Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mississippi River Bluffs circa 1978

Shadow Shot Sunday
May 8, 2011

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All along the upper Mississippi River and in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA are giant bluffs. During a photography class I took in college, I used the river as a backdrop while taking some photos from high atop these sandstone outcroppings. It is not uncommon for conveyances of transport to follow the winding river. In this place, the railroad tracks, power lines, the roadway and the river guide traffic of all kinds.

I like the shadows in the cracks of the sandstone and the striations that seem to be part of the railroad tracks. Here are a couple more photos from that session from 1978.

I like the shadow and reflection at the edge of the barges awaiting a tug boat

These tracks are still in use. I pass this way often on my way back and forth from home to Saint Paul, but usually on the roadway that runs between the river and the tracks, which is called Warner Road.

Looking Southeast from St. Paul along the Mississippi River

Feel free to click on any of these photos for a closer, sharper view. There was some discussion a few weeks ago when I published Black and White prints from film. Most comments were about how expensive that option would be when comparing the digital technology available today. I have to agree, but Iam considering shooting film once in a ehile for a special effect of even a change of pace. How about you?



Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I love old B&W photos, Spadoman. I still have my 35mm camera, but don't know where to get film for it. Do you?

(With apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson)

I had a little shadow
No bigger than my thumb;
I took him to the meadow
And there I gave him rum.

My drunken little shadow
Did weave and bob and pitch;
He stumbled from the meadow
And fell into a ditch!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Cloud Shadows

Sylvia K said...

Love your B&W shots!! And they do so bring back memories of the Mississippi! Not from your end, but I lived in New Orleans for a time and took numerous trips up and down the river. Great post for the day! Enjoy!


Dimple said...

I took your advice and enlarged the first shot; it is very good! The foreground bluff seems to be standing guard over the roads.

I do talk to my animals, and have for a long time. Sometimes they talk back, but they don't speak English...

Dianne said...

I shoot film now and then although the latest place I got film from and who developed is closing
guess I'll be googling again for a new resource

I love your shots

I laughed at the question of which goose is gary and which is gus
I always tell people gary is the one who isn't gus ;)

Ms. Becky said...

Hey Spadoman, I just got my film camera back from the repair shop and have a roll of 35mm to be developed. I love your black and white this week. The Mighty Miss is telling us all again that she reigns supreme. have a great week.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Lovely shadows in monochrome! And enjoyed the commentary too!

Hootin' Anni said...

The Mississippi once again is making history....but your photos way up North are astounding. Artwork, in fact. Well done.

Sand and Seaweed Shadows

My link above, if you care to pay me a visit. Have a great Sunday!!

A Wild Thing said...

I once drove all the way down the from the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado with my trusty 35 mm camera on the bumper of the truck...can you say LUCKY...still have it and there is still film in it, but it's also packed with the memories of my glorious 7 years living in the mountains and back-packing every weekend into it's majesty, wish all that youthful stamina was still with...we're dreamers aye...

A happy mum's day to your wife...


Mel said...


Yeah, yeah..too busy looking at train STUFF to see shadows. LOL

Just sayin'....

Happy Mother's Day to the Mrs.
And to you--cuz we all do a bit of the other's role, eh?

LOOK at all those tracks and the sidings and the busy-ness that goes on there!
Way cool!!

Mel said...

<-- laughed at MMT's poetry

I'm sure RLS found the humour in that one! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool shots.

E Makes Art said...

Yes! I love film, I think you should! And maybe I will too! And you inspired me to dig through my old photography class photos, some of which I posted last week, as you saw. I will be posting more once in a while, so thank you again for the inspiration!

These photos are beautiful. Now YOU get an A from ME!


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Nice shots!

mig said...

Have to laugh 'Man, I bought a film camera a while ago, thinking something similar to you. The first roll produced one photo I liked, the second developed completely blank, the third was an ancient expired film and all the photos came out blue. And there's one in there now half used.
I think I have a lot to learn!
But I will keep going :)
I think what I like best about your photos is the way you've conveyed the sense of a strange landscape with the flat, winding river and the huge outcrops towering over it.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm impressed that you've saved your photos from way back when, Spadoman! Old B&W photos have certain charm not easily achieved by a digital camera.

Sue said...

Love B & W shots, there's something special about them. Sounds like it's pretty rough going over there right now. The flooding was on the news here last night. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Sue