Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos

The bike is loaded with the gear I need and I am again on the road. I headed North from T or C and spent the night in Albuquerque. I'll meet some friends for lunch in Santa Fe today, and continue on to Taos for the Triumphs In Taos Motorcycle Rally.

Pictures, videos and recap of this event to follow. In the meantime, just checking in to let folks know I am here and thinking about everyone of my special blog friends, and a few in particular that need some help and attention via prayers, good thoughts and positive energy. I send this to you.

Peace to all


Mel said...

*laughing* You and Jack have a lovely time!


Mel said...


<-- ain't havin' any of that 'forgot the camera' stuff!!

JUST sayin'...

Jeannie said...

Have a good time! Ride safe. Can you do both at once?

Dawn Elliott said...

Ahhh...Taos! Who doesn't love that place? What a fun adventure, with the bonus of finding such beautiful treasures. I went to Santa Fe in early August and my husband and I are going back to the area in a few weeks! Yeah!