Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Trip Up North With My Camera

Busy days for me here at Spadoville. I did manage a trip up to visit the Great Lake Superior last weekend. I had a couple of chores to do, a little shopping and some visits to friends I haven't seen in a while. I had breakfast with two really great guys, Veterans, friends of mine that I truly miss since I left Ashland.

This train, loaded with logs for the pulp mill, sat idle on a siding

I did manage a few photos and I'd like to share them with you today. It snowed overnight on Friday, so Saturday morning had the roads a bit icy and snow covered in places, but that also lent itself to some very beautiful landscapes as the trees were heavily laden with the white stuff.

The big lake had some ice in the bays, but there was open water evident from this long shot. That's Minnesota at the top of the photo on the far side of the deep blue of the lake.

Minnesota in the distance. This shot from just outside Port Wing, WI

The trip from River Falls to Ashland is right around 200 miles. A four hour journey. I have stops strategically planned along the way to buy some specialty items or take advantage of deals I just can't get at home, like the fresh frozen lake trout fillets for $3.29 per pound at the Johnson store in Port Wing.

Then, there's the licorice, sold in bulk, at Tom and Peg's Homestead Gardens store just North of Washburn. But the main thrust of my journey was to meet Jim Sullivan to pick up two frozen deer hides that he had put aside for me during hunting season.

The hides have been frozen since they were taken off the animal. I will make drums from them. I keep them frozen until I am ready to work with them. The first time they will dry is when they are stretched across the drum hoop. It has been my experience that this process makes the best sounding hand drums.

I love the long views of the roads through the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest. This day, with the sun brightly shining, made the trees glisten. The roads were safe for slower speeds than normal, but I wasn't in a hurry anyway. I'm usually not when Up North.

This next road shot was along a lesser used County Road near Solon Springs, WI. I cut across from one major highway to another via these small roads. You never know what you'll see. I did have deer pop out and cross the road and sighted a few eagles perched in trees.

Temperatures this particular day were in the teens. The weather has been the same for over a week now. A little colder than normal and the occasional one to two inches of fresh snow. It is certainly some of the most beautiful country in the world in my view, but I'll be leaving soon on another adventure, Stay tuned.

Peace to all


Christopher said...

Is there no end to your talents, Spadoman? Photographer, professional traveller, patriarch - and now drum-maker. If you were very astute you could tune them to two of the most-used guitar strings, say E and A or D and G and people would be amazed at how well they harmonize...

Chuck said...

Isnt it nice to see how beautiful Minnesota looks compared to Wisconsin?

Just kidding brother. Nice writing and pics.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

This is such an interesting post. You show me a world so completely different to any I know ...a very beautiful world. Your photos are awesome and I loved reading about your trip and the special things you know to stop for. Drums ...I certainly don't know about them either. You are a very talented person.

Mel said...


And I adore the train photo. (thank you for sending them on to me for a special viewing!)

My gosh--roads there look like roads here. *laughing* Snow and ice covered--otherwise known as 'normal seasonal driving conditions'.

*sigh* Just gorgeous. And I loved the photo of the lake--where you can actually see land on the other side. Kinda makes it look smaller than I know it is....which is a part of what makes the photo so cool.

And wow what a really good price on the trout!
NOT that I wanna eat 'em, mind you.....

rebecca said...

always the great story teller, and this beauty. it seems to lean ahead of time and never lose its place in the past.

coldH2O said...

Hey New Guy:
Next time you're up this way, let me know. It would be good to see you again.

english inukshuk said...

such beautiful snow!!

but now I'd yearning for licorice