Friday, July 15, 2011

Trees, Plants, Elkader Fog with a Full Moon

Haiku My Heart
July 15, 2011

Haiku My Heart is a wonderful creation by a wonderful loving human being I know named Rebecca. You can read more Haiku and see more fabulous photography and art by visiting her blog, recuerda mi corazon.

Trees are like spirits

Limbs stretch for air and water
They are people too

The Sacred Earth Mother is very green this year around these parts. The deepness of the color in the fields and forests surrounding the Mississippi River bluffs in Northwestern Wisconsin have never seemed so lush and vibrant with verdant shades. The water a deep blue. The sun, golden, strong, powerful, warm, no, hot!
The trees are singing
Spreading sighs up from the ground
Honoring nature
I like to stand near them, touch them, yes, hug them. I love the plants too. What some call weeds are life to me. Each has a task, to maybe feed or poison, but for a purpose that some might never understand. The Great Mystery.
Fruits and vegetables
Flowers beautify our lives
Neatly bunched in rows
Honoring the land today and everyday. Enjoying the season that lies in front of me now, not thinking about the one I will honor in six months. Each day, what it brings in terms of heat, light, moisture and even catastrophe, is accepted as given by a Supreme Force of being.
Elkader foggy morning

The berries are quickly getting ripe. Corn has tassels, (I'm up North, remember, this is a big deal!). Tomato plants haven't seen such glory in ages. Even the hot peppers are flowered to the hilt.

Raspberry moonlight
Casting shadows in the night
Full Moon floods the Earth
Enjoy what we have in front of us today. Look for the good in all of it. Know that even what we perceive as nuisance is necessary for a balance that is hard to understand in a crazy world. Mankind’s control is brief and fleeting compared to the hand of the Creator. I think I'll light a fire tonight. Might you stop by?
Mitakwe Oyasin


Mel said...

You're back!!! :-)

AND you're back with some cool photos.....and some wisened, beautifully spoken (written) words.

*happy sigh*
Corn's tasslin'.
Sweetcorn's ripened and being picked.
Blossoms are turning into fruit/veggies.

Life is good!
Oh, and wasn't it a gorgeous full moon last evening!!!!
(you have perfect weather for your adventure--and I'm glad for it!.....well, 'cept for Monday. OOPS.....)

rebecca said...

i love the bounty of your words this day.
yes, let's stand fully in the light of each perfect moment. gifts, abundance everywhere.
and your guardian trees, wise sentries, story tellers all, like you peace man, like you!

you rock my world!

Leslie said...

my family just came back from a reunion in kentucky, and they said the greens this year are just breathtaking. this is a lovely post, full of gratitude for the gifts of today. i especially appreciate these words:

"Enjoying the season that lies in front of me now, not thinking about the one I will honor in six months."

good advice.

Kathleen Barnes said...

Raspberry moonlight. I LOVE that. It really does paint a picture in my mind. I caress trees, also. They seem to like it.....

Rosie said...

You write the most beautiful haikus. I think the misty photos are awesome too and I look forward to reading your posts because they're so full of Spirit... =)

Unknown said...

Wonderful post...the images of the O'Keefe like tree and that fog are stunning.

I am re-reading Ishmael right now and your words echo his.

also, let's talk about your project idea.

Dawn Elliott said...

We had a little fire last night...I love how the flames beckon us, how we stare into the fire and understand so much...if we just pay attention. Beautiful haikus honoring nature today - they were very thought provoking and peaceful.

Snap said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I talk to my trees and flowers every day. And, they talk back. So many trees having problems in this drought and I can't help them all!

somepinkflowers said...

lovely trees
and their powerful energy shines
this morning
i have been fighting my HOA
NOT to shave
our 200+ year old oaks...

all branches
shaved up 16 feet
from the surface of the earth...
for what?
for what?

"""we must not let the trees
touch the tops
of the huge trash trucks entering"""

{{ excuse me
for my Tree*sadness...

i wait for you
to come visit
tell one thing Now }}

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I am singing too
After reading your haiku!

Marit said...

I wish, I wish I could sit by the fire with a good friend and share the light tonight... I'm sure you would allow me to taste one of the tomatoes too?! (They are all so watery overhere in Holland...)

gma said...

Great Haiku
Trees are people too!

Spadoman said...

