Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday 01/19/2010

Ruby Tuesday is the brainstorm of Mary/The Teach, on her Work of the Poet blog. It's a great blog. A lot there to keep you entertained a while. It's easy to participate, just post pictures you've taken that have red in them. I can do that, and it's great fun to look through old photos for red things or a red theme. It's also fun to be driving along and spotting things red and think about taking a picture. I'm getting good at seeing red. No, not at the driver that cut me off, but the barns, the signs, and anything natural that might have a red hue. So here goes, Ruby Tuesday for this week.

Gracie Jayne riding the big red train

Red in the morning, sailor's warning. Red at night, sailor's delight.

Sumac is bright red in Fall.

Red is part of the landscape.

Coffee bin handles are red at the J&S Bean Factory Coffee Shop in St. Paul, MN

Swirling Red. Children dancing at the Pow Wow, Crow Creek, South Dakota

The red coat was the warmest Lilly could find for a ride on the motorcycle.

Being Italian means a red checkered table cloth, but it also means red sauce, on everything!

Peace to everyone.


Lindz said...

I like the top photo with the seal, they're cute

Mel said...

I like knowing I'm not the only one who wears the sauce.

<-- not Italian OR 5 years old (just silly and likes to slurp up the pasta til it hits my nose..LOL)

Great photos!

susan said...

They are wonderful photographs. I too like the spaghetti sauce one.

mig said...

There's a photographers' saying, "see red and shoot it". A touch of red brings life to a photo :)
Love the red buoy at the top. Such weird but important things.

mig said...

Well, and the seals of course. It must be a huge buoy!