Friday, October 2, 2009

Only the Good Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunrise on the highway.

Some Good things in the world:

I know there are people that want peace and an end to all war.

I am confident that there are people who help others through hard times and are "Good" friends.

There are generous people that donate food to food shelves to feed those less fortunate.

People pray and send "Good" Karma to others on a regular basis.

I realize that those that don't want the war to end might have a reason for it and are not bad people, but "Good" people with a different opinion than mine. ( Although I can't for the life of me see why anyone would want to perpetuate war).

Some Good things in my own life:

I am happy today. (One Day at a Time)

We are well fed. (One Meal at a Time, and some snacks)

There are those in my world that love me. (Stand up and be counted!)

I know I am capable of forgiveness and love.

The family prospers emotionally because of this unconditional love we have and show to each other.

I'm going to a reunion next week. I'm taking the Amtrak to Seattle. Riding the Empire Builder from Minneapolis, MN. I'll leave Tuesday night and arrive Thursday morning. The reunion is at a big hotel in Seattle. It will last until Sunday the 11th of October. I'll spend an extra night, but not at the fancy hotel. I plan on taking the ferry across to the peninsula and spend the night in Port Angeles, a place I've been to before but have not visited in a while. I'll get a Mom and Pop motel and return to Seattle Monday to catch the train around 4:00 p.m.

I'll get back home on Wednesday morning, the 14th of October. I'm bringing the laptop and a camera. I'll try to take more pictures. Usually, I am so engrossed in the world around me and living life that I don't use the camera enough. I'll try to photograph life around me. It is something I want to attempt for no other reason than I find it so interesting to see photographs on other peoples wonderful blogs and I want some too!

The reunion is of the unit I was with in Vietnam in 1969. A forty year reunion of my Army unit. I have been busy making photo CD's and DVD's of things I have from Nam. I'll share what I have with others. I'm not sure if I will see anyone I remember or if anyone will remember me, but I am looking forward to the experience.

I joined the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society some years ago and have been in e-mail and phone contact with a few people. Some knew me, some I knew. Some served at the same time and in the same place as me. I am ready for this journey. Up until now, I wasn't ready for this undertaking. On the path of healing, I am ready to partake. I have enough confidence in myself that I know I can handle the tears and sorrow. I may face the sorrow for the first time. I'm aware of that and accept it.

Spadoman sometime in 1969, Republic of Vietnam.

There is an off shoot of the Society called Triple Deuce Vietnam. The 22nd Infantry Regiment had a Battalion in it called the 2nd Battalion. So, the unit designation was the 2nd of the 22nd, or, Triple Deuce. Three Twos. I was in Company B. B 2/22. All part of the 25th Infantry Division. Incidentally, Oliver Stone, in the movie "Platoon", was showing us Co B 2/27, 25th Division. A unit I am familiar with. I was there all of 1969, same time the movie was set. The highest casualties of the American war in Vietnam were in 1969.

Spadoman in 2009 at Lake St. Croix with Zeke, his new companion.

Anyway, wish me luck. I hope it goes okay. I'm a little anxious about it. That's why I'm taking the train and renting a car when I get there. The train will get me there quickly, but not too quickly. Traveling to the event will be a journey and journeys take some time. The ride home will give me time to write and reflect and debrief from it all. The car will be used in the event I have to escape from it. Always a fail safe for me, part of my own landscape, and I accept that too.

Fall is here. I have read many a blog post where folks are welcoming the Fall and love the sights, sounds, scents. tastes and textures. I love this time of year as well. I have been "Cooking up a storm" and taking some pictures of my creations. I'm getting ready to start posting recipes once in a while. I love to cook, especially when the weather outside is getting cool. I wonder how folks that live in milder climates do it. I sure like the change of seasons. To each his or her own and so be it and all that. Looking forward to sharing recipes, with those that are interested, in the near future and that will be "Good" too!

So, It's all "Good". It's a Good Friday. If yours is not, I send all I can to make it so. Prayers to those that suffer. Prayers for courage and prayers for peace in your heart today and every day, for you and all you hold dear.


The Crow said...

Have a great time in Seattle, Joe.

I love riding the trains, and understand 100% about needing a get-away vehicle. I hate being stranded without a means of leaving someplace if needed.

Best wishes!


susan said...

Yikes! 40 years? I hope you have a wonderful trip to Seattle and what I know will be an emotional reunion with your comrades. With just a little luck the weather should be fine and with somebody else driving the train you won't have to worry about getting wet anyway.

Pass on the good wishes and hopes for peace in our time.

Spadoman said...

Thank you Crow and susan. You are both crow-like, aren't you? Or should I say, you both like crows?

Crow... I haven't been on the train since I went to Cleveland last January. I actually sleep pretty good on the train. I have a secret method I use that involves the scenic lounge car and a curved sofa-like thingie. Thanks for stopping by.

susan... thanks for coming by. I'll enjoy the reunion I think. I have spent the last few days getting CD's and DVD's ready, all from pictures, letters, cassette tapes and other video I have from Vietnam in 1969. It will be interesting just for that stuff. I'm hoping for some okay-to-be-outside weather myself, but I'll take what I get.

I'll be posting again before I leave. I might post from the trip as I mentioned, I will have my laptop on this trip.

Peace to all.

Thorne said...

A ho, my friend. Wishing you the joys of healing tears on this journey. (And hubba-hubba, what a handsome young man!)

Spadoman said...

Thorne... Thanks for stopping by. What!! The old man ain't good lookin' too? Thanks for the well wishing about the trip. I'm actually getting pretty darn anxious. I'm ready to go NOW!

Mel said...

Oh it's a healing journey......I hope it comes in many levels.

Like you, I plan my escape routes. I like to think it's 'taking care of me'....and really, it is.

Safe journey--and I do hope for healing for you...and for others.
It'll be an emotional reunion, but you've worked towards being ready for.

*sending peacefilled thoughts*

eaprez said...

Love this post.