Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's Change the Subject, Shall We?

Triumphs in Taos Motorcycle Rally 2011

Group photo in front of the Kachina Motel on Sunday, the last day of the rally

A great time was had by all. We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed and we rode our motorcycles in the sunshine, the warmth, the rain and the cold. I even rode mine in the mud.

A little mud, worn like a badge of honor

I even wore my muddy shoes and pants to dinner
There were periods of rain. No one's spirits were dampened. Daily rides through the mountains around Taos, NM took place. I'm not sure how many people came for the rally with their Triumph motorcycles, but the group photo will attest to a good sized group and a wide variety of bikes.

Someone, that loves us dearly, even brought a cherry pie to the BBQ, bought at a local Farmer's Market

Saturday night, the hotel where we stayed, the Kachina Inn, put on a BBQ. All the riders gathered, and sticking with tradition, a couple of hard-core Triumph riders wore kilts.

This may seem like a lot of craziness to some, but it is akin to the art shows, horse shows, dog shows, quilt shows and other activities that trip your triggers. Attending a motorcycle rally trips mine.

Just thought I'd give you a taste of what I've been doing here in New Mexico. I feel like my controversial post yesterday might have kept readers away. Then again, so will this one, as I'm sure you're sick and tired hearing about my motorcycle adventures.

Don't worry, life is a cycle, and this phase shall pass in its own time.

I'm back in Truth Or Consequences now. Excited about meeting Mrs. Spadoman Thursday in Phoenix so we can spend some time together at our new place in New Mexico.

Peace to all


Jeannie said...

Never tire of hearing someone else's adventure.

The pie looks good - so do the kilts!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Looks like you really had a fun weekend! I love the Kachina Inn.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

You have had a great time going by your words and photos. I often think that I would love a motorbike as I am sure that it must be great to be out on the road with friends.

Enjoy being with Mrs S at your new place.

Mel said...

She's coming! She's coming!!!

I'm hoping you'll have Jack washed off by then.......and the shoes. Wanna make a good impression, dontchaknow! ;-)

What great fun! (I've tried to visualize the kilted fellas on their bikes......LOL THAT was great fun!!) And since I'm envious of your time in the great southwest, don't expect me to be complaining that you're telling of the adventures. *happy sigh* I don't think anyone could tire of that area--but that's just me and my love of rocks, maybe? ;-)

You just keep enjoying. And keep saying what's true for you, sir. I wouldn't want it any other way. And we all know it's about mememe. ROFL


She's coming!! She's coming!!!
Shoes. At least clean the shoes.....sheesh!

mig said...

I'll never tire of reading about your Motor cycling travels : ) (And so far, it's been a priority to read everything you have to say on the previous subject).
Love the massed bike photo - there's something deliciously atavistic about a lot of motorbikes together - even more when they're on the move! It must have been a fabulous event.

(Kilts on bikes??? I long to know exactly what tradition that is : )

Christopher said...

Kilts! We too had a rally in the village with about 250 bikers from all over Continental Europe. Curiously it was the Belgian bikers that had a tradition of wearing kilts. Very cool in every sense.

Peace, dear friend

Spadoman said...

Thank you, dear friends, for all the fine comments. I want to set the record straight. The riders that wore the kilts wore them at the Saturday night BBQ banquet. They did not wear them while riding, (Although one of them admitted to riding commando). I do not know if he was commando at the banquet in the kilt attire, I did not inspect from that angle.
Just wanted to be clear here. As for me, I don't own a kilt. If I need "air", I just disrobe, but not while riding, there is a danger with the hot exhaust pipes.

Peace to all

somepinkflowers said...

this is such a welcomed change
from my normal day
i love the ride!


thanks for taking me
in this safe manner
to see
i would never see...

E Makes Art said...

Looks like a great time. Is that your bike? It's a beauty! Glad you're enjoying yourself... and I don't think anyone will get tired of hearing about your biking adventures, and if so who cares!! I'm not going to stop talking about or showing art... if it's what you like, it's what you like, and your enthusiasm draws the right people in. Ok, I had my say, lol! Take care.