doesn't hesitate to show me her friendship, love and affection.

Last weekend, I took the Grand children to see my Mom. Lilly went up to her as she lay down on the sofa, and gave her a hug.

My Mother looked at her and asked, "Did you come here to make me well?"

Lilly bent down and hugged her again, harder. Maybe my Mother saw something in Lilly as she prepares to leave this life. Maybe Lilly really is a person with the power to heal. I don't know, and I don't mean to say that my Grand daughter is a spirit or has magical powers. I just know that her presence is soothing and it helps me to feel better in times when I am stressed to the max, and that is "Good".

It is Friday, and I wanted to think about something "Good" that has happened somewhere along my path. Going to see the children entertain us was certainly something "Good" that happened in River Falls last night. I think I'll try to carry this spirit on through today, as the theme suggests, but also tomorrow and beyond. No need for Friday to have all the fun. Saturday and the rest of the days of the week want to be smiling too.

I hope you can think of something that is "Good" and keep it all day and every day. I am glad that Shelly over at This Eclectic Life started this Only the Good Friday theme. Join in. It's "Good".

Peace to all.


Mel said...

Oh she's precious... And getting to be in the audience for that--would make me smile the night away.

((((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))

Blessings to you and yours that are being prayed for and kept close in though.

<-- will still be smilin'

susan said...

She certainly is a very lovely little girl. I'd be smiling too if I had one like that.

Unknown said...

What a sweetie. And I'm glad you are happy with her school. That is so important.

I know that my little students always make ME feel better when I'm down. Sometimes just watching their excitement and pure joy over the smallest things. And then there are those rare times when a child will just come up to me (and they are always very busy) and throws their arms around me tight and then trots off to go learn or play or talk to their friends.

What a loving post. Thank you, Joe.

This Eclectic Life said...

Lilly is adorable in her play (and Anazi & the Moss Covered Rock is one of my favorite folk tales to tell!). How fun that must have been.

Lilly may very well be able to channel her "good energy" to heal people. I know folks who can do that. Maybe you should direct her toward the thought of healing massage as she gets older?

Thanks for sharing your good!

mig said...

That's a sweet and clever face.
I absolutely believe that a loving child will do physical good by touching you. The trick is to accept it :)
Thank you Spadoman, for visiting my blog and thank you for the 'good' post:) (and the lovely grandmother Moon) Such a nice idea.