Friday, January 7, 2011

In The Wind

Haiku My Heart
Friday January 7, 2011

It’s Friday. I get creative on Friday mornings. I started writing Haiku. I had heard of it before, but really don’t understand much about it. I guess I know this style originated in Japan. Most of the time, I don’t understand poetry. Maybe it’s my lack of my ability to concentrate, but I have always found it hard to “get” it, poetry, that is.
My friend, Rebecca, who pens the recuerda mi corazon blog, started this meme some time ago and I took part in it. In Spanish, recuerda mi corazon translates to Remember My Heart. It is so fitting to write a weekly post of Haiku that comes from the very heart that we hold in our bodies, remembering what it has been through. 
This meme then, to write a haiku from your heart, and post it on Friday. I tried it and liked it. Some kind souls have told me they like what I write from time to time. I have an easier time of haiku because it is only three lines. Three lines of poetry is much easier for me to fathom than a long poem.
I’d like to tell you about the how and why of what I wrote for today's Haiku My Heart Friday submission if you’ll bear with me. I knew it was Friday and I knew I wanted to write haiku for this meme. I needed a subject.
Well, I’ve been planning a Winter trip which is actually going to be two trips. I am excited about getting away and traveling down to the Southwest and into California. I’m so excited, in fact, that planning and thinking about these trips is all I do. So I found a photograph of my motorcycle, fully loaded, from when I was on the road and in New Mexico last September.
Okay, I have a subject and inspiration. I have a photograph. I decided to make this a happy joyful post as the idea of traveling and taking my motorcycle is just that for me. And lately, I have been visiting old memories and some of life’s ugliness has been in the forefront. I want to push that stuff behind and write about something I love, traveling, and especially travelling on my motorcycle.
That’s where I’m coming from. There is no way, I believe, that I can write three lines and tell you all of this. So you see, I still don’t “get” it. But I’m having fun. By the way, click on the highlighted words Rebecca’s Blog and see more examples of Haiku My Heart Friday. There are some very creative people out there.
My Triumph Tiger, loaded for a road trip, waiting patiently for a rider
Rushing wind through me
Taking with it the struggle
Healing my own soul

I cannot explain further how being on the motorcycle soothes and heals and takes away any pain.

I also want to mention that I have added some blogs to my side bar. My side bar is not in alphabetical order, and some of the names I use are not the name of the blog itself, but rather a nickname I use when I talk about these blogs. The new ones I have recently added are Hey Harriet, Ms. Moon, Ms. Pie, Meri's Musings and Going Incognito. If you care to, find these in the side bar and give them a look.

The first trip will leave in a little over two weeks and take me to New Mexico. More about the itinerary in the days ahead.

Take care and be well, all of you, and enjoy Peace in your hearts.



A Bit of the Blarney said...

Think you explained it very well!!! The words do speak!! Well done! Cathy

Mel said...

Oh now--I think it says it very clearly. And I 'get' how that happens for you, given the explanations you've given earlier.

What a pretty bike. And what an adventure to look forward to!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hi buddy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your haiku, the photo of your motorcycle, and the post. You did a great job on the haiku.

Enjoy the trip. I'm sure you will.



Anonymous said...

The road trip looks like fun. I had a Triumph TR6SS Trophy many years ago. Those were the days….
About haiku – I have a bash too. I know I’m not a poet, but if it’s fun then that’s all I want from it – and if it amuses a reader or two so much the better.
I'd keep on keeping on if I were you.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Summer Gypsy said...

Good morning! First off, thanks for visiting my haiku today. How intuitive your are. My haiku stems from my New Year's post, and, yes, indeed, it alludes to a period in my life that has had its day. Your haiku today is, in a sense, akin to mine. Though I haven't ridden a motorcycle very many times in my life, I used to be a bicycle enthusiast. What freedom and exuberance I felt as I glided "self-propelled" over the landscape. Putting fear of the unknown at bay can do the same in our daily life. Leave the net of safety. Faith in blue skies puts wings under our dreams! I just love these haiku Fridays! By the way, thanks for positive energy. I can always use that! Blessings to you and yours!

Kim Mailhot said...

