Friday, October 14, 2011

Proper Punctuation

Haiku My Heart
October 14, 2011

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A beautiful moon
The water makes it shimmer
Lovely, “He exclaimed”
I traveled up to the South shore of the Great Lake Superior this past week. I went for one of my water runs. I was literally down to a few glassfuls left in the bottom of the crock that holds the large 5-gallon carboy containers.
Over the years since I moved away from Ashland, WI, I also have need for a few items I used to buy at various places along the South shore of this great lake. Fresh Lake Trout filets at Port Wing. Licorice for Mrs. Spadoman at Homestead Gardens in Washburn. Italian sausage at Louis’ Finer Meats in Cumberland. Cheese at the Burnett County Creamery.
I made all these stops and a couple more on a two day excursion last Monday and Tuesday. I went with a friend that went along for the ride. He sleeps later than I do, so I got out of the motel room early and drove over to a public landing just before dawn.
At that public landing, I watched a very large almost full moon set into Lake Superior. I did not have my usual camera, but I did have the cell phone camera and I snapped off a couple of shots. These are the result. I inverted one and saw the natural punctuation. I just had to share.
Front lawn at The Crest Motel overlooks Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior

After Ole Sol came up to brighten the day, I sat on an outdoor chair on the front lawn of the Crest Motel. I wrote prose in my head and when I got home, I posted what I had written. I want to post that writing again on this post even though it appears on the post previous to this one here at Round Circle. I hope you don’t mind. I also hope it brings you to a good place. It did for me.
Might be a nasty habit, but it's about the only vice I have left


The Water
The outdoor wooden chair structure was actually two seats with arm rests, connected in the middle with a built in table. I sat there, as the sun rose over my right shoulder and the landscape, at the water’s edge. My right ankle atop my left leg just above the knee.
My arms were resting. Right on the arm rest, left on the table. My hands were touching the fabric of my trousers, My fingers were feeling warm against the dark brown fabric that was catching the rays of the sun. My index finger was extended somewhat, catching the early morning coolness that was still in the air.
My shadow had been stretched across the lawn for forty yards, now closer to me, twenty feet. The flags hung still, lifeless, no breeze moving their folds. No one waving at me.
The water lay beyond the road. A lone fishing boat drifting, trolling by in the distance. My loft was on a knoll, above the road and water. Traffic moved left to right and right to left, steady, in bunches, with quiet intervals, trucks, cars, people, moving to and fro.
Behind the roofline of the last building was an eagle. Perched in the branches of a tree that had been stripped of its colorful Fall foliage from winds the days before now.
My eyes darted, the eagle, the water, the traffic, the water, the flagpole, the water, the eagle, my shadow, the water,  the eagle, the water, the eagle, the water, the eagle, the water, the water, the water.
The eagle stood still and flapped his giant black wings. I adjusted my position, moving my right leg and exchanging it with my left. My index finger still cold in comparison to the rest of my digits. The water.
I listened to my breath. There was no sound, but I heard it. I followed it into and out of my body. I watched my stomach rise and fall. I felt that finger, extended, I felt the coolness of the morning. The water.
Now. The water is always now, always there. The eagle watches here daily. I pass through, returning to a place I have been before with long intervals in between my visits. The water has such energy. I feel it. 
I watch and know that this large mass of the Sacred Earth Mother’s life blood affects us all, affects the land that rises from it, the sand and soil pushed into where I sit by glaciers millions of years ago. This view has always been here. The water always here. The eagle still stands nearby, seeing what I am seeing.
He glances at me as I glance back. Our eyes meet. I feel it. The water glistens in  the sun as small waves start to form. The boat is gone. The flags move. My shadow is next to me. I flap my wings. The eagle adjusts his position. It is morning. My finger is cool. My heart still beats. The water soothes, heals and comforts.
More Peace


Jeannie said...

Nice quiet trip.

I miss the water. We are too land locked here.

somepinkflowers said...


i think we R out & about haiku~hopping
at the same time!

{{ i love when that happens,
don't you? }}

yummy moon
and even Better
that you take the time
to capture It
& Share...

Lovely, ''She exclaimed''

guess what!

my haiku~photo today
is of a full moon
taken whilst out & about
traveling myself

{{ from last spring }}

so how cooool is That!

sending you
the wish for
in your future...

Rosie said...

Now I want to go there... Not fair Spadoman! You have awakened my inevitable wanderlust with your wonderful prose. As if the haiku wasn't enough, I immediately saw the punctuation too! A great post... =)
Peace to you too!

Kim Mailhot said...

So many goodies here today!

I love your water moment writing. You take us to exactly where you were, mind, body and spirit. I am grateful to be able to go there along with you, eagle and "Sacred Earth Mother’s life blood" through your words.

And how perfect that the Moon creates its own punctuation, as if saying :"Look at me ! I'm FULL!!!"
Love that.

While stogies are stinky, I completely understand the need for a little indulgent vice in life. We are wonderfully human, after all.
Love light and peace to you, Man.

gma said...

We traveled this week as well. The full moon over northern New Mexico was awesome. Love your punctuation!

Dawn Elliott said...

I love hearing about your trips to all these wonderful places. It seems like you always get a ton of adventures into a few days. Thanks for sharing!

Nanka said...

I was just wondering how you got that proper punctuation mark when I saw the photos!!Then I read your post which says it all!! You do travel a lot to special places to buy your things :) Finally that is a great snap of yourself with your favorite vice!! :)
Much Peace to you Spadoman!!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Excellent short short story. I live in NYC. Only water is out east on the Island.


coldH2O said...

Jeez Louise New Guy, it's not my fault the Bears suck so much. They better beat the Vikings. Sorry I missed you. Next time, old friend.

rebecca said...

i love your moon exclamation point! of course i am a lover of water and the reflection of light. so you had me way before the punctuation!

your haiku are a marvel and enjoyed by us all. so glad you included your writing...your ability to be present and drink in the sacredness of each moment is the peace you offer us each time our paths cross.

Noelle Clearwater said...

Well here I am finally! I love your image of the moon on the water, but I was most taken by your story of the Eagle. Joe, if there is anything that you teach me every time I come here, it is to be Present. I say that because for the past couple of days I have been particularly absent from myself, fearful over little worries and anxieties. When I am like that I forget to connect with the rich abundance of the earth and the sacred beauty of Her creatures in free flight. You contemplate an eagle and your spirit soars. You meditate on moonlit water and your heart is calmed. You are a fine teacher. Thank you.
Peace and Love with a Side of Hugs,

Spadoman said...

Friends... I have taken ill. I will visit your blogs as soon as I feel better. Pneumonia. Send peace please.

Ramesh Sood said...


Mel said...

(((((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))))

*sending peace-filled, healing thoughts*

Dream of water and eagles and cool, moonlit moments.

((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))

Thinking of you.......

mig said...

Oh, hope you are getting better 'Man. After the magic of this post some of that peace must be healing for you (if the cold din't give you the pneumonia in the first place : )

katherine. said...

Yikes! Pneumonia?

Take care of yourself, and heal soon!

peggy gatto said...

I love, love love your moon haiku, brilliant!!!
FYI, my husband smokes cigars an I use his boxes for shrines!!!!
Hav a great day!