Monday, March 22, 2010

What Is That?

Someone sent me this short video the other day. It is very simple, but carries a huge message. Even the sender, who often sends me jokes, used the word "Serious" in the subject line. It has been out a while on YouTube, so maybe you've seen it before. I had never seen it. It struck me and made me aware in my own life. Take a look. It's a little over five minutes long, but well worth the time.

Have a great day.



I, Like The View said...


(I thought something might happen to the tortoise, but maybe it wasn't a tortoise)

thank you!

Spadoman said...

I, Like The View... Yes, it was a tortoise, or some kind of turtle. I don't know the significance of it being there. Great observation. You must have seen the whole frame instantly!
It is a beautiful story. Made me ashamed of the times in my life when I acted that way. Luckily, I don't remember them, but I'm sure I've been short tempered or ill mannered in my lifetime.

Thankls for stopping by.


Mel said...

Beautiful indeed.....

I must say it left me choked up--wondering how many times I became agitated and angry instead of loving........

Too many, I suspect.
One time is too many......

((((((( Spadoman ))))))))

Thank you.

Sorrow said...

I have seen something similar,
long ago
and it still makes me smile
and tear up with gratitude.
He learned that one didn't he? He hugged his father
and kissed him, grateful that he was there to ask him 21 times what is that?
still smiling with tears in my eyes.

Sorrow said...

you know the more I thought about this, The more I could see an individual with say, Mel's disposition, doing this in a loving way to teach their kid about patience.
Aggravating some one deliberately to be a good teacher. What do you think?

Chuck said...

...have some raindrops in my eyes...

The Cunning Runt said...

This was touching, and made my face rain with memories of my Father, now gone ahead of me into The Mystery. He drove long past his abilities, and I'm sure his half-blind dawdling annoyed many a younger driver.

These days, when I'm stuck behind some crawling Blue-Hair on the road, I don't ride their bumper or give then "the finger," but think instead of my dear father, and how he did his best right to the end.

Thanks for this reminder of the need to attend to our better natures.

susan said...

I recall the last long walk I took with my Dad when he was very old and my Mother wouldn't walk with him, nor let him out of her sight. We followed a long familiar path deep into the woods then sat together on a hillside just looking at the changing light for a long time. Finally he said, 'I think I've had enough'. On our way home we were approached by a very large snarling dog that made me afraid for us both. I prepared to defend us but Dad reached out to pet him and the dog wagged his tail. He said to me, 'You should never be afraid to show love'.

Thanks for bringing back that memory.

susan said...

ps - I spotted the tortoise too :-)

katherine. said...

I had never seen this...thank you for posting it.