Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Fun on Tuesday

Here’s a great word game that was sent to me by a friend. You don't have to send it along to ten people or anything like that.

According to a major University, it has relevant social and scientific significance in this 21st Century. Keep track of your answers on a piece of scrap paper. Results are at the end. Don’t cheat. If you don’t know the definition of a word, guess at it. It is imperative that you do not look ahead or cheat.
Here are the simple rules:
Choose One word in each line. The lines may contain two or three words, pick just one.
Pick the one word that your mind wants you to pick. Use any criteria; how the word makes you feel, how they sound, what the word makes you think of, ANY criteria.
Just pick the word, NO explanations, excuses or discussions.
Tomato or Tomato      (Toe may’ toe or toe mah’ toe)
Potato or Potato         (Poe tay’ toe or Poe tah] toe)
Spado or Spado         (Spay’ Dough or Spa’ Dough)
Spadoman or Spadoman
Spay’ Dough Man or Spa’ Dough Man
Italian or Italian            (It tal’ ee en or I’ tal ee en)
(Okay, I added those for fun. Now begin the test)
Route or Root
Capital or Capitol
Foliage or Foilage
Elementary, Grammar or Primary
High or Secondary
Politics or Art
Fag, Butt, or Smoke
Spend or Save
Senior Care Center or Old Folks Home
Animal Shelter or Dog Pound
Janitor or Custodian
Building or Physical Plant
Dish Washer or Hydro-Ceramic Engineer
Railroad Worker or Gandy Dancer
Walmart or Kmart
Sears or Pennys
Macys or Nordstroms
Gasoline or Petrol
LP or Propane
Wood or Gas
To,Too or Two
Shit, Shat or Shut
Um,Tut or Sut
Cat, Kitty or Kitty Cat
Butch or Dyke
Gay or Straight
Homo or Queer
Red or Green
Black or White
Blanco or Negro
Mortal or Venial
Meat or Fish
Beef or Pork
Buffalo or Pheasant
Their or There
War or Peace
Safe or Risky
Winter or Summer
Spring or Fall
Fire or Water
Earth or Wind
Rain or Snow
Windy or Calm
Fantasy or Reality
Rent or Own
Good or Bad
Church or State
Freedom or Slavery
Scroll down for answers
Now, go back and look at your choices. 
You’ve been duped. Read on for an explanation. Many Americans, probably a lot of Canadians, and anyone living in the Free World need to think about these choices. Your word choices mean absolutely nothing scientifically or socially. Although it would be funny to see which of you say To mah’ toe, Po tah’ to, Spa’ Dough and I’ tal ee an.
Imagine you being denied your choice and forced to live with the word you did not choose as your freedom. How do you think that would make you feel. Would you like to live that way?
Would you like to HAVE to be gay or straight? Would you like to be able to choose whether to use a wood burning stove or a natural gas furnace to heat your home? 
When we vote one way, and the rights and thoughts of others must abide by how we vote, imagine if the way you want isn’t the way society wants things to be.
I may want Freedom, for example. The vote is for Slavery. I have to abide by slavery. I would not like this, but it was voted upon and therefore I have to live with it. I can work to change it the next time we vote, but until then, I must live with the choice of the majority.
Right now, many people say they are already living with the things they do not like. For example, someone doesn’t want abortions to be legal, but they are. They may say they are living with something they don’t like and want to work to change it in the next election. 
But this is different from making someone that doesn’t like abortion to have one. They can choose NOT to have an abortion and others can choose to have one if they so desire.
Slavery also is like that.  If voted back into existence, someone that wants slavery can own a slave, but if you didn’t want to own one, you won’t have to own one.
In the above instances, no one is making people do what they don’t want to do. But there are some people that want others to do ONLY what they want you to do. They want to make laws and rules that everyone must obey. In that case, people lose their right for Freedom. The right to make your own choices.
True Freedom is about being able to choose the way you want to live without laws defining your lifestyle and choices. That word, choice. It is volatile these days. Many feel it is only about abortion. But Choice is about everything. How we comb our hair, how we dress, what we drive, how we drive, what we eat and drink, everything.
During the Cold War, reports would come from the Soviet Union telling the American people how the Russians had no choices because of Communism. How there were so many loaves of bread baked by state run bakeries. They had no choice on the bread they ate or how much of it they ate. They told us how horrible that was, that they had no rights and no choice when it came to mundane things like a loaf of bread because of Communism.
Current political groups are wanting the people to vote on things that will take away our rights. If they vote for a law that says the poor cannot vote, as some politicians are suggesting, then some people lose their right to vote. As a Veteran, I sure don’t want to see people not being allowed to vote because they are poor. I saw death and destruction, I witnessed a literal bloody hell, for people to keep their rights, not to have them taken away.
If they vote that we must allow Christian prayer in schools, then what of the people that are not Christian? Must they start praying Christian prayers? Will other religions be allowed to pray in schools as well? If you were a devout Christian, would you like to have a law that says you MUST pray Jewish or Muslim prayers?
True Freedom is what you have when you have a choice. You take away the Freedom of people when you vote to not allow them to choose what they want to do and say.
My daughter Maggie, the one that was lost to us in an automobile accident in 1991, was involved with politics with her Four H and High School Civics classes when she was a teen ager. She once wrote an essay about flag burning.
I don’t have a copy of that essay, but I do know the first line by heart. She told us, “The best reason for NOT burning the US flag is because I can.”
The bottom line here is to allow everyone to be able to make a choice and have freedom to live as they wish within the reasonable assumption that their lifestyle will not interfere with others. That’s why we don’t shoot cattle rustlers any more.
Freedom, real true Freedom. Isn’t that what we are told, that our brave military men and women are fighting for Freedom in the wars our government chooses to fight?
Vote, but vote for candidates, and issues, that will not take the rights of people away from them, even if you don’t like what they choose. Vote for candidates that will make sure they vote on the laws and bills so you can make your own choices the way you want to, on every thing, every issue. But above all, VOTE!
Choose Peace


