Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring, Time to Move

Yes, Spring is in the air. It went from cold and winter and snow and ice to temperatures in the 60's. The weather folks are saying this warm spell, 20 degrees above normal for this time of year, will be here for at least the next two weeks. Thunderstorms might happen next weekend as the temps rise into the 70's. In Minnesota!!

I hope it does. I don't mind a bit when the snow piles melt and the frost comes out of the ground and we can set up gardens and ride the motorcycle.I just went in to the bike shop yesterday and told the service manager that I wanted to get my bike out on April first. It's been in a warm, heated storage space all winter. Now, they will change oil and look it over and I'll get it out and start riding.

Folks down south ride all year. A friend in Florida calls and brags about how he never puts his bike away. Oh well, I could do that. I have done it. I lived in Grand Junction, Colorado a while ago. I had a Harley Davidson back then. I rode during all months. And a few times, I loaded the bike up and took myself and the bike to Texas and New Mexico and rode as it snowed up here in the Northland.

This winter is the first in about 20 years I didn't go anywhere. Oh, I did go to Cleveland, but that's hardly the tropics. And the purpose was a little different than vacation being as I was in a treatment program. No, the change was a good one. I guess I accept the fact that I am getting somewhat grounded and staying around the house. Grandkids that become your best friends will do that to you.

We did venture into some new territory. We bought a house and we'll be moving after Friday. The moving process will take a couple of weeks as we don't load everything up in one load and go. We'll get the living stuff down, beds, dishes, cookware, linens, clothes; then move all the other crap over time, cleaning and sorting as we do it.

We are fortunate to be able to buy when the economy is so crazy. But I am on a fixed income. I didn't lose my "job" of being a disabled Veteran. I used a benefit the VA gives me for a guaranteed home loan with no money down. Since I've been renting, my home buying will raise my monthly rent a little, but not so much that we couldn't do it.

I guess I am lucky to have the benefit, but I'd much rather have my health and be working than trying to stay alive long enough to see my Grandkids grow up. We'll see if The Creator has this plan in store for me.

Anyway, I'll be scarce for a week or so. Just lettin' you fine folks know that we're moving. Seems to happen a lot is Spring. My phone number and e-mail will stay the same. I'll let you friendly types who send me stuff from time to time know my new address on a less public mode of communication.

Peace to all.


billie said...

as you should- let us know :) supposed to be nice here for a couple of days too before getting cold again. i have some yard work and shopping to do and am starting tomato and pepper plant seeds this week. will start preparing the ground next month. last frost date here is end of april. keep me looped :)

fjb said...

Congrats, Joe. Does the new house have a yard? You know Bet and I will be on your case if you and the Mrs. have a yard and don't put a garden in!:) Planters with tomatoes, green onions, lettuce and such for nice heart healthy salads is better than no garden at all.:) Keep us posted when you have time.

Fran said...

Happy moving! You'll be happy to know got the medical paperwork done & see the doc on Weds.
Getting my act together....

If you need a laugh come read "my home town".

Anne said...

Good morning! No worries, dear friend. Hope the move is going well for you guys.