Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday # 96, March 21, 2010

This is another Meme Blog post. Like Ruby Tuesday or Looking at the Sky on Friday. I found some shadowy shots I have taken recently and decided to have some fun and post one of them this week. Not sure if I'll do it every week, but this week, I'm in.

If you'd like to know more about Shadow Shot Sunday, or SSS as it can be called, visit Hey Harriet. If you need the specific instructions and rules for inclusion in this post, you can link to it from Hey Harriet's Blog, or visit it HERE.

This particular photograph was taken in the middle of the day. It was July in Northern California near Fortuna, along the Pacific coast. My son-in-law along with one of the wee ones walking along one of the massive trees that had fallen some years ago. These giants are so huge, they seem to block out the sun at times. I enjoy the way the light of day seems like a portal in the center of this shot.

In the Redwoods near Fortuna, California

We are officially into Spring now here in the States, (SSS emanates from Australia), and the change of seasons should get folks outside more. That will mean many more Shadow Shots and other photography Meme posts. Seems like a fun pastime or hobby for some, and a profession for others. In the meantime, there are quite a few "Shadow" photographers out there already and much of their work is fabulous. Have a look.

Peace to all


Sylvia K said...

Beautiful trees and shadows! A terrific shadow shot! And welcome to the fun! It is addictive, but fun! Have a great weekend, well, what's left of it!


Catherine said...

what grand trees and shadows...

Mel said...

Oh that's a great shot. I love the light on the tree--brilliant pathway for the walking, no doubt.

Happy Sunday to you, sir. I hope for an awesome week for you...

readingsully2 said...

Lovely dark shadows...brings to mind Hansel and Gretel. :)

Unknown said...

That must have been a beautiful walk. The photo evokes the wonderful senses of walking in large woods - the scent, the light and shadows, the coolness.

I'm glad you're joining in these photo games!

susan said...

The Redwood forests of northern California have to be one of the most magnificent natural environments on the face of the earth. Beautiful shadow shot :-)

A Wild Thing said...

You can't imagine it, unless you've actually walked among the giants, how truly magnificent they are!

Cool shot!

Spadoman said...

Thank you all for the kind words about my shadow shot. Nature made it easy on me as the Redwoods are a magnificant place to find shadows amongst the giants.

Sylvia K... Hope I don't get another addiction. But it is fun. I looked through just a few of the boatloads of photos I have. If nothing else, I'll keep busy looking for more! Thanks for stopping by.

Catherine.. Yes, they are Grand Trees. Nature's finest specimens. Thanks you.

Mel... Thanks for coming by Mel, and for the wish for a fine day. Hope your days are great as well. By the way, I DID have a good day today!

readingsully2.. Yes, could be a fairy tale place amongst those shadows. Great observation and reaction. Thanks for coming to Round Circle.

Ms. Sphinx.. I am liking the photo games a lot! Thanks for dropping by my place.

susan.. Your approval of this phoito makes me smile. I appreciate it greatly. Thanks.

Sweet Repose.. Thanks for coming here and for commenting about my first attempt at Shadow Shot Sunday. I used to have a place out there amongst the Redwoods. I just visit some good friends there these days and get back there often.
By the way, your Shadow Shot was great!

Thank you, and Peace to you all today, and every day.

I, Like The View said...

ooooh!!! the redwoods - or should that be Redwoods? - are incredible

and what a lovely photo

thank you


Spadoman said...

I capitalize Redwoods. They are worthy of the proper name. They are Grand.

Thanks for being here View.