Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez

Yes, you can!

Today, March 31, we celebrate the birthday of Cesar Chavez. I recognize this man because of his efforts to unite the farm workers and bring fair and civil treatment to them, all with Peace and non-violence as his byword.

It was three years ago that I visited La Paz, the United Farm Workers retreat, in Keene, CA. I passed through there while involved with the Longest Walk II in 2008 with American Indian Movement, A.I.M., leader, Dennis Banks. I wrote and posted This Story, and repost it today in honor of an American hero.

Cesar Chavez
"I want to make it very clear that it is not Unions that I love, but Freedom to choose, if you so desire, to have or be in one or not."
Joseph Spado


Jeannie said...

I think unions have been necessary to promote fair employment practices. Businesses are in business to make money, not to be employers. They will exploit whatever means they have to to raise the bottom line. And this is how it has to be to provide a return for investors and others taking risks. However, it is essential that there be a watchdog to make certain that business doesn't screw the worker or the environment or future generations for that matter. Today's unions have priced themselves out of the market and lost jobs to the 3rd World instead of changing with the times and expanding their mandate of fairness beyond just the worker while recognizing the needs of business. They could have made themselves an important part of responsible business practices instead of being antagonists who seem to attack the morale of workers who are more than adequately compensated for the time they spend at work in order to grab more money for them when the workers themselves are aware that they are very well paid.

Cheryl said...

Let freedom ring.