Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stunt Drivin'

Shadow Shot Sunday
July 3, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday is a fabulous weekly project showcasing the rough images cast by objects blocking rays of illumination, shadows, and eminates from Tracy’s Hey Harriet Blog. Have a look at some great photographs and find out to participate.
This past week, I took my newly purchased Triumph motorcycle on sort of a shakedown cruise. I did over 700 miles, (about 1150 Kilometers), in two days of riding and crossed the border into Canada for some business I had to attend to. I had many hours of daylight to accomplish this as we’re at the height of the Summer sun. That meant I took a lot of breaks and wandered off the beaten path to discover some new roads along the way.
Besides stopping to smell the proverbial roses, I also stopped and took some photos. These will be showcased in a post that will be available for viewing on Monday as part of my Monday Mystery Tour series. 
One photo I did not stop for was this Shadow Shot. While scooting along at highway speed, I reached into my tank bag and pulled out my camera, which I had set for such a shot, before I left the last stop.
Yours truly on the highway

I snapped a couple of photos, using instinct as to where the camera was aimed, so as not to take my eyes off the road for more than a split second. This is a safety concern, I know. But I am an experienced driver and although retired from wage earning employment, I did actually work as a stunt driver in motion picture production in Minneapolis and Hollywood at one point in my life.

So, the usual warning will be posted:
Professional Driver, do not try this at home.
If you enlarge the photo by clicking on it,  you can see the asphalt highway surface to be blurred. The camera focused on the shadowy image and the background suffered clarity from the speedy motion carrying me towards home. I was cruising along at about 60 miles per hour, (97 KPH, or for the nautical minded, around 53 Knots)
Please feel free to come back Monday and check out what I was up to in Canada, including the intrigue of crossing the border. In the meantime, be nice to your neighbors.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The warning is appropriate, the photo is fabulous! Happy travels, Spadoman!


My shadow has come out to play.
Oh, shadow, please don’t run away!
Stay here by my side,
Pretend you’re my bride—
Be true to me now and alway!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadows here and here

Jeannie said...

Great shot! I can't wait to here what you were up to here.

Canada Day is more like July 4th now than it used to be. It's only in the last 20 years or so that we lit fireworks for July 1. When I was a kid they were set off on Victoria Day. Now both. Most people don't do much of anything special other than enjoy a holiday. And wear red.

Catherine said...

great shot - love the composition especially that yellow diagonal which leaps right out at you...

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I have to agree with MMT!! the warning is indeed appropriate and the photo is fantastic. Can't wait to learn just what you are up to now, my friend, I know it will be worth reading about! Enjoy your weekend!


Ms. Becky said...

THIS is entertainment. I will most assuredly tune in Monday. you daredevil you. I shall from this point on refer to you as spado-knievel-man.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such a great action shadow, but most of all enjoyed the detailed comments in your post! Rider be warned!

susan said...

I don't think I'd try taking that picture while riding on a bicycle. It's a beauty. I'm glad to know that all is well.

Dianne said...

the photo is wonderful
Easy Rider in shadow :)

Unknown said...

Great shot, speed racer!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

insert the sounds of squealing brakes here.....wait just a doggone minute! Stunt driver? Did you say stunt driver? Wow. Take takes a lot of skill and courage.
Cool shot and I know you did them safely. Good instincts, my friend!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Joe .. what can I say ?
Professional or not, that was such a NAUGHTY thing to do it is as bad as the cell phone people !!!
Shame on you !! hehehehehe
OK .. I feel much better that we had this talk .. do NOT try that again or I will get on my broom and FIND YOU !
It is a very cool shadow (yes I enlarged it and saw exactly what you said would be seen) .. that was such a road trip to break in the new bike! and you came across our border into Ontario ? I didn't see you!! haha
Looking forward to seeing that post!
Joy : )

Hootin Anni said...

Enjoy those miles on the road!! This time of year is a wonderful time for biking!!

Holiday Weekend Shadows is my link. Do stop by if you have some time today. I'd love to have you visit with me. Hope your day is treating you well!!!!

A Wild Thing said...

Boyz and their toyz...what a hoot!!! I'm sure my Dad will be driving his B.M-er down this Sunday for his usual getaway from the big city, at 83, he's still spry on the road, as we sit on the porch swing and I let him tell me the stories again and again of his escapades on the open road. Every time he hears a motorcycle drive by, his ears perk and he dreams a sigh for the open road...and lost youth, I'm sure!

There certainly is a comradery of bikers, old and young, brothers of the asphalt(or not)and there have been many on the road this holiday weekend!

Haven't had much blogging time lately, gardening is my main theme these dayz and I'm soon to hit it again shortly, but it sure will be great having 2 dayz off to get some things my leisure(whatever)!!!
Drive safe old friend, I'll check you out on Monday!


Dawn Elliott said...

It sounds like if anyone could take that unbelievably cool picture while on a fast moving motorcycle, it would be you! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great shot! Very talented you are. :)
Yes, it's always fun to drive off the beaten path.

Anonymous said...

I have enough trouble taking photos while standing still, so I am most impressed with this one!!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Upon seeing your ShadowShot my first thought was: DaNgErOus!! Then I read your accompanying words and was relieved. It's a great shot! I signed on as a follower here. (Btw,my husband suffers the affects of Agent Orange.1stCav.1970.)

Mel said...

*shaking head*

Ain't nobody gonna stop ya, but geeze...'s a good shot.
The yellow lines spoke to me.

(and you....they were 'saying put the camera AWAY, goofball')

Happy almost Independence Day!

Full-On-Forward said...

This is phenomenal! I can feel the speed and love the ALMOST revealing of the identity of the driver in the shadows!

Great Shot!!!


GalleryJuana said...

I'm loving the long sunny days here on the u.s. west coast. I can imagine how much riding you can get in. Sounds like your trip across the canadian border was filled with spirit and discoveries.

thanks for the sss visit.

Christopher said...

A Triumph in every way, Spadoman.


Christopher said...

PS Happy July 4th. To you and all your Spadettes.