Monday, October 8, 2012

You're Invited

This year, our Annual Los Dias de Los Muertos Celebration will take place on
Saturday, November 3, 2012

You are all invited. Here's your invitation:

Click on it to see it larger and clearer.

 Los Dias de Los Muertos means Days of the Dead. It is a South American/Mexican celebration that brings family and friends together for an evening of fun, laughs, memories and remembrance of the loved ones in our lives that have passed on before us.

As the legend goes, On November 1st and 2nd, it is said that the spirits can move freely between our world and the spirit world. This is the time that the spirits, of those we love and have lost, might be traveling through the realms from the other side.

The celebration includes a large altar where pictures of our loved ones are placed. We also put a momento or two on this altar, something the person liked when they were with us, something that would bring a smile to their face. Our daughter Maggie, who left this world in 1991, loved Doritos and Diet Coke. There will always be a can of coke and a small bag of Doritos on the altar along with her picture.

Over the years since her death, we have been having this celebration on November 1st every year. Some years, if it is close to a weekend, we have the celebration on a weekend day so more people can make it to the party. This year, November 1st is on a Thursday, so we will celebrate Los Dias on Saturday, November 3rd. 
We will place some items on the altar that will welcome all spirits, what they might need to travel, bread, water and salt and candles to light their way. This is not a religious holiday, but if you are religious, all religions are welcome as well as all people of all Nations.

It is an open house. Bring something to share, like a pot luck. We will have some food and dessert as well as some beverages. Pop and Ice for sure, BYOB. We’ll also have great coffee from my friend Steve’s J&S Bean Factory Coffee Shop!

We will have a large altar set up. It will have flowers and pictures and momentos of our loved ones. You may bring a photo of the person or people you have lost and momentos of their lives as well to display on the altar. You may leave these items, or take them with you when you go home.

This is a celebration of life. We remember our loved ones all the time, but this is a special day of remembrance. Stories will be told as we sit around the living room and out by the fire pit. You may think about bringing a chair for outside by the fire and make sure to dress for the weather! We will laugh and we will cry. We will see old friends and meet new friends. We will learn about the lives of people both living and dead.

This year, the loss of my friend, your Dad, Gene Artishon, is fresh in my mind. He will join the other people that held a prominent position in our lives, our daughter Maggie, our parents and other close friends. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at this gathering. 

Since it is a Saturday, we will start later in the afternoon, 4- 5:00 PM. Stay as long as you like. Tent space available in the yard, crash on the living room floor with your sleeping bag or get a motel. We do have a couple of sofas. I’m sure some kind of breakfast/brunch will be made for all that stay over.

Children are welcome and encouraged. Bring your spouses, significant others and partners, husbands, wives and children. Try to leave the pets at home. Above all, bring an open mind to live like the people we are remembering are in the next room. This is what this celebration is all about. The lives of those that will never be forgotten. This is how we carry their spirit with us until the next year when we will do it again.

Any questions, feel free to call, write, text or e-mail. Enclosed is an invitation to share amongst yourselves. If you need directions or more information get a hold of us.

Hope to see everyone here.

Joe and Barb Spado



GlorV1 said...

Wonderful invitation. If I were there, I definitely would attend. Thanks for the invite, I will stop by your blog to enjoy the day. Please stop by mine too.My offering this year is a little smaller than last years or the year before. It's being held indoors in the dining area. Thank you. Look forward to your visit.

GlorV1 said...

By the way, I hope you are doing better. Take care.

Mel said...

This tradition amazes me and makes me smile. It oughta be this way, frankly. And I'm happy for the tradition being upheld.

Far cry from the Yahrzeit candle that gets lit. This seems more of a celebration -- which is exactly what Rebecca spoke to last post.

I hope it brings joy to you, yours and those who join in.

susan said...

I remember last year when you put a picture of my dear friend Inger who had passed away quite suddenly just weeks before. I know she's happy where she is now but much like you my dear friend lit up whatever room she entered. As much as Heaven is adorned by the bright presences of those we love it's good to know they remember us and shower us with blessings.

Peace and happiness to you both and to all who enter your home.

Fran said...

I was realizing Oct 17 will be the 1 year anniversary of my Mom's passing. Bittersweet-- because I know she is in a better place. She never wanted to live in a care facility, so she is free from all that & physical woes.I am grateful that her cause of death was "Natural" and there was not additional trauma & medical intervention/decisionmaking to be done.
It was her time to go home.
But I miss her so much.
Rest in peace Mom.