Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesday 08/10/2010

Ruby Tuesday is a fun meme. The idea to post a photo with Red somewhere. To see other photos or to get on board to show yours, go to Work of the Poet and check things out.

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My submission for Ruby Tuesday is a church steeple from the old Calvary Baptist Church in Ashland, Wisconsin. For the three years I lived in Ashland, this church was for sale. Before I moved to The Cabinette, I lived right across the street from it. The day I shot the picture, it was snowing a bit. You can see the snow flake "spots". It was late in May. A little late for snow, even up North. I believe I snapped the picture of the snow and the church got in the way!

We wanted to buy the church, and we would have had the bank given us a loan. The owner had made an apartment in the lower level, where the church basement was. Instead of the open area and kitchen, as is the norm, he had one large room and some other smaller ones that could have been used as bedrooms, or rented out as art studios or offices. He modernized the kitchen as well. And he put hot water heating into the cement floor. The hot water produced by solar panels on the part of the roof that faced South.

The main area of the church was used as a yoga class studio, a Tai Kwan Doh studio and could easily been used as a small theater for music venues or other performances. We had some good ideas. Monthly musical appearances, art shows, and continued use as a studio for not only yoga, but other activities that could use such a place.

We moved away from the church and into the small two room cabin on the Great Lake Superior, the place we named The Cabinette. When we left Ashland and moved South to River Falls, the church was still for sale. The owner, who really put a lot of money and work into this place, had another home where he lived and kept trying to sell it. He lowered the price over and over, but to no avail. Last time I was up in Ashland for a water run, I noticed the place is still for sale.



Spadoman said...

Thank you Hootin' Anni for helping me solve the comments problem!

Meri said...

Love the snow spots in the photo -- and the red steeple.

Lola said...

Hi again!

Love that ruby red steeple too!

Happy RT and thanks for stopping by last week with such interesting observations!


btw Mine this time is IS IT ME OR ARE ALL WRAP DRESSES UGLY! Hope you can stop by.

Marice said...

what a cute shot :) loving those snow spots. it made me yearn for christmas :)

mig said...

What a shame no one wants it! Such a lovely church. Well, a lovely tower anyway. And snow too!

EG CameraGirl said...

The red is very attractive on this building. I wonder why no one has purchased it yet!

Christopher said...

How would it be if all your many correspondents clubbed together and bought that old church for you? You seem to have lived in many different and interesting places and buildings, but never (so far) in a church, as far as I know. I wonder if the bell is still intact? You could maybe overcome your comments problem by arranging for it to ring every time a new comment comes in.

Spadoman said...

Thanks for all the comments, even though the comment function was inoperable for a while when I posted this story.

Christopher, that's a great idea. I take it you'll start the charge for the assembly of funds to buy this for me. By the way, there are no "bells" there is a loudspeaker up there that used to blast the ringing out via electronic media. But the cross lights up in neon blue! But there is a short in the woring somewhere. No kidding, this light will come on at odd hours, usually when windy, and flicker. It was the deepest most beautiful shade of blue indigo I've ever seen!

Peace to all and Thanks again for your visits here.