Friday, January 21, 2011

Northland Winter

Haiku My Heart Friday
January 21, 2011

Haiku My Heart Friday is the creation of my friend Rebecca. You can see and read more Haiku and see how to participate by visiting her blog, recuerda mi corazon

The wanderlust has a hold of me in the strongest fashion. I don't recall having this much anxiety about an upcoming trip since I went to California on old Route 66 with my folks in 1959! I'm leaving on Monday and have been busy packing and getting things in order.

I did some chores last weekend and drove up to Ashland, WI. Winter is in full force up here. Right this very moment, the actual temperature is -22 degrees Fahrenheit. It's calm right now, and the full moon is casting a glow, making shadows as bright as any sunny day has ever done, especially against the ground white and glistening with fresh snow. It will be windy today. Wind chills, felt by human skin, are said to be almost 30 degrees below zero. The temperature in another place, like International Falls, Minnesota, is -42 degrees right now. That's below zero folks.

I don't leave the North in Winter to get away from the cold and snow. If that were my purpose, I would have gone in late October. No, I travel because I like to travel. My mode is to drive, and take the slow roads at that, seeing what the slower pace has to offer.

I took the advice of friends and don't leave home without my camera. I took some shots here and there and I really like this one in particular. It was a simple scene, really, repeated over and over again here in the Northland. Pine trees studded with a fresh snowfall. The sun was breaking through after a storm. The sky was bluer than blue as the clouds were quickly disappearing.

Along Douglas County A, North of Iron River, WI

Ice and cold persist

Beautiful snow capped tree limbs

Blue sky abundant

County Road P near Solon Springs

I'll miss Wisconsin, and I will return when it is time. The journey really never ends you know. It is continuous, ongoing, a way of life. Coming back to where my family is will bring great joy. I'll be ready to plan another trip. This is how I live, coming and going, driving.

Can I spend some time with you
Using a finger to guide a steel appendage
From one pebble, embedded in tar, to another
Connecting my world, across
The breadth of America

Can I witness what Nature gives us
Cold, wet, dry, warm, sun, moon, clouds
All of it an experience
A part of me, every sense working overtime
Feeling every piece of air, seeing

Will my heart beat steady
Through all the days
Motion making me young
At night, still seeing, feeling 
Wandering amidst the stars and rainbows



Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Unending journey—
do you hear the miles singing
as the way unfolds?

I'm looking forward to meeting you, Spadoman. Our mutual friend, Rebecca, has told me of your coming to our parched and precious land. What a glorious meeting it will be of several blogging friends!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Great haiku. Great post. Thanks.

Have a good weekend, Boonie

deb did it said...

travel safe, be well and warm

Kim Mailhot said...

This was a beautiful trip for me. The NorthEast winter seems so white to me today. I am longing for red, but the blue felt good too.
Happy and safe trails, Man. Peace.

Stephanie said...

You are a poet...of the road.

safe travels friend


do I read in the comments you will be seeing Rebecca??? Please give her a big hug for me


Christopher said...

Happy travels, Spadoman. I hope your arrival is just as fulfilling as your expectation.

Pax vobiscum

Ramesh Sood said...

good one..

joco said...

Adding my wishes for a successful and happy journey. And pass on yet another hug for our charismatic and eloquent haiku hostess. Not exactly an arduous task I would suspect :-)
Hope you will leave us postcards on your blog somehow.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Oh, my! your picture and words are grand. My fingers are cold and numb by the time I reach the rainbow. But then they warmed up!! Thanks for the glimpse of Spring! Cathy

ms pie said...

ohh and here i was whining abt how cold it is here in the inland northwest.. oh around 30... i shall not whine no more... it is excited to travel being on the road... seeing new and familiar horizons visiting family and friends... and then there's coming back home too.... it is a wonderful life, yes indeed... all the photos are wonderful... but nothing more so than the last could not help but to smile and let the beauty wonder to my heart... thank you spadoman, may the circle be unbroken...

Grammy said...

I just love your photos. And wish I were traveling with you.

rebecca said...

i can feel you preparing...all the way to arizona.
your poem at the end of this post?
keep me in your travel loop.
and always travel safe.

will you post at all during your sojourns????


Noelle Clearwater said...

Your photos are stunning my friend. You are a poet of the road indeed. Or perhaps you are like one of the Beat poets who traveled from place to place writing. In any event, your journey is always a sacred one wherever you go, and we will be with you in spirit. Keep me posted if you have your computer with you at all.
Peace and Light,

Miss Robyn said...

I cannot begin to imagine those freezing temperatures.. while I sit here in quite warm weather.. and expecting above 40degC next week.. what a wonderful trip you are going on.. the way to go.. driving and taking those back travels

Deann LMFT said...

Your images and words make me long for a real winter. Be safe and I hope your travels are full of beauty and wonder

Nanka said...

Love these pictures of winter lands that you have taken and it looks very peaceful and calm. We are at a comfortable 17 degrees.The 13 degrees at nights is freezing for me :)

Mel said...

Gorgeous. All of it.
Simply and wonderfully gorgeous.

Oh my.

Yesyesyes take that camera. :-)

G-d's country....gotta love how you paid tribute to it.


somepinkflowers said...

ME To--->

~~~I went to California
on old Route 66 with my folks
in 1959~~~


isn't that funny
we might have passed each other...

{{ i was the one Reading
in the Huge backseat
most of the time
and missed seeing stuff

darn it. }}


Spadoman said...

First of all, thank you all so very much for the well wishes for my trip, and for coming here to look and read. I love to hear from you on these comments pages.

I am a bit confused. I went to just about every blog that participated in Haiku My Heart. I made comments everywhere, but I don't see them. I'm not sure what went on, but I apologize. Just know that I was there to read and look at your stuff.

MMM... I love the haiku you sent back to me in the comments. Yes, I hope we can hook up while I'm down that way. I'll e-mail when I'm close.

Steph... You are way too kind to me. I'm beginning to think I actually can do something. Thanks so much.

Ms. Pie... May the circle be unbroken, yes, by and by. I can speak to this thought for days!

Grammy... Where shall I pick you up? I'd love the company.

Rebecca... I'll give you a call when I get to New Mexico. And yes, that is my poem down near the bottom. Your inspiration, my words. Thanks.

Noelle... Check your e-mail. I will indeed have a computer this time. Often, I travel without one, but I bought a new Macbook Air. Your comparing me with a beatnik gives me chills. Thanks.

Pink Flowers... Yes, I saw you. I was in the gold Oldsmobile. I had the back seat all to myself too. I looked out the window a lot and swam at every motel. You had pigtails. I lived in Chicago back then. Did you too? Small world, eh?

Thank each and every one of you that took time to visit here. I appreciate it greatly.

Peace to all.

paper-n-soul said...

Ah, what can I say? Beautiful, poetic, lyrical.

Happy trails.


foxysue said...

I'm late to say farewell to you my friend, I hope I catch you before you hit the road to wish you every good wish for your journey.

I too am a gypsy at heart and would love to pack up my home and just travel, wouldn't it be lovely to travel the loop of all our blogging buddies?

Love goes with you,

Sue x

Laura said...

beautiful, beautiful, unending journey indeed!