Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Headin' Out

My own selkies

We'll be leaving in a little while for a weekend trip to visit the Great Lake Superior. Taking the Grandchildren for some swimming and hiking along the South Shore. We'll visit some friends in Ashland, collect rocks, picnic and generally have a great time. This excursion may turn out to be the only "Vacation" we take together this Summer.

That photo above might be what the kids will look like as they swim in the big lake. A bunch of Selkies. They love the water. I'll stick my toes in they'll turn blue and go numb, but they will love splashing and frolicking no matter what body of water it is. From the bathtub to the Great Lake, and all temperatures in between, water is King!

I'll be back Monday morning to tell you about why I'll be going to South Dakota soon.

In the meantime, treat each other with kindness and practice Peace.


Jeannie said...

Have a great time!

What is it with kids and water? I remember spending hours in Lake Huron way back when - and of course, our own little lake that warmed up much faster but we'd race each other to be the first in every year - once my girlfriend and I had a dip when there was still ice in the middle.


Fran said...

"Only vacation", then you are heading to S. Dakota! LOL!

I think you live on the road, and take side trips to be home.

Have fun w the kiddos.

I too was a water baby kid.... I would spend hours in the water & fuss when they made me come out & eat something!

Hope you have a great time w the family.

Mel said...

Ohhh....what lucky kiddos. And what a lucky you!

Maybe I'll head to the creek and dangle my toes in the water.

Not lookin' like much to the outsider, but anyone who knows me, knows that it's the attitude and not the destination when it comes to me!
Heck, I think a backroad trip to an abandoned old train station is an adventure!
Yeahyeahyeah.......LOL.....I am easily amused AND a cheap date! ;-)

Safe journey, sir.
And have a grand time with the grands!!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

What fun, off on a trip with grandchildren, sea fun and laughter all sounds wonderful. I can picture you all having fun right now.

Nanka said...

Have a great time and see you next week!!

mig said...

Water is good for the soul, the skin and the heart.
I hope you and the kids and Mrs Spadoman are having a wonderful time and return refreshed and happy.

Annie Jeffries said...

Lake Superior. South Dakota. If the visit to the lake will be your only vacation, then I can only think that S.D. will not be a vacation. Curious. I'll be back to discover the mystery.

Kids. Water. Selkies. What a magical combination.

Christopher said...

Until I looked more closely at the photo, I understood 'selkies' was a US dialect word for 'toes', and that somehow you had contrived to photograph your toes poking out of the water before they turned blue.

Peace, of whatever colour. And happy travels. You are the only man known to me who has gone to S.Dakota.

rebecca said...

travel safe my darling spadoman family. yes, the water...the children, the pure jOY of it all!!!

nonizamboni said...

Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing time! I'll look for your when you finally return from that 'big lake.'

susan said...

There's nothing like a great beach and Superior has some wonderful sand.