I am thankful everyday for the tools I have learned that help me get through pain onto the other side. For me, it is mostly my paint brushes and my creative time, where I can lose myself in the moment and truly just BE.
It sounds like your bike and your exploring time provide the same. How blessed are we ?
Thank you for sharing your process with us.
Happy trails...

Unknown said...

but you did...capture it all...with your haiku

happy adventuring!

Christopher said...

I make that 94 blogs on your sidebar. You certainly need a Kawasaki to get round them all.

Peace and happy travels.

Meri said...

A wonderful topic for a perfect haiku.

ms pie said...

i think i now know what i like abt yr writing... the ease by which you speak... found myself smiling as i was reading along.. it is as if you are opening doors that were once shut and so glad to be a part of that in that i am reading yr story as it unfolds... hopefully that all makes sense spadoman.... it is wonderful to catch the excitement of your trip and to hear the sound of the wind as it captures one's heart... good tidings, and thank you for the shoutout... is that a bmw??? renee/ms pie

rebecca said...

you nailed it spadoman!
love love love your healing haiku.
it's been a long day for me and i am just now making the haiku rounds...
i so appreciate your haiku heart in my life and look forward to the road trip that will bring you my way.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Healing wind, I am
a wild animal, and you
the gentle tamer.

Friends Haiku My Heart

Marilyn & Jeff said...

I love your haiku, and after reading your introduction about why you have written it I like it even more.

I wish you a fantastic adventure ...may all your troubled thoughts be left far behind as you travel along.

I would like to thank you for your comment on my blog and for telling me about William Least Heat Moon and his books. I have checked with my library and I see several of his books are listed so I will check them out starting with Blue Highways. I am said to have Native American ancestry, I can't prove it as yet but I am definitely drawn to all things Native American.

PS Your bike looks so good - I have often wondered what it would be like to be out on the open road on a bike like yours, just me and a bike travelling along like free spirits. Happy and safe travels.

PPS Thanks for the title Grandmother Moon.

Noelle Clearwater said...

Although I haven't commented, I have read your last couple posts. I understand that you have been reliving past memories. I am very happy for you that you are taking this healing journey to New Mexico. I know what the trip did for me and I think that your connections there are truly vital. I wish you peace, love and heart opening interactions along the way.
Your friend,

Spadoman said...

I want to say a huge Thank Younto everyone. Your comments and visits here are truly a blessing. You say such kind things to me. It is totally true that you all inspire me to move forward.

I have things I want to say to many of you individually. I'll try to use e-mail to do this. It's just like a conversation. I wrote the post, in other words, I said something to you, I told you a story.

You listened and said something back to me. I feel like in many cases, the conversation isn't over. I am compelled to say more, to answer to what you've said to me. This short exchange isn't enough and leaves me hungry, no starving, for more.

I see Boonie used to ride a Triumph and I got a new friend, evennif she is a Sarcastic Bastard. Mel and I go way back and we "talk" often. And so on and so on. But what happens is, another day goes by, another post is up. This one is forgotten and we move on. Just check your e-mail. And if you don't postb it, send yours to me.

Thank you. Every one of you is a worthy blessing.


foxysue said...

Hi Spodomon it's me, Ms Foxy!

I just loved your haiku, it has special meaning for me, I have ridden miles as a pillion on my other half's bike. When I was young and in-love I trusted so much and would actually fall to sleep on a long journey! These days the bones get a little stiff sitting for a long time but still love to feel the wind on my face now and then especially as the days get warmer!

The bike has been the other love in our lives and a typical evening in winter time finds me blogging and my love on his Honda Supersports website! I may post pics of the other love in his life one day!

Happy biking!

Love Sue x

tami said...

well said, well said!

Friko said...

my first visit here.

you say you don't 'get' poetry yet this whole post is an exercise in poetry.

Trust yourself.

Happy travels.

Mel said...

Gettin' closer to that road trip!!

Just sayin'..... :-)

Happy Sunday, sir.

(((((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))))

Good grief....stay warm!

susan said...

You don't have to explain but you did so very well.

mig said...

Beautifully spoken.
Your trips sound wonderful and the photo of your bike waiting and ready to go is indeed joyful.
Poetry now - I often don't understand it but I still find it a pleasure to surf the words as it were. It's kind of like letting the words be waves and floating on them without always looking beneath the surface. And then sometimes the undertow catches me and I see wonders.