Friday, November 6, 2009

Only the Good Friday, November 6, 2009

Always a Good day when you see an Eagle.

Friday today. I slept all night for a change, that’s really Good. Good to wake up naturally in the morning, even if it is earlier than most people. I look outside and down the street. I don’t see many lights, but many kitchens are in the rear of the houses on Johnson Street. They could have their lights on and having the morning cuppa and I wouldn’t even know it.

I don’t get up and go right for the coffee. My habit has me walking once around the palace, sitting at the computer a while and waiting until all hell breaks loose. That happens when daughter drops off the kids at 6:15. The other day, all the lights were off and I saw her peeking in the window. She didn’t want to disturb us. That was nice of her, but we’re suppose to be up because we need to get the kids ready for school. I flipped on the light switch and the place came alive with human activity.

That’s the good I have in my life right now, at least what I’m thinking about. Years ago, as I struggled with the feelings and symptoms associated with PTSD, I couldn’t have been alone with the Grandkids. I could be here, but not be the only adult. I don’t want to explain why in detail, it was something they called hypervigilance.

Through healing, I have overcome this to a degree and can function more normally even though the symptom still exists in my mind.

Mrs. Spadoman leaves for work along with the oldest of the children. She starts earlier as she is in another higher middle school grade. I am home alone with the Kindergardener and the Fourth grader until they leave at 7:57 a.m. I walk them to the bus stop, some 200 yards away from my front door. I feed them breakfast, I make sure their back packs are organized. I look up the weather and suggest their jacket or sweatshirt or what is needed for the day to be comfortable.

We have some time, so we play the match game, Odie Maid. The little one kicks my rear end just about every time. If I do get a win, big deal. Ever try to brag about a triumph over a five year old? You don’t get very far. But what a wonderful "Good" thing to be able to do. Spend time playing with the Grandkids every morning. Knowing you love them and they love you. It is the best of the Good on any day, and on Friday.

It's a match game with Odie, one of the Garfield characters, and she is Good at it!

Today, Mrs. Spadoman has the day off. Her schedule is every Friday off. I get to finish my post here while she takes over the reigns as high priestess and gets the kids off to school. I’ll still take that walk to the bus stop along with Grandma. All Good.

Right now, today, and for many todays, life is Good and that’s the Good I see on this particular Friday. This is the Good I see right now. One Day at a Time.

I apologize for not posting an Only the Good Friday post for the past couple of weeks. Shelly, over at This Eclectic Life started this theme a year or so ago. I caught on at first, but then time gets away some Fridays. By the way, her blog is sensational and I’m not just kidding. She has so many interesting places she takes the readers to through pictures and words. I cannot believe she has the time, but she does and makes for a great place to stop to spend a little time reading. It’s a Good blog!

Have a great day. For those struggling with something today, I send peaceful thoughts and positive energy your way. My best spirit angels will be on the lookout to help if they can and give you peace in your hearts in hopes you have a Good day today and everyday. I know life is not a rose for many.



Mel said...

Oh, I need to get me some of those Odie Maid cards! :-)

What an awesome routine to have developed. And what better way to spend it, making a difference in the life of a child.

Of course, I'd say that! I'm all about making a difference.....and really, what we DO--day in day out--matters.
You're making it matter big time!

What a great post......
And it worked, yaknow. I was a bit crabby coming in, but as I exit--notsomuch crabby.

Thanks, sir!
*blessings to you and yours!!*

Unknown said...

It does sound like a good Friday. Kids have a way of making us do the right and good thing. And along the way they teach you a lot about what real love is about. Friday and every day. :-)

Thanks for the good vibes. I can't complain really. But there are a few little bothersome devils on my shoulders right now. They nip but I can keep 'em at bay. And that too is a good thing.

Pagan Sphinx

susan said...

Nice post and a gentle reminder to enjoy every day :-)

I, Like The View said...

that is one amazing bird. . .

I enjoyed sharing your morning with you

thank you


hope you're feeling better soon (or at least well enough for some java!)(can I pass my award on. . . I think I know someone who deserves it)

best wishes to you and yours, man, my very best wishes

Coffee Messiah said...

Kids are something, aren't they. Such a fresh outlook and not too many things that bug us, have started to bug them yet! ; )

Cheers and Thanks 4 the note!