Spadoman said...

I realized as an after thought, that this subject will probably be controversial. Like I honor Freedom, I honor your right to have your own opinion. I believe I fought for that too.
I ask that in rebuttal or in agreement, you keep your tongue civil. If you comment, state your case via your opinion.

Keep it Peaceful

Jeannie said...

I don't see anything controversial about this except that I really hate it when the USA has elections because it dominates everything - even here. I am barely tolerant of our own political process which is generally short and sweet - a few weeks at best. The carry on by various candidates down there slamming their opponents and getting on their soap boxes and doing everything in the name of the Lord really gets me rankled. Sorry.

If they would simplify and be calm and coherent and present the issues as you have, it would be better.

I really don't understand the need of some people to control everything that others do when it has no bearing on their own lifestyle.

Spadoman said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and having at my I-Don't-Want-To-Stand-Alone speech. I really do appreciate your comments.
And I agree. When the USA does anything like an election or start a war, the whole world covers it. It must be so boring for you to see all the spending and back stabbing that goes on.
I also agree about people needing to control other people, but it exists and there doesn't seem any end to this in sight.
My heart is very clear that it is none of my business how others want to live their lives.
Thanks again Jeannie. I'll leave this up for another day or so and either delete it or post something else. I just had to let this tirade out today.

Much Peace sent your way.

susan said...

Geez, I filled half a sheet of paper with my word choices thinking there was some trick like underlining every fourth letter to discover the secret message.

Of course everyone should vote and wouldn't it be wonderful if they didn't do so against their own best interests and out of spite and ignorance? Yes.

Peace to you too, Spado.

Spadoman said...

So sorry susan... but that's such a good idea, having the answers spell out a word or phrase. I'll work on that for next time. For you, the word phrase would be "People need to vote, but also need to think first"

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for playing along and allowing me this forum about something that has great meaning to me, freedom.