What wonderful heart warming responses to this post. I appreciate it greatly! I had every one of you in mind when I wrote it.

Mel... Yes, returned from the Iowa Outback along the river bluffs. I'm gonna write about that tenderloin at St. Olaf Bar soon. Thanks for stopping by.

rebecca... And you rock mine. I'm chomping at the bit to take a road trip. Don;'t know if I can wait until September. Whenever it is, I'll look forward to seeing you again. Thabks for coming here to brighten my day.

Leslie... Those feelings weren't meant o be advice to tell others how to live, they were from my heart to remind myself how to achieve peace in my own heart. Glad you got something from them. That made me feel great today! Thanks for being here.

Paintdiva... I already told you about the Raspberry Moon. Let's talk more sometime.Thanks so much for coming here today.

Rosie... You are way too kind with your compliments. I believe I am blushing. Thank you for stoppingnhere and saying nice thiongs. I appreciate it.

Spadoman said...

Stephanie.. Wonderful to see your name on this post, (or any time for that matter). I am so sorry that I have just not had nor taken the time to get around like I have in the past. I'll write soon about the project. Thanks again for coming here.

Dawn... Like the others, your words are very kind and i appreciate them greatly. Yes, fire is so Sacred. Like the words, thought provoking and peaceful are the flames. Thank you for being a part of my day.

Snap... The trees rarely ask for help. I'm glad there are people like you that talk to them and offer even though they stay humble amongst us human predators. Stay peaceful my friend.

Pink Flowers... I feel your pain and that of the trees. You know, whgen I drove trucks years ago, I was more than aware if i went down a street where the truck's height would break off branches and try to find another way around if I could. Come here any time to vent about man's destruction of nature. I thank you for coming here today. Would you be at the fire tonioght if you could? I'll be at the small table and chairs you showed us.

Spadoman said...

MMT... Miss you my friend. You're on my list of peopl;e to see next time through that area. Thanks for coming by and making note of the haiku. Coming from the master of all haiku I am quite fortunate to share a page with your name on it. Thank you.

Marit... You would be welcome to sit by any fire I am near at any time. Thank you for stopping here at Round Circle today. You and the others made me feel loved. I thank you.

Gemma... Glad you agree that trees are people. So are the rocks and streams that flow and all of nature. Thank you for coming here.

Kim Mailhot said...

I would love to stop by and sit awhile, then maybe howl at that raspberry moon a little.
You have created a beautiful haiku party here today, Man. I am grateful to have taken the moment to sit a while...
Have a great summer weekend !

Dianne said...

Glad things are so green and lush there... beautiful haiku...

Spadoman said...

Queen of Arts and Hearts... Thank you for your gracious appearance here at Round Circle. The fire might have to wait for tomorrow night. It has been cloudy and raining all day! You're welcome to come again another time.

Dianne... Good to see you here. Yes, this is an exceptional year with the greenery. Mosquitoes too, sorry to say. Tha nks for stopping by.

Meri said...

The last one sings to my heart!

Spadoman said...

Meri... Happy that you stopped by, Thanks so much. Glad you liked it.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

What beautiful words to accompany your photos. And you wrote so many haikus. I agonize a bit over each one and they seem to flow from you.

Noelle Clearwater said...

I love your honoring of trees and your love for nature's abundance and its "humanity." We all need to recognize that we are merely a part of it, another member of the family rather than trying to control it. The photo with the motorcycle and the tent makes me want to pick up and go. I would love to stop by and sit by the fire with you for hours upon end. So fine!
Peace and Hugs,

Spadoman said...

Fran.. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the very kind words. I have to admit, some days the words flow easily, some days I agonize. I'm glad you like them.

Noelle... You hit the nail on the head, we are all only a part of it all, we are not "All It"m (as we used to say long ago when I was growing up). Accept being a part of it and stop trying to control is and there might be a more peaceful world on our horizon. Thank you so much for your visit here.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Wow!!! That is quite a wonderful string of Haikus you penned there!
I too, believe that tress are 'people' too. They certainly have a spirit like any other living thing on this earth.
Anyway, you out did yourself my friend!

susan said...

Good one and very, very well put.

Ani said...

Great haikus and great photos. I love them all. -Lola from

GYamato said...

Ah! I'm on the same track, albeit nearly a week late...missing my sister (traveling) and wondering about a pretty peaches relatives; how must they feel when she's suddenly gone?