Friday, April 13, 2012

Ole Sol

Haiku My Heart
April 13, 2012 

Haiku My Heart is a fine weekly gathering of creative souls that share Haiku, photographs, artwork and stories. It is the creation of my friend Rebecca. You can visit her blog and see more examples and share your thoughts, or find out how to participate yourself at recuerda mi corazon.

This sun split in three
The sky is shared by the clouds
Blistering sunset
There is a sunrise and sunset every day. Some days, we see this spectacular event as it happens. Many times, we photograph these events. I never get tired of looking at old photos of sunrises and sunsets, or even pictures of the sky!
I try to remember where I was, what I was doing, when I took the photo. I place myself back and recall the circumstances. Maybe I was traveling. Might have been at a ceremony, camping out. And many times it was just the view from my kitchen window.
This one posted today was from April of 2010 near Memphis, TN. I was picking up my friend Larry at his place, and we traveled East to Atlanta together to attend a reunion of the military unit we served with in Vietnam. Larry and I, along with a few others that I served with in 1969, will reunite again this year in September in Colorado Springs, CO for another reunion.
The idea of recalling memories on Haiku My Heart Fridays has become the norm. My children, Grandchildren, a job I held or a trip I was on will be relived. Today’s post is no exception. And yesterday, I passed an anniversary date. April 12th is the day I was drafted and reported to the induction station to join the United States Army. That was in 1968, 44 years ago.
My oh my, how quickly the time goes by. Glad I have these photos to remind me that the sun rose that day, as it does today, and brightened my life.

Peace to all


Marit said...

I love reading your memories and stories. The sun rising and setting is never boring... I too have a 'sky photo' on my blog today and 'saw a light in the sky' which I wrote my haiku about. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

somepinkflowers said...

i too
am sun*writing
from a different frame of mind
as wildfires present me
with acrid smoke
i open my studio door
each morning...

that you saw
~~3 suns~~

you have
The Best way
of looking at things!

Kim Mailhot said...

Time is definitely flying...and our brains and hearts have a hard time capturing our life's memories soemtimes. I am always grateful for photography for that reason, and how we can travel back just by looking at the moment captured.
Here's to glorious sunrises and sunsets and our ability to celebrate them !
Peace, Man !

Priti Lisa said...

Isn't it spectacular that each day is a brand new beginning?
Amazing, the 3 part sun.

rebecca said...

you have a way of offering profound wisdom cloaked in perfect simplicity.
sometimes it is just enough to know
the sun will rise and brighten our lives.

thank you for being here marking our days with your stories, thoughts, memories and insight.

you are someone willing to come and go in peace, regardless the circumstances. in this way you bless us like a rising sun.

Karen said...

It looks as though the sky is melting from that blistering sun.

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful post ~ awesome haiku ~ beautiful photo ~ You are an 'enlightened soul' ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Libby said...

I enjoyed reading about your memories...I guess a person would always remember the day he got drafted and his life changed. I hope you guys have a great reunion!!!

Jeannie said...

44 years and it might as well have been last week.

That is a beautiful sunset. Gorgeous.

Ramesh Sood said...

What a delight.. Spadoman to have read this haiku.. I hope you will read both my both posts as ever.. RS:)

Cheryl said...

The funny thing about time and age is their fluidity. I look back in time and remember some things so vividly and others not. And, with my age, I always think I'm the same age or younger than the people I hang out with. I always think, "oh I can't be as old as they are".

deb did it said...

your photo is gorgeous, and I love the 3-way sunsplit!

Fallingladies said...

Inspiring memory and photo! Thanks for sharing!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Oh my!!!! How very beautiful! Takes your breath away! Thank you! Cathy

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

If nothing else is constant in your life, my friend, the sun is. Amen.

“The Warmth of Your Breath”

Mel said...

New day, new beginning--I watch sunrises and sunsets daily. It's the most peacefilled times of the day for me-it's the awakening and the slumbering. And it's the pause to empty my head from whatever's in there to just BE. It would seem the 'rest of the stuff' gets right sized for those moments in time--which I'm grateful for.
And I'm grateful you get gifted the promise of a new day as well.

44 years ago your life changed--and oh, the places you've seen. They all brought you to 'here'--and 'here' is a very good place to be.

(((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))

gma said...

Fantastic photograph. It adds another dimension to your memory of that day. It is good to be here with you today Spadoman.

foxysue said...

The thing that means the most to me is my memory and the documentation. If I had to leave my home in a hurry my most precious possessions would be my photos and my time with haiku my heart would figure highly, you being a part Joe!

Ms Foxy x

Grace said...

I love these moments...great capture of your eyes and words ~ its a new day ~

Cheers ~

Summer Gypsy said...

Awesome post! "Sunrise, sunset quickly pass the years..." To me your words allude to 3 seasons of one's life... the youth, the explorer, and the sage!

How amazing is creation that the same sun you saw rise and set on that day 44 years ago hasn't changed a ray!

Here's to many more trips around that sun. By the way, thanks for your service!

Have an outstanding weekend.


Dawn Elliott said...

Thank you for continuing to brighten our lives, as well. You always have something inspiring to say, an great photos to accompany it! Bravo!

susan said...

It's a beautiful sunset and a beautiful poem too. You are a very wise man.