Friday, January 14, 2011

To the Road Soon

Haiku My Heart Friday
January 14, 2011

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So sorry folks, I have a one track mind these days. I'm off on an another adventure. That in and of itself is never unusual in my life, but this time, it will be a little different. I bought a small RV. It's called a Class C RV. That means the camper shell sits on a chassis and has a motor.

I'm going to drive this RV down to one of my favorite places in New Mexico, a town called Truth Or Consequences. I know, it is an unusual name. You can read about the name here.

Having previously been named Hot Springs, NM, you can guess that the place has hot springs, and that's the big draw for me. Hot soothing pools of nature's finest water to soak in, bubbling up from the Sacred Earth Mother, pure, full of healing minerals and gentleness, accompanied by beautiful scenery along the Rio Grande. That, and the proximity to great Southwestern/Mexican food. Did I mention it's right around zero degrees up here where I live?

The part about this particular trip that is unusual is not that I am taking an RV down there from my home in the Northland, but that it will be a one-way trip for the RV. Also, the duration that I'll be away. I know  I'll be wasting precious resources by burning fossil fuel, but it's a one way trip and this beast will sit where I park it for eternity, never to pollute again.

I plan on leaving it down there for use on the occasion that I return. I have been going to T or C, (that's what the locals say), almost every year for the past 22 years. I was there last September with my motorcycle and wish I had the RV in place at that time. It would have been nice to have my own lodging sitting there waiting for me to arrive. Now, I'll have it there for future use.

I won't be the only one to use it either. I got a call from a friend yesterday who told me she found out that I was going to put Steve's old RV down in New Mexico. Being familiar with New Mexico in general and T or C in particular, she asked me if she could go down and use it sometime. I told her, "Sure, c'mon down anytime."

I will tow my little Ford Focus down there with the RV and drive home with the car. I rented a car tow dolly trailer from the famed U-Haul and will drop it off rigth there in T or C when I'm done with it.

The trip to set up the RV will last about three weeks. I'll return home for a few days with the Focus, then load my motorcycle into the back of my van and return, with Mrs. Spadoman and my Triumph in tow, to New Mexico and points West.

If all goes as I figure, I'll be back home by March 17th or so. We're lookin' at almost two months on the road. Barb will be with me for a little better than two weeks, until March 4th, and we'll visit T or C, Los Angeles and San Francisco. She'll fly home from the Bay Area and I'll continue North to Eureka to do more riding and hang out with some very good friends.

Some people meditate by doing Yoga or Tai Chi. Some immerse their spirit into religion or follow some doctrine of their own choosing. People run, or walk, ride bicycle or swim and work out at the YMCA. Some write, do art, read, play or sleep to relax. Me, I drive. I love the world going by through the windshield. It is, for me, the most effective and ultimate form of therapy I have ever experienced.

Sorry, no pictures of the RV, I won't be picking it up until next week

Peaceful windshield time

Mind lost change of scenery
New Mexico bound

Wish me luck. I've tried this before. In fact, I've tried to establish a second home, or at least another place to stay while traveling, a few times down in New Mexico. I also tried it in Southern and Northern California and I even tried it with an RV back in 2003. I've rented some artists loft space, I've stayed in a motel with a kitchenette, I've rented a house and a cottage, I've used a camping trailer and a pick up truck pop up topper, I bought an old vintage 1955 mobile home. Every time I abandoned the project and came home to roost.

It's getting late in the game to keep this up both from a standpoint of money and perseverence. So wish me luck. I'm too old for this.



*jean* said...

i like to ride while the husband nothing else in the world...looking out the window...i hope you find what you are looking for on your trip...

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip.

All the best, Boonie

eb said...

there you are
driving through my home state
wave to the dear ones there
and have a wonderful safe trip Spadoman
OM-aha is nearby...

xox - eb.

Unknown said...

I think it's wonderful that you explore this land of ours...

and that you can escape that crazy cold.

travel safe and keep us near.

Ramesh Sood said...

Another trip
Newer lessons in new place,
A newer you

Good luck..

Short Poems said...

Have a good and safe trip!
Best wishes for 2011!

Christopher said...

Happy travels, Spadoman. A pity your RV isn't amphibious - you might have made it across the pond one day.


Nanka said...

Have a safe journey.There are so many places to explore!! Enjoy your trip and the scenes that pass by :)

Meri said...

Since my son borrowed my car to take a friend to the doc, I'm still at home. . . a couple of hours after my planned departure time. So I had time to read your post! All is as it shall be.........

tami said...

I wish you much luck and peace! I love T or C and truly miss New Mexico with all my heart.

Friko said...

Have a good trip and enjoy whatever the road puts in your way.

Jill Berry said...

Good luck with this adventure. I feel success.

Mel said...

I have hope.
I believe.
There's a reason for the journey that's bigger than you. And I trust that.

I know what happens for me when I get in the car and go, destination unknown. And I hope for some of that to find you on your journey.

Safe journey....peaceful journey.
Know that you're being thought of and cared about and prayed for.

((((((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))))

I'm excited for the Mrs.....and overjoyed for you.

rebecca said...

i of course love the part where WE get to meet! keep me in your travel plans. i am not a lover of driving, but i am the patron saint of travel.

smooth sailing...
you road warrior you.

Noelle Clearwater said...

Well dear Spadoman, I give you my blessings on your journey to the Southwest. I have never been to Truth or Consequences but I certainly know of it. I admire your energy and passion in going there year after year. I have relatives in Santa Fe and may settle down there myself one of these days. If you happen through Santa Barbara on your way up north, let me know. I am happy to give you my phone number. It would be lovely to meet for a cup of tea somewhere before you hit the road again.

ms pie said...

excited for you.... it is good to have a home away from home... i too love to hit the road via car, train, or bus... especially to new mexico... i know exactly abt TnC... been thru there a couple of times... there are some great hot springs in idaho and montana as well... it is a good post today, thank you... and i so enjoyed reading another post of yrs can't remember who or where abt the trees... i love every tree i meet....

mig said...

What a wonderful plan. I do indeed wish you luck and a happy parking place and a successful trip. (with a hot, earthy, healing bath at the end of it too :)
Oh your adventures are marvellous!
And I know that lift of the heart when you see the road ahead and you know there's nothing to stop you setting off.

Mel said...


I do hope that yesterday's outting was a fun one--a practice run of how to pull over and get that camera out, of course. *laughing*

I fear we'd never hit the destination if I were allowed to stop, point and click everytime I had a desire.

Happy trails to you....
Until we meet again.....lalalalala

foxysue said...

New Mexico bound, new beginnings, you are never too old for new beginnings.

May the winds of change go with you my friend, may all your dreams come true!

Love Ms Foxy x