Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pondering on a Cold Sunday Morning

A woman and her companion, sizing up the snowy trail

It's cold out there this morning. 15 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Let's see, that's -26.1 on the Celsius scale. The high today is going to get to 13 degrees above zero according to The NOAA Weather Service. They are also telling us that it will be sunny all day. I'm glad I have a trip planned to get me to New Mexico soon. I'll be leaving in two weeks. I like the idea of a sharp contrast in weather and temperatures to break up the monotony of the long cold snowy northern Wisconsin Winter.

County Highway M, headed West out of River Falls

Notice I didn't say "bad" weather. I try to do that on purpose. The weather is only bad if what you're trying to do is hampered or made dangerous by it. Today, sitting around the house and eating the delicious home made minestrone soup along with some grilled cheese sandwiches will not be hampered by the weather, in fact, the cold temperatures will enhance the experience.

My daughter, profiled along the Kinnikinnick River

We do have a lot of snow on the ground. We've had a couple of good dumps as well as the one inch here and one inch there over the past couple of weeks. My daughter took her dog out on one of the local trails the other day and took some fabulous photos. I didn't get her permission to use them, but she used my camera, so I downloaded all of them on my iPhoto. She always had a knack for an artistic touch in drawing and photography. Maybe someday she'll get back to that as she has loads of talent.

Breaking Trail

I just want to post a few Winter scenes here. Might give my friends in New Zealand, who are sweltering right now, with excessive heat and humidity, some relief. You know, look at the cold when it's hot, and vice versa.

Crosby Dogge, he has his own Facebook page

Her dog, named Crosby after the star hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins, is a Husky. He likes the snow and cold, but lies around the house all day on the sofa. He might be a dog, but he isn't dumb. Remember, it's cold outside!

Snowshoes by Spadoman

Enjoy the Winter scenes. I will too, because they will motivate me to start packing for more Southerly destinations.



english inukshuk said...




lovely snow! lovely dog! lovely snowshoes!

I like the photo with all the trails criss crossing

I'll tell you what else those snow pictures so, fill my eyes with brightness and twinkling

(it's grey and dark here)

packing, eh? you off on another adventure. . .

time will tell!!


english inukshuk said...

(oops: so = do)

Christopher said...

-26.1! Most (or least: there are quite complex mathematical concepts here) we can manage here in this quite mountainous part of France is about -8, just right for keeping champagne out of doors. Would you care to join us for a glass or two?


Marilyn & Jeff said...

I love this post. I loved seeing all of the wonderful photos (your daughter certainly does have talent) and the snow. Just lovely to cool me down on this hot summers day.
I like how you didn't say bad weather. This last year I stopped saying 'good' weather or 'bad' weather and it has made an amazing difference, I have loved each and every season. As you say, if you are on the road in unsuitable weather it is different.
Enjoy your soup and grilled sandwiches.

coldH2O said...

-15? Where you living New Guy? It's been cold, but not that cold. Hope you're staying warm. Going southwest again, eh? Lucky guy.

Mel said...

Okay--she gets an A in photography! Plus I'm really liking the one of the trails crossing.....and the last one of the snowshoes--AND the one of a gal with her pup. :-)

Okayokayokay....I like 'em all!

(that oughta encourage you to keep that camera IN YOUR POCKET)

I hope you enjoyed your leisurely day.


susan said...

Those are some very beautiful winter pictures. Just yesterday I was remarking that there's been no winter here to speak of. It was right then it started snowing and hasn't finished yet. I can hardly wait for the sun to shine so I can see it in all its glory.

A trip south would be nice and I'll wish you God's speed. Meanwhile, I'll stay here and enjoy our first Canadian winter.

rebecca said...


so now a really unexpected shared connection...penguin love! yes, as in the Penguins!!!
adrian my one and only child now 19 grew up playing roller hockey until that built a hockey arena in good old prescott...he made the switch to ice, smooth sailing and never looked back. my mother is from penn. call it family loyalty if you will but my son is all about crosby and those Penguins!

stay warm and keep me in the loop of your travel plans.

Unknown said...

well, the weather would not be great for traveling to NM...

be safe

we have snow, finally, and it is wonderful to be snug and warm and look upon all the white.

that said I should go out and shovel.


mig said...

Wonderful photos, all of them. they make me glad I'm here indoors but also a tiny bit envious that you have such beauty. Though I know I'd start to feel the same need for sunshine and warmth you do if it was that cold! -26 is really quite something!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

That's right! You'll be down this way soon! Love the blue eyes on that Husky and it cracks me up that you helped yourself to your daughter's images seeing as she used your camera (kinda like squatter's rights?).
Man, oh, man it is COLD where you are! It got up to a balmy 33 degrees today.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Why do dogs have Facebook pages? My friends have one for each of their pets.