Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Post

Sandhill country in Nebraska. It's not all corn you know.

It's Wednesday. Nothing to say, really. Just thought I'd change the post. I sure don't want to get into that rut of bantering about what I did today and what I'll be doing tomorrow. Oh yeah, I guess I already do enough of that. Maybe I'll get into the garden thing and post a beautiful close-up of a colorful flower. No, there are those that do a marvelous job of that. I'm no match for a real photographic artist. There's poetry. No, I'm no poet.

What if I've told all my stories? What if I've shared all I can share with you, the readers? Maybe it's all I have. Maybe I need to go on living a bit more so I'll have something more to say, more stories to tell. You're the gal I've been dating and you've heard everything. You know everything about me and what you see is what you get. If you stick around, maybe you'll be amused now and then at a humorous quip I broadcast. After all, the good friend that visited me last weekend told me that I am loud and that people were intimidated by my booming voice. Well, I'm a toothless lion these days.

I'll just leave it at this for now. Just changing the post because it's the middle of the week and the other one has been up since last Friday. Cool and wet today. It might get sunny later. I have wanted to ride the motorcycle, but it has just not been the weather for it. Maybe later today. In the meantime, I'll look for some papers that I need to find and fill out some other forms that are due to be mailed. No, not taxes. I did that already. I do have to get packed for the big trip to Chicago this coming weekend. Maybe I can work on that a little.

In the meantime, you folks be kind to each other and enjoy your days.



SkippyMom said...

I enjoyed your story about the waitress combined with a little non fiction you had a few posts ago. You talked about having had 30 [?] jobs - so perhaps you could work on more of those stories if it interests you. I surely enjoyed it.

My husband has a very deep, resonating voice. In fact I first "met" him over the phone. We were going on a blind date. I am almost sure by the time I got off the phone I was in love with him. By the end of the first date I knew I was. His voice hooked me. He kept me.

The funny thing is, as deep as his voice is and it can be commanding if he wanted it to be, I have never heard him raise in voice, ever in almost 2 decades. He never yells, ever. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it isn't. It simply isn't in his nature. And he is a big man [6'3 about 200 lbs] so he could be intimidating if he wanted to be, but I have never seen him scare a soul with his presence or his voice, come to think of it. Kids certainly don't shy away. heehee [Might help that we have five. heehee]

I guess what kind of lion you are depends on how you use your teeth, not whether or not you have them. :)

Sorry you can't ride, but now I am curious as to why you are headed to Chicago. What a lovely city to get to visit. I have friends who live there and the pics they send are so wonderful. It just has everything - it's neat. Enjoy and have a safe trip. See you soon.

Mel said...

I like your photos--and yes, huh you DO take lovely photos. You find amazing things. I really miss the shadow ones. JUST sayin'.......

And I'm always glad for a posting from you--it means you're still connected and spunky. LOL Both are good things.

I've spent a whole LIFETIME working on my 'intimidating' presence. I'm told I'm much less so than I was, but that I'm probably NEVER gonna be the quiet/demure type. LOL I don't aspire to be, I guess. At some point I have to ask myself where my responsibility ends and where other's begin in that deal. Yes, I can do A, B and C but c'mon.... I'm not that scary!! (am I? LOL)

I'm told I'm a force to be reckoned with and when I enter a room it's JUST going to be noticed.
k.....well then..... I'm guessing I'll never get to be a good thief...LOL Dangitall!!
It's just a part of who I am, I guess, just as it's a part of you.
I'm thinking it can't be TOO dang scary--you seem to be connected to a lot of folks in a lot of places.
Either that, or we've all figured out you're a toothless lion? ;-)

(((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))))

OH!! Baseball, hot dogs and gee-will-they-ever-play-like-they-know-what-baseball-IS time! ;-)

You two have a gay ol' time of it in the Windy City! I'll be hoping they don't get too badly slaughtered! LOLOL