Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only the Good Friday, March 26, 2010

Can you name the artist of this original work of art?

I posted a YouTube of sorts today. It isn't from YouTube, it was from another site, and it's a slide show. Some beautiful pictures of sunsets, sun rises, clouds and other natural scenes with wording on each photograph. I originally received this from a friend. This particular friend happens to be a very spiritual person. She doesn't send too much in the way of "pass this on", so, I took a long serious look at it. It came to me as a Powerpoint Presentation.

It has an interesting premise. It gives the viewer an example of the population of the earth as the number 100, then puts into perspective how many people are what nationality and race as well as religion. It also breaks down how many are illiterate or sick and how many actually have a computer. All the data based from sources that gather such information. A few frames into it and it puts forth an idea that if we looked at the world this way instead of the way most of the white population of the USA think about the world, we'd realize WE are the ones in the minority, and not only that, WE here in America are definitely a blessed people.

The Grandkids and I had a discussion riding to school the other day about what a blessing is. I tried my hardest to break it down without going into the whole God thing, at least not from a religious standpoint. I wish I had this slide show. It would have made my presentation and explanation a lot easier.

Anyway, the "Good" is that we have it "Good" compared to most of the population on planet earth. Even those that have it bad have it "Good". I mean, and I've said this before, we flush our toilets with potable water. The people on welfare using food stamps can shop in the same store as someone who doesn't need to pinch pennies and check prices. It makes me realize that even though I didn't choose what country I would be born in and what color my skin would be, that I could possibly be blessed to have such bounty, and I'm in the middle class, not the upper class.

But as I think about all of this, and I am heavily into thought and emotion over this, I feel the greater "Good" is that I realize it. I realize how fortunate I am when I think of the people in Haiti, the peaceful people amongst the Palestinians, those who are persecuted in Darfur and other outposts of the world where they do not share in the land of plenty.

While traveling yesterday, I listened to public radio. The program was about a couple from England who disregarded the whole trash rubbish recycling and pollution problems of the world for years, and then morphed into these people that would accept the challenge unto themselves to use only one trash can, or dust bin as they called it, for all the trash they generated in the course of a full year. They succeeded and are spreading the word about using plastic as packaging and the trash it creates. That program had me thinking too. We have so much, even the poorest unwrap things and generate trash here in America.

I don't know. The "Good" is that I realize I can go farther when it comes to my own back yard, and I can take the next step in realizing the whole world isn't American. Lastly, before I let this go and let you see the slide show, I have been reading a few books lately and going here and there on the blogs. For some reason, it has been called to my attention that many people from other countries view the Americans as obese, or at least fat, generally. As I struggle with diabetes control, I am reading other peoples opinions about times they have traveled to our shores and their observation is that overall, most Americans are victims of gluttony. I am, and I admit it. And I am ashamde that I don't see the harm it can do , no, has done, to me

I got a lot of "Good" things to think about, and more "Good" things that I need to be doing for myself, my health and the Sacred Mother Earth. One person doing one thing one day is how any change gets started. Changes in how we treat ourselves, how we treat our land, and how we treat each other. I learned awareness of that, and that is "Good" for a Friday.

Only the Good Friday is a creation of Shelly of the This Electic Life blog. She makes a "good" point. She says, "The point of this little exercise is simply to look at the world in a different way. When we look for the good, we will see it." Check out her blog and find the link with the simple guidelines for Only The Good Friday.

Here's the slide show. Just click on each picture to move it to the next frame.

Peace to all


Sorrow said...

Perspective is a powerful tool. We are given the ability to look at the world, the community , our selves and other people from views that we may not always see them from. I have a book, that is a collection of photographs of people from around the world with all their household possessions in front of their homes. It is stunning and humbling and shows you what you have, in comparison to what others have, but it can never show you what you value, by that same way of comparison. Smile
Thank you, this was a thought provoking read.

Mel said...

I suddenly feel very small, very grateful and very self indulgently foolish.

As well I should.

(((((( Spadoman ))))))

Humility is a good thing for me.
So thank you.

Blessings to you and yours, sir.

This Eclectic Life said...

Joe, this is marvelous. Awareness is a powerful thing. Yes, there is more that all of us can do ... but I'm of the opinion that we shouldn't beat ourselves up over it if we can't do it all.
We are very fortunate to live as we do. Thanks for reminding us that we can't take it for granted.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love it. It made me think, and it made me feel warm inside. I have known poverty, but not the kind that millions of people experience every day. I have a roof over my head, I have water to drink and bath with, I have shoes to wear, and clothing to keep me warm. Like the lilies of the field, I am cared for.

Whimsy said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Thank you, as always.

Christopher said...

Thank you, Spadoman. You are the slumbering conscience of the United States (and of most of the rest of us, too).

Pax vobiscum.

Fire Byrd said...

Ok I made it here!
Good post.
Over in the Uk we have to pay attention to our rubbish (trash)I have a container for food scraps, a bin for glass and plastic and then the rubbish one which has anything that can't be re-cycled. I carry a plastic round with me in my purse so I don't get given one in the shops for the occasional items I may need. Most people now do their weekly shop with a collection of re-cycled shopping baskets just like our mothers did.
I couldn't live any other way now and I know it's not enough.
We are the privildged in this world and it us up to all of us to do what we to help our fellow man. There is only one world.

Good to meet you Joe.

Spadoman said...

Thank you all for the fine comments, and for stopping by here at Round Circle. I appreciate hearing from each and every one of you.

Sorrow... yes, perspective. I have seen the photographs of people from around the world and what they eat. I'll have to look for the book you mention. Sounds very interesting and something that will teach me mopre abouit perspective.


MEL... No need to feel foolish at all. You acknowledged the truth and foun dhuimility in that, nothing foolish there.


Eclectic... You are correct. We must not beat ourselves up over any of this. We can't do anything to completion in a day.


Deb... Great to see you. It has been a while. I agree, that we are cared for, and it does feel good.


Whimsical One.. Thanks Whimsy.


Christopher... Good to see you back from your recent trip. Not sure about being conscious, slumbering, maybe.


Fire Byrd... Thanks for stopping by. We have the same opportunities here for recycling and the rest. We use canvas cloth sacks at the grocery, (if we remember to bring them with us when we go). The local trash hauler is mandated to pick up any recycled items we place at curbside as well as the trash.
My pleasure is meeting you.


Helen said...

Hello! Found you through Fire Byrd and wanted to say how I enjoyed this post. I never tire of that 'giddy' feeling I get when I haul my own canvas bags into the grocery and lug them out again, filled to the brim.

Spadoman said...

Thank you for stopping by, Helen. Come back again, anytime.


mig said...

That is a very thought provoking and intelligent video.
Yes we are so so lucky, to have those basic needs fulfilled. Sometimes it seems quite overwhelming that just the accident of birth placed me where I need not fear hunger or racial prejudice or homelessness.
I shall certainly pass that on and I really love your post on the subject too. We need some humility - not just America but all of us who have enough.
And of course, the blessing of the internet which can give us pause to think about the rest of the world too : )

mig said...

Oh and I was so moved by the other video, the Father and Son.

Spadoman said...

Thanks for stopping by Mig. And thanks for your comments. I like your analysis, accident at birth. It hiots the mark as none of us had a say so in when and where we were born.