Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Morning Report

This bee was enjoying a meal on a beautiful Fall afternoon

Just want to report that I am feeling better than I was before the weekend. Thursday night, I was coughing pretty hard. I didn’t sleep too good and went to the urgent care at the VA on Friday. They checked me out and told me I had bronchitis. That didn’t surprise me. I’ve had it before and that’s what it felt like.
They took a chest xray and wouldn’t let me go until the results were in. They came and told me the xrays showed some pneumonia in my lungs. So, after six hours at the VA, I was sent home with antibiotics, an inhaler and some codeine laced cough syrup. I already had a fresh bottle of Tylenol
I spent the weekend in the EZ chair. The codeine is hard on me with my history of heart disease, so after one dose, I threw that away. Otherwise, I am feeling better, but still weak. I will spend at least one more day on the sofa. Especially since the weather is changing drastically now.
We have had a wonderful October up to this point. Warm, sunshine. But the winds have been ripping through for the past week and it is time to search the closets and the plastic tote bins and break out the Winter arsenal of coats, boots, hats, scarves and mittens.
The real harbinger that Winter is coming to this hemisphere is the fact that the World Series starts this week. I picked Milwaukee and Texas. Texas made it, but Milwaukee stumbled and it will be St. Louis versus Texas for this years Fall classic.
I don’t usually get too excited about football and hockey until after the World Series, but last night, the Chicago Bears played the Minnesota Vikings. I moved from Chicago in 1974 to Minnesota, but never switched allegiance to the Vikings. The Bears are not having a particualrly good season, so when the Bears beat the Vikings last night, (when anyone beats the Vikings), it is like winning the SuperBowl. And when we moved to Wisconsin, I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for the Packers either. I did, however, lose the Cubs and White Sox for the Brewers.
Strange is that I do like the Minnesota Wild hockey team, but that’s probably because there is no Wisconsin team in professional hockey.
So, you can tell that I spent a lot of time looking at TV over the weekend. I never searched for anything with any redeeming qualities like PBS or a great movie. If I could have tolerated the codeine, maybe my mind might be a little less gristled today.
I have started on a pair of snowshoes that someone ordered. I will attempt to take photos through the process of wood burning artwork onto the sides and the actual lacing. If anyone is interested in a pair of heirloom quality hand laced wooden snowshoes, let me know. I can also assemble a kit, complete with instructions, and you can make them yourself.
Lastly, I have been paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street reports from cities all around the world. Those that know me know where I stand. I am a 99% person and totally agree that things need to change. I just wonder who the rich think is going to spend any money if we don’t have any? Henry Ford paid a good wage so the workers could buy his product. I’m Occupying with them in spirit. 
That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


Mel said...

Well, thank goodness for that.

(I like the bee.....storing up for the long winter months.)
(.....and DRAT about the Brewers--I was rooting, dontchaknow!)

Sure you feel better.
The way to stay better is to rest.

I know, preachin' to the choir....
Rest anyway? :-/

Stephanie said...

I'm happy that you are slowly feeling better and that you could rest all weekend.

I saw HAIR with some old girlfriends this weekend and as we walked out of the theater Occupy Denver folks were marching by (after getting pepper sprayed!!! in the park) We were cheering them on.

mig said...

So glad you're feeling better. Keep enjoying the TV and resting won't you.
'...gristled' I love that.

katherine. said...

So glad you are on the mend. Sounds like the EZ chair is good medicine.

Snowshoes? I'd love to see photos.

Are you still making dreamcatchers?