Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yesterday's Gone

Okay, so yesterday's post might have sounded like I'm looking for sympathy or that I have the Blues. No biggie. Happens around here. It's part of life sometimes. And it really wasn't that bad at all. I was just sharing my mental block about writing with you. You can't have the great stories without paying for them. Your payment is listening to me whine about it now and then. I really want to thank Skippy Mom and Mel for stopping by and lending a few soothing words. Great folks, these two.

Hoping for a sunny day Saturday in Chicago so we can enjoy a ball game

So, that's over. On to the next installment. Today is Thursday, April 19, 2012. No big deal, just another day. NOAA says rain today, thunderstorms, and not going to get past 49 degrees for a high temp. Tonight, they're predicting some non-accumulating snowfall. Tomorrow, the sun is supposed to shine and be in the mid 50's around here.

But I'm going to Chicago in the morning. And guess what? I'm not driving. Taking the Megabus. Costs less than the gas it would take to drive and no parking fees. Yes, taxi fares, but I found this great little website that calculates the expected cab fare and where we are staying and where we plan on going are only short hops to the theater, out to dinner and Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs.

I'll be gone until Sunday evening when we are due to return. No computer driven communication. If you need me, text or call, and even then, I'm not sure I'll be waiting for the phone to ring. This is a weekend for Mrs. Spadoman and I to enjoy. In fact, the hardest decision we want to have to make is what and where to eat.

We're from Chicago. Both of us born there. I moved to the nearby suburb of Melrose Park as a two year old. Barb was more like 7-8 years old when her folks left the city for the suburb of LaGrange Park, IL. We lived there until 1974 when we picked up the family and moved to Minnesota.

We rented a farm house about 20 miles North of St. Paul and spent the entire month of August that year sitting under a huge oak tree. There were two exciting events every weekday, and one every weekend. The mail would be delivered is one. We didn't get much mail, but when those advertisements were shoved in that mailbox that sat out there on the side of the road, that walk to go see what the man had brought us was sure fire energy.

The other event was the owner of the farm, who lived in the small town of Centerville, MN, a couple of miles away, when he came to milk the nine head he had in the milk barn. Coupled with this twice a day milking was when the Dairy truck came out of Lindstrom and picked up the 100 pound cans of raw milk that were kept in the water filled trough to keep them cool.

Earl, the farm owner, had planted a few rows of sweet corn. He told us we could have all we wanted and that he didn't want us to waste it. We had fresh picked sweet corn pretty near every day and put some by in the freezer for winter. I guess there are a few stories I can tell about living on that farm. I'll have to get to that someday. Maybe that's what I should have done yesterday rather than bitch and complain. Another Mea Culpa.

So, while I get ready to go to Chicago, I will leave you with a very short 18 second YouTube video of me on my Triumph Motorcycle last Summer.  Sounds cool, don't it?



Jeannie said...

Have a great trip.

I hit that nothing left to say wall a few years back. So now I natter on about nothing. I think that's why blogging dies. People run out of things to say. I just hate to quit the few relationships I've built up.

SkippyMom said...

Speedy lil' sucker Spadoman. I LOVE it. And it is music to your ears isn't it? heehee

Um, if you consider yesterday a "bitch and complain" then well. . .we are terribly lucky to know you and isn't Mrs. Spadoman a very lucky woman? :D Honestly I didn't see it that way at all. I always see you as upbeat, even when you feel down. That twinkle is still there sir.

I am so thrilled that Chicago is a fun trip. The MegaBus is a gift! We have them here that can take us to Atlantic City and Ocean City, MD depending on your pleasure, but I have never used them. My folks and my beloved in-laws use[d] them to go to AC to get a little gambling on and they rave[d] about them. They even have little TVs every few seats. Pretty neat.

Chicago just sounds like a perfect date weekend. Like I told you, I have always wanted to go. Such history and beauty, and I bet the food is incredible. I love to eat regional food. So count me in as a wee bit jealous, but I promise to send good thoughts to the Mother Nature that you both enjoy gorgeous weather.

I would love to hear more about living out in the country. Some of my fondest memories were hanging with my Grandparents on Sundays at their farm growing up - and again - the FOOD! [Funny how my life is sort of defined by food - cooking, eating, thinking about it. heehee]Did you grow tomatoes? Nothing better than a huge, vine ripe tomato, picked fresh, warmed from the summer sun and we ate them like apples. Juice running everywhere. And the corn, snap beans, strawberries, well...all the berries, grapes...the list is endless, but we sure did eat well at their house. I miss them and the house.

So please, do tell more. I might have to throw out a couple of stories myself. :D

Y'all be safe and we'll see you on the flipside [or Monday] whichever comes first. Hugs!

Spadoman said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Jeannie and Skippy Mom. I love seeing your names here.
So, did you listen to my motorcycle?
I'm a very typical male of the species you know.

Peace to all

rebecca said...

my son used this computer last...and i want to tell you when i "watched" your video it transported me to your EXTREME SPADOMAN PASSION!!!


susan said...

Hey, you went by so fast I didn't have time to wave.