Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday 08/17/2010

Ruby Tuesday is the creation of Mary T/The Teach, who pens the Work of the Poet blog. For more Ruby Tuesday photos or to participate, go HERE.

In 2005 we moved from Saint Paul in Minnesota to the smaller town of Ashland, Wisconsin on the shores of the Great Lake Superior. Having been from Chicago and lived in the upper Midwest all our lives, we are very fond of the Great Lakes. When the chance arose to live near the water's edge, we jumped. If you're counting, this was move number 50, from our extensive list of places we called home.

I had been looking for a pace to rent. I had my eye on this store front just off Main Street. It had been empty for quite some time. When I finally got a hold of the real estate agent that was to be the contact for the owner, I found the accommodations to be quite substantial. There was a full size one bedroom apartment, complete with kitchen and appliances, attached to the workshop and retail sales areas. It needed a shower, but I quickly saw how one could be installed. 

The place had been empty for years, so the deal I made was for an open ended rental agreement. I'd rent the place for the agreed upon amount and be allowed to install the shower and do other of what I deemed to be improvements, like entry doors with glass, for added light. We shook hands and I slept there from day one. 

I set up the workshop area with my tools and materials for making the Native American influenced folk art and hand made snowshoes that were part of my repertoire. I did other projects as well as people found out I would be willing to try to fix and make things in my shop. I named the place The Westside Workshop, as we were on the West edge of downtown Ashland.

Today's Ruby shot is of the humble front window of the shop and a sign I made using a Dream Catcher as a centerpiece. 

These other shots are of the interior, one of the Southern wall, with snowshoes I had made and leather shields made by a friend and consigned at the Westside Workshop. The second shot of the interior is looking out the window, with drums lined up at the window's bottom. The Star Quilt was a gift from friends out in Wyoming and has significant meaning to many people.

We stayed living in the workshop until December of 2007 and moved into a place we dearly call The Cabinette. More about this unique dwelling in the future.

Hope you enjoy the day today and everyday, and Peace finds a place in your heart.



I, Like The View said...

yeay! first!!


I love your dreamcatchers, but you know that already


happy Ruby Tuesday, man

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

open the blue door—
ah! Native treasures galore—
a feast for the soul

Christopher said...

Now I'm wondering what's on the other side of the star, and what pattern you get when you fold the points inwards to make an octagon. But I shouldn't pay any attention to these perverse ramblings, but instead just enjoy a goodly dose of the peace you are so generous in wishing all of us.

Pax, dear friend.

Kim, USA said...

I love that quilt,very gorgeous looking. Happy Tuesday!
A Chevrolet red pick up

deb did it said...

you are so talented with a precious art! I love your warm artistic space!

Mel said...

It is a very warm environment--and go figure I think I noticed the reds in the photos where I might have missed them before....thanks to the Ruby Tuesday.
Gorgeous quilt--but it's the feathers that got my eye......and the nifty sign with the dreamcatcher.

Very awesome, indeed.

Peace to you and yours, sir.....

Spadoman said...

Thank you all very much for stopping by. I appreacite it greatly!

View, I am glad you are home safely. Wish life was a constant holiday though. When I start making dream catchers again, hopefully a big push this Fall, maybe one will work its way towards you. Thanks for the wonderful cards. I love them and shared them with my family. Thanks for coming here.


MMT, Thank you. Your words about my creations are very kind.


Christopher, Blank off-white material on the other side. But I think you knew that. Thanks.


Manang Kim, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the quilt, it is a prize possession of mine.


Deb, You are so kind with your praise. Coming from you, I am humbled. Thanbk you.


Mel, Thanks so much for your thoughts. Tell me more about the feathers.


susanna said...

Oh how cool is this?! One of my dreams would be to have a storefront studio and I'm glad that you did that for yourself. I find your dreamcatchers and walking sticks and your thoughts behind each piece that you make to be very interesting. And spiritual.

And The Cabinette? Do tell - and please show us pics!

And 50 moves???!!! 50??!! Holy toledo. You're an American gypsy!

Ron said...

Yes...now I know what you meant from your comment on my blog today.
50 moves? That just goes to prove that home is wherever you are at the moment.

I think it's so wonderful that you just follow your heart and go wherever life calls you. Not many can do that.

But, oh....it makes for such an interesting and rich life, doesn't it? I've often felt I have the heart of a gypsy (having been an stage actor); adapting to wherever I go.

LOVE the looks of your little shop here. Cozy, warm, and inviting. What a great life experience I bet it was!

Thanks for sharing, Spadoman!


EG CameraGirl said...

You are very good with your hands. I don't think I've ever met anyone before who has made snowshoes so I am very impressed!

I like the way the shop is decorated.

Spadoman said...

susanna, Thanks for stopping. I've had two such shops over the years, the one in htis story, and another a few years before this in Silver City, New Mexixo.
Wish I had a shop/studio again now as I don't have any dedicated space to work, but I always find somewhere to get things done.
50 moves? I scoff at 50 moves. In the post "Moving By the Numbers", the total is 57. Number 50 was when I moved into the workshop.
Thanks again.


Ron, Thank you for coming here. Glad you like the little shop. It was a fun experience, it had to end, but life certainly goes on. Most people I have met either are Gypsys, or wish they were. Not a bad thing, although I look back at times and wonder how things would be if I had taken another tack.


EG Wow, Thank you for your kind words. I have been making snowshoes for over 20 years. These days, I make only custom orders and it is totally word of mouth. (retired you know). Thanks for stopping by.


rochambeau said...

Dear Spadoman and Mrs. Spadoman,
It touches me greatly that you took on this space as your home with your vision and creativity.

Also, I thought I had moved a lot in my day,, but now I see I am but a mere gypsy.

Wonderful post and thank you!