Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Pictures

Mind is blank today and has been since the weekend. No subject to expound upon, no photos to tell you about. Sure, I could dig through digital photo archives and come up with an interesting shot, but I didn't. But that's not all bad. The best part is that I've had a rash of days in a row where I've actually been sleeping all night, and it is wonderful.

Maybe it's been bad for posting as I would get up in the literal middle of the night and develop and post a story, but it's been good for my soul to go to bed and sleep until the sun is coming up. It is a bit cloudy again today, but nothing like yesterday when it just got darker as the storm clouds engulfed the sunshine. But that was okay too. Things are green and leaves are starting to appear. I have buds on the lilacs I planted two years ago. I'll take a picture of those when they bloom!

Okay, one picture, but that's all!

Have a great day everyone.

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Jeannie said...

It is what it is. Glad you are sleeping well. I need a dose of that again about now.

What IS that photo?

rebecca said...

i am so happy reading your words. sleep...such a perfect healer.
may you continue on this path of rest, this welcome peace.

Unknown said...

Great news about sleeping. I went through a spell of about four years where I didn't/couldn't sleep the whole nigh because of pregnancy, baby, nursing, pregnancy, baby,nursing...it is hell. Glad you are resting well. The blogging will catch up eventually, I hope.

Mel said...

Sleeping is good!

k...it'd be good if I were doing it.....

I'm glad for you, truly.....and I'll move myself in the general direction of bed.

Chalky hand prints on red walls!
k....wild guess.

I did better with the coffee cup. LOLOL

Sleep well again, sir.
I'll attempt likewise!

Spadoman said...

Wow, didn't think this one was so hard. (But I didn't even make a contest out of it, so you guys that admitted you don't know what it is didn't have to commit)
It's a close-up of the very well worn formica table top at the Black Cat Coffee Shop and Used Book Store in Truth Or Consequences, NM.

Thank you all for stopping in here today. I appreciate it!


Grammy said...

I think it is a change we all feel. We have all been on overload so long. You were finally allowed to sleep in peace. And I have had a pit of energy to do needed thing. So I assume the universe is rewarding us with things we need right now.

Anonymous said...

Pleased to read that you’re sleeping well. Enjoy your rest.

All the best, Boonie

mig said...

Very very happy for you 'Man. There's nothing like a good sleep. I hope you get lots more :)

(Oh and the photo - it said "formica.jpg" at the top so I made a wild guess that it might be formica!
Clever or what. LOL.

Billie Greenwood said...

Hi Spadoman! I just stopped by and got caught up on your blog. We're settled into our Iowa life now. It is a hassle doing the switch. I'm looking forward to getting back to a routine. Really enjoyed so many of your posts, but you sure stumped me on this photo. Who would've guessed that? Very clever of you to notice and photograph the table top!! Best to Mrs. S.! Peace.