Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On the Move

Leaving Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico today in an hour or so. Headed back to Wisconsin and home. I'll be on the road and we'll be taking our time. Computer time will be hit or miss while traveling.

Due to stop in Albuquerque and maybe Santa Fe today, and head through Denver on the route back. I heard they're wearing sweatshirts in Wisconsin. I will be angry if this ruins my tanned face.

Peace and Love to all


Mel said...

LOL You'll just haffta get over it?

Yes, the sweatshirts have come out--but there's been some Indian Summer-like days. Think 'layers'?

Ummmm......already you're headed back?

Guess that just means you'll haffta make another road trip in a couple months time. :-/

Spadoman said...

I'll get over it Mel. There is a warm up coming and it starts as soon as I get back!

Already headed back?? Yes, I've been gone since August 30th. I'll be headed back to New Mexico at the end of October and stay until a week before Christmas. At least I hope that plan works out.

I'm in North Platte, Nebraska tonight and hope to be in Wisconsin tomorrow evening.

Thanks for coming over to see me.


Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Hope your travels are safe and fun!